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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 I just signed up for my first half marathon! I am sooo excited!
Yesterday I started my training, by running 2 miles in the rain with Sydney! It was a blast! Today I will run 2.5 miles. I know I can do more than that, but I want to follow the plan.
  Now to get this crazy fat off! My weight has always befuddled me! I run around 10 miles a week, my calories per day are usually 1000-1200. Occasionally maybe 1500 (when I would have some icecream).
 But I cannot lose weight! It seems like I would be skinny by now! I am going to talk to a nutritionist, just to see if there is something I'm doing wrong, or can do differently.
 I am determined NOT to be fat when I run this thing.



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