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Monday, August 20, 2012

10 miler and going green!

Sunday I did my long run, 10 miles. I ran almost nonstop the first 9 miles, but by the 10th mile, I walked most of it. It was very difficult!  I had bought a Lululemon Ampiphod hand held water bottle to use for my long runs.
But, silly me...I didn't bring it with me! So I ran 10 miles with NO WATER. That is probably why it was so hard! That was a big mistake that I won't make again!
 I ran on a nice, new road. It was flat and wide. It was perfect!
I was incredibly sore afterwards, I could hardly walk, and the steps were torture! But I'm all better today and can't wait to do it again! This weeks long run is 8 miles.
 I'm also going green! I've been watching documentaries and doing some research on all of the chemicals and toxins in our household cleaners and even beauty products, etc.
 I got rid of all of that poison and have replaced it with healthy, natural stuff. I found some recipes, so made a bunch of it. I wish I had done this years ago! It's much cheaper and SO much better for us! I heard that indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution. Wow! Well, it won't be that way in my house any longer!


  1. Congrats on double digits! So exciting! How do you like that water bottle? I've been carrying a regular bottle with me, and while I'm waiting for my camelbak waist-water bottle holder (a zulily it's a looong wait! and i'm not sure i'll even like it)I was looking at hand-helds like this...but haven't wanted to fork over money yet! I find water/nuun definitely helps the final miles of my long well as my kids' fruit snacks!

  2. Thanks, Jess! I love the bottle! I got it for $17 on ebay. Next long run I will definitely bring my water and some nuun or gels, or something!


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