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Monday, August 6, 2012

8 miles and Brazilian Butt Lift

Yesterday was my long run! It was awesome! It was all on the treadmill, which I feel is cheating in a way, but 8 miles is 8 miles! At 5 miles I didn't know if I could keep going, but I HAD to do it. When I determine to do something, I do it, no matter what! So I ran another mile, walked 1 minute, and so on. I watched Beverly Hillbillies as I ran, which helped pass the time! I wasn't even sore afterwards, which surprised me!
This is after 8 miles, ready to pass out, but still smiling!

I have started doing this! Brazilian Butt Lift. I've heard great things about it, so we shall see!!



  1. The 'mill is NOT cheating, and you look BEAUTIFUL post-run! I am interested to see if you like the butt lift...I need to give that a try!

  2. I am mezmerized by that infomercial, but haven't ordered it (yet!) Definitely keep us updated...I'm super interested in how it works! I ran my 8 mile run yesterday too!! Running on a treadmill is definitely NOT cheating...if anything, mentally, I find it WAY more taxing than running outside.

  3. Thank you, Jen. You're so sweet. :)
    I guess I kind of feel like I'm cheating since I have a fan blowing on me and I can watch tv, which makes time go faster!
    I'll let yall know how BBL works out. I can feel it working already!

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