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Friday, August 31, 2012

Miss my running.

I have been sick all week long! I've only ran 4 miles this week. Man, I miss it. Tomorrow I have the Pioneer 5k race though. After that, I'm planning on doing 7 more miles, to make my 10. I'm planning on pushing through it, no matter how I'm feeling!I have to because I only have 3 more weeks until my Half Marathon!!
Here's a pic from my 5k last weekend. My boy ran with me. His time was 31 minutes, mine was 35. He's awesome!!
Even though I've lost over 20 lbs., every time I see a pic of myself, all I see is FAT. But, I know I'm on my way to being thin and I know I'll get there!



  1. You look great! Are you rocking a running skirt?! They're my favorite thing to wear! So much fun! I ran in mine today with bright purple compression socks. Kinda made me wish I had longer hair so I could do some pig tails or something! Good luck tomorrow! I'm getting nervous belly every time I think of my half marathon. AAAAAHHHHHH!

  2. Thanks, Jess! Yes, I just got this skirt, I am loving it!! I've always wanted one. I will be getting some of those socks this fall. I'm sure you looked so cute! I'm starting to get nervous about my half too. But mostly just excited!

  3. You look great. Push those negative toughts out of your head. Losing weight takes time and you're doing awesome. Thanks for the follow, good to meet you.

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