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Monday, September 3, 2012

11 Miles and friendly strangers

This morning's 11 miler was awesome! There was a small breeze, and it was just lightly misting, not a hard rain. It was bliss! At about 5 miles, my hip started hurting real bad, and it didn't stop the whole time. I just pushed through it though, nothing was going to stop me from completing 11 miles!
 As I was running, I passed (yes, I said passed) a guy running. He passed me shortly after that, he wasn't gonna get beat by a girl. But it was still nice for a few minutes! About an hour later, while I'm still running, a truck slows down and it's the same guy. He introduced himself and said he bought me a bottle of water! It was ice cold and pretty much the best thing I've ever tasted. He told me his name was Lance and he said "thank you for inspiring me to keep running." Then he just told me to be careful out there.
 How sweet was that! I just love nice people. :)
Since I am the Google queen, when I got home I googled why my hip might've been hurting during my run. First of all, I think it's because of my shoes. They're probably at least 3 years old, and anytime I run more than 3 miles, I get blisters. :(  I must get new shoes before my Half!
Secondly, it's because when running on the side of the road, on the asphalt, one side slopes down a little bit on the side. So, my right side is a little higher than my left, which would make my right hip hurt! It's strange that didn't happen on my 10 miler last time though.
 Last time after finishing the 10, I didn't think I could possibly do 13. But this time, I thought I believe I can do 13! 


  1. Ok chica we gotta get you some new kicks! Running shoes are only good for 300-350 miles...though I do push mine to 400 but never in a race! Also could be the road camber. But I am glad you had a great 11 miler other than the hip issue!

    Water boy sounds like he thought you were cute! ;-)

  2. I love that we're at about the same point in our training! I just ordered myself new close to my first half, I went for the new model of the pair I have right now. I spent hours on google trying to find the "expected mileage" for shoes since I was getting one new pair a year and feeling like I should get more time out of these, but I've trained more this year than ever before (cause usually I run from april to July then crap out for the year!) I added up my training (I've only just started keeping track since starting my blog/running journal in July) and was surprised to find that, Yep, my hip and knee issues are probably due to mileage. Definitely get to a shoe store! (or ...I don't normally plug shopping sites, but if you know what shoes you want davesproshop dot com had a GREAT deal on the shoes I wanted! with free shipping!) Congrats on 11 miles, and the cute water boy too!

  3. I plan on getting some new shoes this week! I'd like to go to one of those stores where they look at your feet, while you're running on a tm- that way they know exactly what you need.
    Jenn, I don't think he thought I was cute, he probably felt sorry for me! I know I had mascara running down my face, thanks to the rain. And I'm sure my face was all red and sweaty. I probably looked pretty scary! Lol!
    Jess, glad you found some good shoes! Thanks for the website too! When is your half?

  4. You could try special socks as well to help reduce blisters. They aren't made with cotton. They are a blend to help wick away moisture and cut down on friction. I can't wait to see how your half goes! Good luck!

  5. Bobbi, I've seen those socks, and thought about getting some. I'll have to try them!

  6. My first half is the 16th. It was supposed to be the 30, with my bff from highschool (we have only seen each other 4 times since graduating 17 years ago) but there's a local one on the 16th that I will only have to drive 10 minutes to get to...and I couldn't resist the temptation! :) So September is a Two-fer for me!

  7. 2 in one month. Wow! I know you'll do great, Jess!

  8. New to your reading about your running! I'm a new runner too and it's awesomeness. Thank goodness for friendly people!! Most of the runners I meet are one type of extreme- either SUPER nice or SUPER rude. :) Hopefully I am the super nice type!
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Thanks, Elizabeth! I agree about the types of runners. I try to be the SUPER nice type too! Congrats on running! It is an awesome journey, and hopefully you'll become addicted too! ;)


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