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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting faster!

I decided after my half marathon, that I was going to start working on my speed. I've been running for almost 2 years, have probably run 20 5k races, and my fastest time was 34 minutes! I've always complained about being a slow runner, because I hate it! I know my body can do more!
  So, I ran 3 miles today, my first run after my half. I ran on the treadmill, because of the rain. I ran almost the whole thing at a 9:15 pace! My stepson interrupted me once, so I had to slow down for a minute. 
 But, I have never done that before! As I was running I just realized I've never run faster before, because I've just never pushed myself harder. I'm comfortable at an 11-12 min pace, so that's what I do!
  NO MORE! From now on I'm going to push myself to do more, to go harder. Because I know I can!
No more being slow and comfortable, time to step out of my box and GO!



  1. I need to remind myself to keep pushing! This is so true! Good for you on your times! That's awesome! I'm still at about a 13 minute mile... Which, I suppose is atleast better than it was in high school gym class- when I'd just walk around the track all angry at having to do something so "stupid" haha TEENAGERS

    1. Lol...teenagers! 13 min. mile is still awesome! You'll keep getting better too.

  2. I think one of the hardest parts for many runners is to get out of their comfort zone. But running is not comfortable or painless. It's accepting that and getting to a place mentally where you can push through. You can do it girl!!! We are all there with you. We all hurt :)


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