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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Shoes!

I finally got some new shoes! My other ones were about 3 years old, and gave me blisters, and were quite painful! I wore these around a little bit today, but will officially break them in tomorrow, on my run.
 I hope they love me, half marathon is almost 2 weeks away!!! Ain't they cute?!
Adidas Liquid RS Performance.



  1. Love them! Good luck breaking them in!

  2. Sweet! I take back what I said the other day about that website with the "DEAL" on my new shoes...turns out they're back ordered until DECEMBER! How is that going to get me new shoes broken in before my half?! It didn't say anywhere when I ordered...and it even gave me a delivery date of yesterday. So happy for you to have found shoes though! Those look like some speedy kicks! I will be forcing DH into Fleet Feet on the way home from the wedding we are going to tomorrow.

  3. That's terrible! Well, at least you'll have an extra pair in Dec!

  4. Cute shoes. I just got some getting new kicks. Good luck with your race...looking forward to the after post. Jessica

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