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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

It's that time again!
The Lean Green Bean

 What I love about participating in this every month is I get the chance to put together a box for my penpal, and I also get to receive a box of yummy stuff from a completely different person!
 This month I sent a box to Rhonda, who blogs at The Rhoyal Report. Check out her blog if you would like to see what I sent her!
 I received a box of goodies from Lauren, she has an awesome blog over at Teaguefc. She is 17 weeks pregnant with her first baby, and is just the cutest thing ever!!

 When I first opened the package, this is the card I saw!
Ummm....yes!!! How awesome is that card?!

Lauren knew that I'm running and eating healthy, so she sent me some delicious healthy things.
 Eat Your Vegetables chips, Italian Herb and Olive Oil. I'd never had these before, and they were amazing!
 Annie's organic bunnie gummies. I didn't even mention to her that my favorite candy is anything gummy!
Fruitzio freeze dried strawberry's. YUM. Only 100 calories in the whole bag! Woohoo!
 And also, inspired by her recent trip to Mexico, she sent me some Guacamole Mix (that I will be making for our superbowl party!!), Fajita skillet sauce, and Taco seasoning

 Thank you so much, Lauren! I love it all!
Want to know more about the program and how it works? Go to Lindsey's blog, at The Lean Green Bean, and read about it!

I also want to thank you ALL so much for the well wishes and excitement over my signing up for a marathon. You all ROCK!!



  1. Thats soo awesome.. how i can join!!! :)

    1. Do it, Lisa! It's so much fun!! Just click on the Foodie Pen Pals header at the top. You can sign up there. Let me know if you join!

    2. yes i just did! soo excited!

  2. Now I think I must make fajitas and dehydrate some strawberries when I find them for a good price. I just sent off all my dehydrated pinneapple to the hubbster in Afganistan so it is time to do more fruit :)

    1. I think I need to get a dehydrator! I'm sure hubby appreciated that!

  3. What a great package! I love Aunt Annies and I eat dried strawberries alomst every day!

  4. I love gummy snacks, too. My husband hates the. More for me. Ha!

    Here's a gummy treat I found on Pinterest once. Now, that would get me in a lot of trouble. LOL.

  5. Ok. I finally signed up:) this is too fun to miss out on

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