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Friday, May 31, 2013

When One Door Closes...Look For Another One

Happy Friday!

  Let's start with some disappointing news, shall we?
I told you guys how I got the job of my dreams, to be a Spin instructor. Yesterday I received an email saying it was not going to work out. Here's the whole story.
 My spin class is at a huge church in Louisville. Their policy is that you have to be a member of their church to volunteer. BUT how it's worded says you have to be a member only if you work with children or elderly. (Which makes no sense to me) So it doesn't say you have to be a member for other positions. 
 That is why the manager said I could do it! 
I received an email from her yesterday just saying "we need our volunteers to be members". 

Is that crazy, or is it just me?? I am a member of a church, just not that church. I would be volunteering my time to teach these classes, with 20,000 members, no one would know I'm not one! I've had SO many people tell me they would start coming when I teach. I could've made them a lot of business (money)!
 I just do not understand.

But, I will not give up on this dream. I guess that just means now I need to pay $350 to get Spin certified and go find a gym to hire me!

How about some happy news! Monday I start my Chicago Marathon training!! I am SO excited! I've realized I do so much better when I have a plan to stick to. I'm running for the Ronald McDonald House, check out my fundraising page

Now for some random pics...
I only had 1 daycare kiddo yesterday, so to the pool we went!


What are you doing this weekend??

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Fastest 5k Training Run and a Hot Date!

Happy Memorial Day! First I want to say thank you to all of those who have given their lives so my family and I can enjoy ours. Thank you to the families who gave you, and now must live without you. Thank you to all who continue to serve.

   As you guys know, I'm running a 5k race on June 8th. My goal is to run it in under 30 mins. I will, I will, I will. No matter what!!
  Saturday I headed out for a practice run. Every time I would look at my Garmin, it was always under a 9 min mile!!  That has NEVER happened before. Never. 
 I ran fast. I did walk a couple of times, but other than that I was giving it all I had.
I ran 3.13 miles, and almost passed out when I saw my time. 27:16!! WHAT??
Ok, let me tell you the truth. I think it's got to be wrong! If I had run fast nonstop, it might be more believable, but there's no way I can run a 5k in 27 mins., with walk breaks too. No way! What if I hadn't taken walk breaks, could I have done it in 26? 
 I'm crazy excited, but still think it has to be wrong! I'll be doing several more of these training runs, so I guess I'll find out for sure!

  My honey took me on a hot date yesterday! We went to Captain's Quarters, a restaurant on the river.
It was a beautiful day. Ahhh...I dream of being rich and owning a boat and a house on the river someday...
The food was amazing too! I got a grilled veggie sandwich. Eggplant, zucchini, squash and red pepper, with a sun dried tomato paste on a brioche bun. It was SO good!!

  Of course my honey knows all about my ice cream addiction, and he loves to spoil me. :)

He's so FINE. Charley boy is pretty cute too.
Louisville, my beautiful city!
How are you spending this Memorial Day?


Friday, May 24, 2013

Spin Instructor...To Be!

This is the longest I've gone without blogging; a whole week!
What is my excuse reason? Because I've had a relatively boring week, and I didn't really want to bore you with the deets!
 Today is the first time in almost 2 weeks that I finally feel good! I haven't done any running just because I've felt miserable. I sure am missing it! 
 I did go to spin class on Tuesday. A couple weeks ago I mentioned how that I might be able to start teaching Spin, and that I was going for an interview. Well, I did that on Tuesday, and I start training in June, and will start teaching in July!!! They also want me to teach Pilates and a strength class.

 I cannot put into words how excited I am!! This is just a dream come true. It will start out as part time, volunteer. But they will teach me everything, and even pay for my certification, if I choose to get certified. (Umm...yes!!!) Hopefully someday it will turn into a full time position. And even if it doesn't, eventually I would be able to go somewhere else and already be experienced.
 Now, let me tell you how terrified I am!! TERRIFIED! I've always hated public speaking. I am horrible at it! I've had to do it a couple times and I always feel like I humiliated myself because I was so nervous! So now I will be speaking in front of a group, while trying to catch my breath! I feel like there are so many moves, how will I learn everything? What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm too tough (I'm ok with that) or too easy...aughhh!! 
 But I want to do this SO bad, and have wanted to for SO long, that I'm just going to crush that fear and DO IT ANYWAY! Hopefully they'll like me. :) 
What are your plans for this long weekend? I'm going for a 10 mile run tomorrow and I cannot wait!!
Are you running or racing?
Would you take my Spin class?


Friday, May 17, 2013

Good News Makes Everything Better!

Happy Friday!

  I'm glad to see this week end, I've been sick for most of it! Tuesday night I went to my spin class, came home and wasn't feeling well. This morning I still feel like laying in bed all day.
This is how my evenings have been looking:

So, of course I haven't been able to run at all. I miss it SO much. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow and maybe go for a 10 mile run. It's been forever since I've had a long run!

 I woke up this morning to some awesome news! I made Women Races 100 motivating Facebook Pages! I am so excited and honored to be a part of this group! Check them out, there are some awesome pages listed!

Unfortunately I won't get to crash after work today. The honey and I are having a camp out with at least 20 teenagers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord, help me!!  I love them, but it certainly won't be a quiet, relaxing weekend! 

  What are your plans for the weekend? Running? Racing?
Do you think I'll survive hours and hours with a bunch of teenagers?? ;)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's On My Horizon...

Howdy howdy!

  I hope you all had a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day! I got to spend Saturday with my sweet Momma. She is the most amazing woman I know. Of course raising 9 children, you would have to be pretty amazing!!
Love my Mom!

 I wanted to let you all know what is coming up for me with my running and racing. I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon! I'm running for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. I'm SO excited to be running for them, I think they're an awesome Charity and I personally know people they have helped.
 My goal is to raise at least $1,000 for them. I will add the link to the end of this post, if you would like to help me! Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated!!

 So, starting in June I'm going to begin a Sub 4 hour marathon training plan. I know, I know, that is INSANE. But if you know me, you know I love insane! Yes, I know I haven't even run a sub 30 5k YET. When I signed up for my first marathon, I also thought that was crazy, how could I run a marathon?? But I did it! I am doing speedwork now, so I know I'll be getting faster, so why not?!!

  I've realized I do SO much better when I'm following a training plan. When I'm not following a plan, my weekly mileage is only around 15 at the most, which is horrible! But when I'm following a plan, my mindset is different, and I get my runs in no matter what. So, I can't wait to get back on a schedule!

  Tonight I'm going to Spin class and the manager of Fitness wants to talk to me about possibly teaching the class! I'm SO excited, this is just a dream come true for me!! I'll let y'all know how it goes!! 

 Here is the fundraising page for my marathon. THANK YOU!!

QOTD: How was your Mother's Day?
Is it easier for you to follow a training plan, or just doing it on your own?


Friday, May 10, 2013

Kids Say The Darndest Things and Speedwork!!

Good Morning my Lovelies!

  As you know, in the past I've had a problem with always calling myself slow and being embarrassed about my times. If you read this post, you will see that I have decided to change my ways and always strive to get better and faster, but quit talking so negatively about myself!
  I've had several suggestions to do Speedwork. This might sound crazy, but until a few days ago I had no idea what that meant. I would read blogs about people running 5x800, 2x400- whatever, but I was clueless as to what that meant!! Then my Facebook buddy, Andrew, told me exactly what it was and that it would help my speed. He also told me to find a track, and exactly what I needed to do. (Have I told you lately how much I adore the running community? They're always there to encourage and push me!!)
 Since I didn't know what speedwork was, I'm just going to assume maybe there's someone out there like me, who doesn't know what it means either.
 Speedwork Interval Training is alternating short, high intensity bursts of speed with slower recovery phases. 
Andrew told me to do 6x400. (Yes, I had to ask him what that meant too) One time around the track is 400 meters. So that means I would go around 6 times. 4 times around is 1 mile. 
 And I was to do 1 lap at my normal (or even slower) pace, and then 1 lap at a very fast pace. Just alternating them.

I get to the track and there is a little girl, probably about 5, with her dad and little brother. She was riding her bike. As I passed them I heard her say "Daddy, why is she running so slow?" He replied "I think she's going pretty fast". Then a few minutes later I heard her coming up behind me, she said hi to me, then "why are you running so slow?"
 Hahahaha!!! I laughed and then told her I was just warming up. Thanks a lot kid, for that boost to the ego!!

My 'slower' laps were at a 10:20 pace, and then my fast ones were around 8:30-8:55, always under 9. So I ran 1 mile in 9:40. That felt pretty good, as that has never happened before!
 But it was TOUGH!! As I was running I was thinking this is WORK! It's been a long time since running has felt like work to me! When it was over, I was sweating buckets, panting and exhausted! 
 I'm planning on going back to the track once a week. I really do believe this will help me with my speed. I'm running a 5k on June 8, and my goal is to get a sub 30. Heck, I'll even take a sub 29! ;)

 QOTD: Have you done speedwork? Did you notice any improvement?
 Ever been called slow by a little kid? ;)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feetures Socks Winner and Crispy Peppers

Hello, my friends!

  First of all, congrats to the 2 winners of my Feetures Socks giveaway, Zippy McZip and Amy Pond! I hope you ladies love them as much as I do!

Last night I went to spin class with the beautiful Brittany. I was the first person to get to class, so I was talking to the instructor for a little bit. We were talking about how long she's been teaching, etc., and I told her it's a dream of mine to teach spin or other classes. I just want to do something fitness related, and be able to help other people see their potential, and let them know that they can do anything.
 Long story short, she ended up taking my phone number and said she would have the manager call me, that they are always looking for substitutes. She asked if I would be interested in teaching other classes too; Pilates and strength. I said YES! She said they would train me and teach me everything I need to know.
 I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! I'm praying that they do call me, and I'm not getting my hopes up for nothing! I will keep y'all updated!!

 I have to share this funny story. I made myself a grilled chicken salad before leaving for class, and was going to eat it when I got home. When I got home I realized I had left my mini sweet peppers cooking on the (indoor) grill...for several hours!! Oops! This is what I came home to.

Thankfully, it wasn't turned very high, so I didn't burn the house down or anything!!
Also, check out my girl, Cinnamon's blog today! She is starting something called Snap To It. It's a weekly photography tip/assignment program. Along with her photography tip, she'll also post an assignment for the week. I love taking pictures, and would love to learn more, what better way to do it?
Have you ever had a cooking fail? Tell me about it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

KY Derby And Other Weekend Happenings!

Happy Monday to ya!

  My weekend was FULL! Saturday was the KY Derby. I've lived here for over 20 years, and have still never been! I would love to someday though. I mean, how much fun would it be to dress up and wear a beautiful hat, like my friend Charity got to do!
She is freakin gorg!!

I did bet on the winning horse though (with my boys)! But I let them keep their money. ;)

 There was no running for me this weekend. I can't even describe how much I MISS my long runs! I've still been running 3-5 miles a few days a week, but haven't run long since my marathon! That must change.

I have to share with you something I made this weekend, because it was SO good, and everyone loved it. 
                                                             Cinnamon Roll Casserole

It was pretty amazing! Of course there is nothing at all healthy about it, but I only had a very small piece. 

 What did you do this weekend?
Don't forget to enter my Feetures Socks giveaway! Ends Tuesday!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Slow Runners Are Still Runners!

At least that's what I keep telling myself!
I've often lamented the fact that I'm a slow runner. My average pace at my marathon was 12:38. My average pace for a 5k is around 10:20. I have a bad habit of comparing myself to other speedy runners, and wishing I could be like them! I feel like I should be faster by now. I've been running seriously for almost a year. I think maybe I'm just not pushing myself as hard as I should be. I also think if I was thinner maybe I would be faster. Carrying around an extra 20+ lbs. surely doesn't help with speed!

  A girl in my youth group has just recently started running and has come to me for advice. I recommended the Couch to 5k program to her, and she's loving it and doing great! Last night she made the comment to me that she's so slow. 
 I immediately wondered if she had heard me say that about myself before! That's when I decided I've got to change my way of thinking.
 Every time I start a statement with "I know I'm slow but...", I'm conditioning myself to believe that I can never be fast. I've got to start believing in myself and having more self confidence!
 And as all my facebook friends said, speed is relative. One person said that I'm fast compared to her! So, I think this is something a lot of us struggle with.
 I also need to remember how far I've come. I remember the days when a 5k was a HUGE challenge, and now I can run a marathon. (Although when someone asks my marathon time, I'm embarrassed to say 5:31...)
 So, here's to a new way of thinking! Changing my thoughts on speed and potential will open myself up for great things to happen. 

I will never settle though, I will always push myself and try harder. I WILL run a sub 30 5k this Spring!!

Does anyone else struggle with comparing yourself to other runners?

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