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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And the crazy jouney to 100 begins...

Happy Wednesday!

  It's a gray, rainy day today. At least it's almost 60 degrees, so I won't complain about that!

So...what crazy journey am I talking about?
A 100 mile ultra. That I'm going to do. In 6 months.
I've thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it some more. I talked to my friend Mike, who has done a 100 miler, he says I can do it. I follow some FB friends who have done it. So I finally decided. I'm going to do it. Really.

It's the Indiana Trail 100 at Chain O' Lakes state park. They also have a 50 mile option, which I considered. But I really want to do the whole thing. I don't want to just do half of it.

My training started this week. It is going to get a little crazy! But if you know me at all, I love crazy. The crazier, the better! I'm sure it will be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, I may just want to die at mile 60. But I will keep going. I'm not stopping or quitting. I WILL run (and walk) 100 miles on April 26-27, 2014!

 My inspiration is my brother, Dustin, who through hiked the Appalachian Trail in 6 months last year. Day after day after day, he woke up and hiked 20-30 miles daily, until he finished. Through the rain, the storms, the near death moments- he persevered and never quit. If he can do that, I can do 100 miles. 

 In this year that I've been running seriously, I've learned that you really can do anything you set your mind to. That's not just a cliche. I could barely run a 5k, yet I had dreams of running a marathon. Now I've done that twice. Anything is possible!!

  I am in the process of recruiting a 2013 Louisville Ironman to join me, and possibly another friend as well. This would be much easier if I had some company!

Whaddya think? Have I totally lost my marbles?? (Not that it will change my mind!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend in the Appalachia

I spent my weekend in the Appalachia mountains, with about 30 other people. Our youth group and some other church members went on a missions trip to Maytown, KY.

It was COLD. Like, freezing cold. Like in the 20's Friday night. We slept in an old school, in bunk beds. The only heat was a space heater that really didn't put off any heat at all. So I shivered all night long, with no sleep. Saturday night was not quite as cold.
But we got to make a difference and help people, so that makes everything worth it!
 My group went to build a wheelchair ramp for the McCoy's. Yes, those McCoy's! As in Hatfield & McCoy. (They are distantly related)
Mr McCoy had been in an accident and lost the use of his ankles. He gets around on his knees! It's just amazing to see that man move. He gets around just as fast as if he were on his feet. He works hard, lifts heavy things, and does not let this stop him AT ALL.  Most people in that situation would've just given up. Not this guy! We met his precious wife and daughter too. 

Yes, that's my boy. :)
Unfortunately, we ran out of time and weren't able to finish the project, but some other people will be going back to finish it. It felt so good being able to do this for them!
I have to admit, it was SO hard not to take off running down this winding road!!
It was so beautiful.
Saturday night the community center had a fall festival to raise funds. I and two others got to be a judge for the Halloween costume contest. That was a HARD job!! There were 3 age groups we had to choose a winner for. They were all so adorable, and you just hate breaking any of their hearts! In the end we chose the ones who were smiling and posing. Most of them had the look of  "Mom, why are you making me do this?" Lol!
 After that they had an auction. I've never been to an auction, have only seen it on tv a couple times. That was interesting!! How the heck does the auctioneer talk so fast??

When it was all over, they had raised $1500 to put towards restoring the abandoned school and other projects.

She told me to pose!
We had a fun weekend. It was awesome helping others and showing them God's love.
Next trip- Florida or someplace WARM! :)

What did you do this weekend?
Have you been to an auction?


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wisconsin, Cows & more Froyo

Last night I got to go running with a girl I haven't ran with before. In fact, she's never ran before. She asked me to show her how it's done!
 So we downloaded the Couch 2 5k app, and started with that. It was awesome being there at the start of her journey- that I remember so well. This program has you walk for 90 seconds, and run for 90 seconds. And I SO remember when I started out, being out of breath, barely making it the full 90 seconds, at the end of it, feeling like you just ran a marathon.
 She asked me if this was how I started, I said yes. I told her someday she could run a marathon too, to which she replied "in my dreams!"  We're going to start running together once a week, I'm so excited for her!!

After my Chicago Marathon I went to Wisconsin to visit my sister, her hubby and my precious, sweet, adorable nephew Rainor. I just cannot get enough of his adorableness!

And his pretty Momma!

While I was there we went to a dairy farm to get some raw milk from their grass fed organic cows. I had never tried raw milk before and it was delicious!
Grilled sweet potatoes, steak and green beans.
Thanking them for the steak the night before.
(And apologizing too, of course. I can't help it.)

The calves started licking my brothers knee, and I have never seen him laugh so hard! Anytime I need cheering up, I just look at these pictures!

 My brother and I went to the Eisenbahn trail for a 3 mile run. For the first time ever, he ran a full mile nonstop. So proud of my little bro!!

I had an awesome time, it was the perfect way to recover from a bad marathon!
Mid sneeze!!

Orange Leaf just happened to be next to the gas station where I was filling up, on my way home. Totally a coincidence. Really.
 My BIL said I should change the name of my blog to "From ice cream to marathon, and back to ice cream."
 Haha! He's so funny.

 Have you had raw milk?

What's your fave froyo flavor? (This one is mine, pumpkin and cheesecake. Yummm!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

My birthday and the Great Pumpkin 10k recap

Happy Monday! (I'm trying to make myself believe that too)

  Friday night my twinnie and I celebrated our birthday with my family. I can't imagine celebrating my birthday alone, this way is so much more fun! Having a twin sister is so amazing. She has always been my bestest friend ever. Just having someone who you know will always love you no matter what, who is always there for you and you can trust with your deepest, darkest secrets- is wonderful. I just love her to pieces!
(I'm on the left)
Saturday morning my running buddy, Julie, and I ran the Great Pumpkin 10k. It was an inaugural race, and I think they did a great job being the very first one. There were about 1,000 runners. The only not so good thing was the race was supposed to start at 9, and it didn't start until 9:30. They said they were just securing the course, so who really knows. It was not fun standing in the cold rain for an extra 30 minutes though.
 It was chilly and rained the WHOLE time. It was pretty crazy! Not sure why I didn't wear a hat or at least waterproof makeup!
This was an awesome race for me. I felt excellent the whole time, I only slowed down once for water. I had no stomach issues at all, kept a good pace. I was so happy!!
Smiling because I RAN up this insane hill.
I gotta admit, I hate this pic. There's nothing like feeling good about a 15 lb weight loss, only to see a pic of yourself and be reminded how much further you have to go. But I have to remember how far I've come, and I know I'll get there!

My goal was to finish in 1:10, and I finished in 1:06. I was cold, wet and muddy, but the happiest I've been after a race in a long time!
 Julie also got a PR, and it was her hubby's first 10k, and he finished in 55 minutes. So proud of them!!

Tell me something you did this weekend!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chicago, new friends and salsa dancing

Happy Friday!

It has now been 5 days since the marathon and I'm feeling perfect! I'm ready for the Great Pumpkin 10k race tomorrow!
 Now, about Chicago... on Saturday the 3 Cheap Runners and I made plans to meet. I've been following them for awhile, and was so excited to meet them! They know my love of ice cream, so we met at Pinkberry. It was my first time eating there, and it was amazing!
 It also worked out for me to meet a few other facebook friends and bloggers there. We all had a great time and I loved getting to know each of them better.

Lynn, Amanda, Lorenda, Allee, me, Michelle, Rhoda and Mike

You know how sometimes you feel a connection before you even meet someone in person? Yea, these beautiful girls right here. We're already planning a race together. Besides our shared love of running, we all are wearing Tom's. That says a lot right there! ;)
 I have to give a shout out to Mike too. Chicago was his first marathon and he did AMAZING! His time was 3:15! How crazy is that?! Woot woot!

I also want to thank Amanda. I would not have even considered running Chicago if she hadn't asked me to join her all those months ago. I am so glad she did, and I am so glad I did. She drove me all over the place. I think I would've died if I had to drive downtown on my own. This girl is seriously so much fun! We had a lot of great talks, and just had a wonderful time together. She will definitely be a friend for life. Mostly because she's tall like me. And friends like that are hard to find. ;)

 Last night my BFF Charity took me out for my birthday. I'm 30 today. (Haha, I wish!) We ate at the Grape Leaf. I had heard so much about it, so was very excited to eat there! It's a delicious little Mediterranean restaurant in Louisville. I got the Eggplant Parmesan, which was amazing!!

After that, we went to SkyBar for a salsa dancing class! It was SO MUCH FUN! Ok, you need to understand, I am so not a dancer. Like, not at all. Like, embarrassingly bad and klutzy. Seriously, I can't dance. 

 During the class, we had to keep switching partners, and I felt so sorry for every guy I danced with! They were all very good and experienced and I was truly a beginner. I definitely stepped on a few toes! But they were all so sweet. They just laughed with me (well, probably AT me) and kept on going and really helped me. It was a blast! 

 And then, it was my turn to dance with the instructor. Talk about intimidating! And my darling Charity felt the need to tell him it was my birthday. He pulled me into a bear hug and EVERYONE sang happy birthday to me!! 

 Even though I looked like the biggest dork ever, I had so much fun, and definitely want to go back! I can only get better, right?

Have an awesome weekend!

Have you been salsa dancing? Is there hope for this girl?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My disappointing Chicago Marathon

Wow, where do I start??

This post will be all about my race, tomorrow I'll write about all of the fun stuff I did in Chicago!

Amanda picked me up from my hotel at 5 a.m. on Sunday and off we went to the race! First we went to the Ronald McDonald House Charity tent. It was nice and warm in there! I ate a banana, we all took a group picture and we were off to our corral's!

I got to my corral about an hour early. While I was waiting, I started talking to Jessica, who was running her first marathon. She is SO sweet and it was really nice to have someone to chat with, and it really helped calm my nerves! 
At 8:00, we were off! It took about 15 minutes to cross the start line.
The start line is WAY up there!
Jessica and I ran together the first 5 miles. She was telling me all the landmarks and giving me the 'tour' as we were running. (She lives in Chicago)  We separated for a while, then got back together a few miles later. Shortly after that my stomach started hurting, so I had to start walking.

And that's when it all began.
Mile 10 I started slowing down. Mile 13 I started walking. 
I have never had stomach issues while running. Never! I kept trying to run, but only lasted a few seconds each time because the pain was so bad.
I was so mad. I had trained for months for this, I knew I could reach my goal of sub 5, or at least be close. I just knew it! The weather was absolutely perfect, my legs felt good, I was going to make it!! Then I was going to come home and be so ecstatic that I reached my goal, and everyone would be proud and happy.

 But, that didn't happen. I walked almost the whole 2nd half. It was very humbling to be in the very back with all of the walkers. Of course walkers are awesome, nothing against them. I admire anyone who walks a marathon. But when you're a runner, and you are planning on running a marathon, but instead you walk it...disappointing. 

A forced smile (hey, I have a halo), my mad face, and my "when will this pain be over" face.

My finishing time was 6:03.

My thoughts now.
What caused my stomach issues? I really don't know. It could be because I didn't eat enough the day before the race. I ate very little. Amanda and I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and I got chicken alfredo, but I only ate about half of it. Before the race I ate a banana. I did take 3 GU's during the race though.
 Could it have been all the Gatorade I drank on the course? I could definitely feel it sloshing around in my stomach! But I can't imagine that would be the cause of it.
 I do believe it was that I didn't fuel properly. My body just had nothing left to run on. Ahh, how could I be so stupid! Well, lesson definitely learned.

After the race I went to Wisconsin for a couple days to visit my sister. Driving back through Chicago on my way home, it hit me for the first time and I couldn't stop crying, The disappointment is overwhelming. I was just expecting so much, and then it didn't happen.

Being a runner, I know bad runs are going to happen though. It's just like life, you can't always expect everything to be perfect. There are some things beyond your control, and then some things you have to learn the hard way. We just have to figure out what happened, and carry on!
 My next marathon is in 7 weeks and you better believe I'm going to eat right and KILL IT at that one!

 On Tuesday I went for a 3 mile run, and it was bliss! Bad runs definitely make me appreciate the good runs. And 99% of mine are amazing.
 You can and will overcome the struggles in running and in life. Everything happens for a reason, and we have to use the bad things and the struggles to motivate us and make us stronger. Don't ever give up!

 Thank you to all of my friends, followers and fellow bloggers for your AMAZING support and encouragement. As I was reading all of the comments, I was thinking THIS is why I do it. This is why I keep going. If I can inspire one person to not give up, to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, then it's all worth it. It's all worth it. 

I love you guys!!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Chicago, here I come!!


 Tonight I'll be driving the 5 hours to Chicago. I'm so excited and nervous, I can't even eat. I know that's not good, I'm going to have to force some food into my body. (Ice cream, maybe?)

 Karen posted this video from the Chicago Marathon 3 years ago, and watching it brought tears to my eyes! It's still hard to believe this will be me in a couple days.

I'll be heading to Wisconsin to visit my sister and my precious, adorable nephew on Monday, so won't have the recap up until Wednesday, when I get back home. But you can follow me on FB, Instagram or Twitter for all the updates! 

  I can't believe it's finally here! I can't even fathom running with 45,000 other people. During my first marathon I was totally alone for several miles, that I even wondered if I had take a wrong turn! I have a feeling that won't be happening in Chicago.
 I am so excited for this experience. I know there will be nothing like it.
 Thank you, my sweet friends, for all of your encouragement and support. That's what keeps me going!! I love y'all!

See ya after marathon  #2!!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

4 more days, people. 4 MORE DAYS!! #Chicagomarathon
Sorry, but I'm freaking out! Not in a scared way, but in a I've never been this excited sort of way. My poor stomach has been a ball of nerves and butterflies all week, and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse!

Of course I've been stalking the weather, and now it says Sunday will be raining and 50. What??? Noooo! I'm hoping and praying it's wrong!

 I've been trying to do things to take my mind off the marathon and be a little less obsessive. (Not working too well.)
Last night I went to my cute boy's last football game. 

My little boy likes this little girl. He's too young for a girlfriend!! ;)   

I got a delicious package in the mail from Erin, at Kind Snacks! It don't get much better than this! ;)
I had only tried a couple flavors before, so I can't wait to try them all!

I had a goal to lose 15 lbs by this marathon, and as of this morning, I've lost 13! I usually gain during training, so this was a nice surprise! I have no doubt that I'll reach my goal by Sunday!

 Now I'm off to do some of this. (The keeping calm part, of course)

How do you calm your jitters before a race??

Do you like Kind bars too?


Monday, October 7, 2013

6 more days and my last long run.

Happy Monday, my friends!

  6 days until the Chicago Marathon!! I am SO excited and nervous and nauseous. All at the same time!! I'm surprisingly not nervous about the 26.2 miles, I'm confidant I can do that. It's just the thought of running with 45,000 people, being in a huge city that I've never been in, and being surrounded by almost 2 million spectators!
 But I am mostly excited. I can't wait to see Chicago up close and personal. I can't wait until mile 22 to see Chinatown. I can't wait to see all the cheer stations. I've never been so excited in my life!!!!

Ok, let me try to talk about something else for a minute. Believe me, it's hard.

Saturday was my last longish run. 10 glorious miles. It started out a little cool and foggy. It was beautiful and perfect.

As I was running I was thinking deep. I was thinking about how blessed I am to have the ability to run. And I absolutely adore it. I know people who have injuries and can't run, or people with bad knees or whatever it may be. I never want to take this for granted. I also think man, how can someone NOT love running? Lol! There's just something unexplainable about it. 

My adorable, amazing parents celebrated their 39th anniversary this weekend!
They are both still as handsome and stunningly beautiful today!

 They are just as in love as they were then. So many couples seem to fall out of love, especially after that long. But to still see them hold hands and to see the love between them, is so encouraging. Proof that it can last. It can stay fun and exciting. Even after 39 years and 9 kids. They're amazing!! 

Ok, back to the marathon...6 more days!! I'll try not to drive y'all crazy. If I do, I'm sorry I'm not sorry. :)

Did you run this weekend?
If it applies to you, how long have you been married?

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