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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and a long run

Well, it's Monday! Back to normal life!
I had Thanksgiving #2 on Saturday, with my side of the family. There are 11 people in my family, and 11 people in my Aunt's family. So with all the husbands/wives/grandkids, there's a LOT of us.
This is about half of us!

The newlyweds, my brother and his bride.
Remember when I said we have more desserts than regular food? Here's proof of that!

My Twinnie made a couple of her famous cakes!
My plate! I had to try a bite of everything.

 My precious baby Rainor and his Momma weren't able to come, but I still have to include a pic of his adorable face!
A tradition we have is playing Telephone Pictionary. It is seriously the best game EVER invented. I laughed until I cried, we all did. Man, that felt good. 

I had to burn off that plate of desserts, so yesterday I ran 15 miles.
It was amazing!! I think I could run for hours and hours every single day and die happy. My pace shows really slow, but I forgot to pause it for a bathroom break and a couple other breaks.
 Dan (100 mile training buddy) ran 10 of it with me, and then Mark (other 100 mile training buddy) came and ran the last 5 with us. It's so nice doing these long runs with friends!
 I'm so used to running alone that when "Marry me" by Jason Derulo came on my ipod, I started belting it out as I was running. I wondered why Dan was looking at me funny, until I realized I was singing out loud. Haha!
 Total miles for the week was 33.

I leave on Thursday for Las Vegas, run marathon #3 on Saturday, so this will be a super busy week! I have to get my hair and nails done. Those are important for running a marathon!

How was your Thanksgiving?



  1. That dessert plate looks amazing! I didn't have nearly as many types of desserts, just a pumpkin cheesecake

  2. Wow. That is a huge family!! And I would die with that number of desserts!

  3. I need to be at your family's thanksgiving next year please!!! Or just send me a plate of those desserts :) What a fantastic day!

    1. Come on girl, you're invited! The desserts are definitely something I look forward to every year! :)

  4. I love big families! I am one of 5 and had 4 daughters myself. I remember when my husband and I were dating, he only has one sibling. The first time I went there for Thanksgiving dinner I thought it was so BORING! Lucky you running in Vegas:)

    1. I know exactly what you mean! At Jeremy's family Thanksgiving, there were only 7 of us there! Huge difference. I can't wait to run in Vegas. It's going to be gorgeous!

  5. Now I know what I've been doing wrong before my marathons! Years ago, I let my hair grow long and quit getting it done and I've never had my nails done ever!!
    Love the pink skirt!

    1. You didn't know you're supposed to eat a huge plate of desserts first? ;)
      Never had your nails done? Wow! We need to run another race together and beforehand go get pampered instead of froyo! (Ok, maybe both)

  6. Your family's Thanksgiving looks like so much fun! We had several quiet days to relax and visit with most of our family. It was nice. Good luck in Vegas - and have an awesome time!!

  7. Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving! Wait to get in those 15 miles. :)
    Can't wait until Thursday!!!

  8. Yum! Your dessert plate looks delicious! Nice job on the 15 miles.

  9. 15 miles! REALLY??? Wow! you're beyond awesome! and I want all the dessert there lol!

  10. I miss my family seeing all your snaps...15 miles is great!!

    1. I'm sorry Tanvee. I can't imagine not having them close by.

  11. oh my gosh. I want, no- I NEED that plate of desserts! Ironically this year the only dessert we had at Thanksgiving was pumpkin pie. bummer, but saved me some pounds for sure!! haha!
    lol on the running alone! I did that to a friend of mine too one time........only I was having an conversation in my head and I barked out a smarty pants comment into the dead silence and we both burst out laughing!!!

    1. You crack me up! That is hilarious!! We SO need to run together sometime!! Lol!

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