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Friday, March 21, 2014

I think I'll run 50 miles tomorrow

Happy Friday!

 This evening Dan (my running buddy) and I will be leaving for Indiana, and tomorrow we'll be running 50 miles on the same course where we'll be running 100 in a few more weeks! I have relatives who live near the course, so will be staying with them for the weekend.

  I can say, packing for a 50 mile race is so different from packing for a half or full! Especially since this isn't an actual race, it's just a training run. So I'll be bringing my own nutrition, drinks, and everything else!
This is just a few things
One thing I am nervous about is the weather. It's supposed to be a high of 42, and a low of 24. As you guys know, I HATE the cold. I'd rather run 20 miles inside on my treadmill, than 1 mile outside in the cold. So that'll be a challenge. 
 There has also been some flood warnings in Albion (where Chain O Lakes is), so I'm worried the course might be flooded. Guess we'll find out!
 Our plan is to start at 10 a.m. Saturday morning. We want to get a later start so that we can run a few hours at night as well. It might be pushing it to finish by 10 p.m., but that's the goal!
We'll be running this 16 mile loop 3 times. 

I'm nervous. But I'm also so excited! I've read everything I can possibly find on ultra's. 50 milers and 100's. My brain is stuffed with info on what to do, what not to do, what to eat and not eat. My brain is on overload. But I do feel like I'm ready.

When I get back I'll share everything I know, and what worked for me. 

Now I'm off to finish packing. Let's hope I don't forget anything!!! 

Any tips for me? Advice? Anything?



  1. My advice is come home in one piece...please and thank you! Signed, Your Loving Husband

  2. My advice? make sure you keep that lip balm near... being out that long in the wind? You wont be able to eat anything for a week without having your mouth crack when you open it.
    Stay safe!!!!!
    Cant wait to hear how it goes!
    What part of Indiana are you doing this?
    (your husbands post above is so cute)

    1. Yes! I have that packed already and definitely plan on running with it too. That would not be fun otherwise!!
      It's in Albion, IN. I believe it's near Fort Wayne. Thanks girl!

  3. Good luck! I hope the weather is on your side! Maybe pack an extra pair of socks incase it is wet or muddy? Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

  4. No advice as I am a beginner runner, but I just wanted to say good luck! Just found your blog and LOVE it! Very insiring! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

  5. so awesome! good luck this weekend! make sure to post all about it when you're done!! fingers crossed that you will ROCK it!

  6. Wow good luck! 50 miles... I can't even fathom running that much! Make sure you stay fueled well to avoid bonking

  7. WOW! 50 miles, 3 loops! That's amazing. I probably don't have any useful advice as I haven't run that far... but I wish you the best and I can't wait to read about how it goes. Try to picture how awesome you will feel at the end and stay warm!

  8. Good Luck Katie! I will pray for your strength and also to the weather gods!

  9. That is a beautiful course just enjoy the scenery. I did a 50k (Huff) and loved it. The pines are my favorite area so take a deep breathe, take it all in, and smile. Have fun!

  10. Good luck! Can't wait to hear the recap. 50 miles...Wow!

  11. gosh no tips, just good luck and enjoy!! I guess maybe that is advice that's always helped me...remember I chose this and enjoy it!!

  12. Awesome!!! Have fun :)

    Someone just shared this link with me that you might find helpful -

  13. Strong running wishes being sent to you! How about Gators... do have some?

  14. So proud of you! I don't forget some toilet paper! :) I'm sure over the course of 50 miles you're going to need to stop to relieve yourself! GOOD LUCK!

  15. Rock it out Katie!! Happy trails!!!!

  16. My advice is to listen to your body!! You've totally got this girl!! I can't wait to read about it and what worked for you!! I'll be cheering you on from Ohio! :)

  17. You are amazing, I can't imagine saying "oh, let's go run 50 miles tomorrow", a true inspiration. Please stay safe!!


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