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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marathon Tidbits

I wanted to share some more details about my marathon on Saturday. I didn't want to make that post too long, so decided to do a separate one. 

  I'm sure you've heard how you're not supposed to try anything new at a race, right? Well, I broke that rule on Saturday.
 I always wear Brooks Pure Flo shoes. They're minimalist, and I adore them.
I had recently gotten some Skechers Go Run shoes. They are great for my short runs, but give me blisters on my long runs. So Friday I decided I needed some new shoes for the race. I went to Shoe Carnival, saw some that I liked, and bought them. They were not Brooks, and they are not minimalist. They are New Balance 1850. But they worked! I did get a small blister on the bottom of my foot, but my feet didn't hurt at all. But I would NOT recommend getting brand new shoes the day before a race.

One reason my Chicago marathon was so bad last year was because I didn't fuel properly. And I drank lots of Gatorade. This time I made sure to stay away from Gatorade, and to eat right!
Before the race started I had a banana and a Honey Stinger waffle, and then during the race, every 5 miles I had either a GU or Huma gels. The Huma company sent me their 2 new gels, Blueberry and Mango. They were SO good, and personally I liked them better than the GU's. They were easier to get down, and not as thick and gooey as GU. I also loved that they're 100% natural too. I'll definitely be buying more of these!

I got to see my race pictures. Here's a few of them. These perfectly describe the emotional turbulence I was going through. Happy, determined, wanting to cry, and then relief at the finish line.
One question though. Why do photog's have to take pics from the worst possible angle?? I mean who wants a pic of themselves from the ground- up, where you look as large as possible? At least if they took it from above, I might look a little thinner! But, they didn't ask my opinion.
 Well, it is what it is. My journey is not over!

One more thing, you know how my electronics always either die right away, or are already dead at the starting line? I am happy to say, my ipod, phone and Garmin lasted through the WHOLE race. I was a very happy camper.

What do you use to fuel with during your races?
What kind of shoes do you wear?


  1. I've been trying to find some natural products - I'll have to check out that gel.

    YES - I'm a photographer so every time I see someone down low snapping at races, I just keep my face down to avoid eye contact. The best race pictures I have bought are when they're on a ladder over head shooting down.

    1. I will do that from now on! I wish they would all shoot from above. Definitely check out the gels, you'll like them!

  2. I love the huma! They are delicious! I have been looking at the Air Force Marathon for my first marathon. I was in the Air Force so it has special meaning. I may just run it with you!! :-)

    1. Oh, you should do it with me! That would be awesome. Let me know what you decide!

  3. I like gels with caffeine, so I've been using Clif Shots. Good thing, because that's what they had during my last marathon

  4. I fuel with honey stingers fruit chews and Nuun and wear Mizuno shoes.

    1. Love honey stingers! And someday I want to try Mizuno's, I've heard so many good things about them.

  5. I'm a photographer of sorts...yes! If they were able to put a seat on a ladder (like a deer stand at Mardi Gras; yes, I'm from the South) They would not only catch you at a better angle, but also not catch so many other "extras" in the shot. ;) Gotta love race day photos!

  6. I've tried Huma once and really liked them, I would love to try their new flavors. I usually use Honey Stinger chews to fuel during my races. Congrats on another marathon!

  7. I really like Huma Gels. I got to try them a while back when they sent me some samples. (I think that it was because of you!) I ended up ordering some and used them during training for Chicago and for the marathon. They aren't slimy like Gu.

  8. I am a Saucony girl through and through...but for my race this past weekend I wore a pair of my Mizuno's

  9. I once put myself into a situation I had to run a marathon in a new pair of shoes. Luckily they were the exact same brand I previously had so other than a little sore during the middle I was lucky to not have to walk away with huge blisters. However, I would never put myself in that way again, because I know I would never be so lucky twice:)

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