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Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday 5: Things I take on a long run

Happy Friday! I think every week should be a short week, and every Monday, a holiday. I kinda like it!
 Today I am linking up again, with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar!
 The topic today is "5 things in my gym bag".
But since I run outside or on my treadmill, and do strength training dvd's at home, I don't go to the gym. So I will list the 5 things I always take with me on my long runs.

1. My handheld Lululemon water bottle and a package of EFS. (Electrolyte Fuel System) This stuff is way better than Gatorade, doesn't hurt my stomach and I can feel the energy! I also love that my bottle has a little pouch where I can stash things!

2. Of course shoes are a given, but I just had to show off my new Mizuno's. I've always wanted a pair, and I finally got the Wave Evo Levita's. They're minimalist, which is my fave kind. I wore them for the first time (yes, the first time ever) at my half marathon last weekend, and they were awesome. No blisters, and my feet felt great the whole time. Ain't they pretty too? ;)
3. Of course I don't bring gel's for my short runs, but always for my long runs. I used to be a GU girl, but have recently switched to Honey Stingers. They go down much easier than GU, and I love the slight honey flavor.
4. My Garmin FR10 and my Ipod shuffle. I love my simple Garmin, it's not all fancy and complicated. It has exactly what I need; time, pace, distance and calories. And of course my Ipod, I have a hard time running without music!
5. Last, and maybe most important, is my Road ID. This is SO important. If you don't have one, GET ONE.

What is something you always take on your long runs?
Anyone running or racing this weekend?
 I don't have a race, but plan on getting a long run in!



  1. I love my road id and wear it every run and bike ride. I'm not good with the handheld water bottle I usually use belt with water.

  2. I'm a honey stinger lover as well. I've been using the chews but am going to try out the gels, hope I like them!

  3. Love your purple kicks! They must be the 'in' color. :)

  4. I always wear my ID bracelet when I run in an area I am not familiar with. I used to take the GU all the time but have got so sick of them. I should try the honey stingers. Isn't that the best watch? It is so simple. I bought my sister and mom one and they love it-L

  5. My road ID and cell phone are a must!!!

  6. My Road ID and phone/yurbuds are a must when I head out the door for a run. Those shoes are super cute! Glad they didn't cause you any problems during your half marathon :)

  7. I love the mizuno Wave Evo line! I used to run in Evo Cursoris. So sad they don't make them anymore

    I always bring my amphipod belt, gels, hat, shoes, sometimes compression socks.

  8. I love my RoadID - I wear it every day... got one for my husband for Christmas too :)

  9. I also think a Road ID is important for every run. No races for me this weekend, but next weekend a half marathon in Asheville, NC

  10. I have that same Garmin! And congrats on the new shoes, so pretty!

  11. Those shoes are sooo pretty!! I also have my Road ID!

  12. RoadID is a must!! love honest stingers as well but I can't do gels so use the chews!

  13. I'm also a Mizuno shoe wearer, and I have the same Garmin in purple! I'm thinking about getting an IPod shuffle too.

    And yes to the RoadID! I recently wrote about it too. A must have.

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