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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Photo Dump

Happy Friday, lovelies!

  I've never done a photo dump, but there is no time like the present! So, here ya go, just some random pics from my phone this week.

Dinner with my beautiful little sister!
 The Twinnie does it again. This is a Petit Four. Strawberry cream cheese pound cake with buttercream icing. Get ready for a taste of heaven. I am not kidding.
 See, I do more than just run. I play basketball with my stepson. Mostly so he can laugh at me and tell me how I'm doing it all wrong!
I FINALLY got a new phone. No more worries about a battery that only lasts 10 minutes, and dies before I even start a run.
 Pic from the IT100. I have no idea what I'm doing/saying/singing! Haha!

And finally...

Now, pick up your phone, look through the photos, and tell me about a random one on there!


  1. My favorite one right now is one of my nieces and my youngest and their grandpa. We haven't seen him in years. It's nice to see his face again.

  2. The last picture I took was on Tuesday. I was sitting at a red light and the semi next to me had Cookie Monster on the side! Yes, Cookie Monster is eating a cookie on the side of the semi truck!

  3. Oh man - my battery only makes it a few hours a day now too. Miserable. They know how to get you back in to buy another phone. Conspiracy! :)

    1. Is it an IPhone? That's why I switched to a Galaxy! And I agree, it is a conspiracy!!

  4. The last pic I took was of a nearly empty drawer. I was looking for my brother's heart rate monitor and I sent that pic to him asking where it was.

  5. I got a new phone a few months ago and tried the Samsung but had to go back to a new iPhone version. Random photos... most of the photos in my phone are of food and my

    1. I had the iPhone for a couple years, but it was time to move on! I have a lot of food photos too!

  6. I love phone pic dumps! Most of my pics this week are of food or people running, not so random I guess lol.


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