Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Annnnd it's summer break

Not summer break for me, but for the kids.
I always dread this time of year because of course my 2 stepsons are out of school, and I also have 3 or 4 daycare kids. Which makes a whole lot of kids and a whole lot of chaos. I don't do good with chaos. (So why do I have a home daycare then? I don't know.)

 But I'm determined to make this summer good. I will find joy in the journey!

Here's how it started out.
Last night I went for a run around the neighborhood, leaving the boys alone. (They're 14 and 16) No problem, right? Wrong.

I was at mile 3 and get a call from Matthew saying hurry home, Jonah fell out of a tree. WHAAAAT??
I sprinted home, cutting through lots of backywards. Needless to say, that was my fastest mile.

 Sure enough, Jonah thought climbing a tree would be fun. Which I agree, it does sound like fun. But, he slipped and fell out. He thought he broke his ankle, but I wasn't sure. 
 I haven't seen that boy cry in about 10 years, and his cry broke my heart!
Thankfully, Jeremy was on his way home, so I met him in town, and he took him to the hospital. It's just a sprain. But, he won't be playing football for a few weeks now. 

 I didn't get my long run in this weekend, for the first time in months! I really missed it.
I went to a friends graduation, and then later to my niece's graduation party. My weekend was packed full.
 Saturday will be half #8, the Indy Womens Half marathon. I can't wait!

I'm hoping we got the drama out of the way and now can have a fun, relaxing summer break!!

Have you ever broken a bone?
 I never have!



  1. I have... broke my hand before & broke my ankle... that pain was made me pass out. It's ridiculous.
    Good luck Saturday. I've always heard that race is fantastic!

    1. I cannot even imagine that pain! Thanks girl!

  2. No broken anything for me! I remember when my kids were home for the summer, I was so HAPPY to not have to pack school lunches! Good luck on your next half. YOU ROCK!

    1. And you had 4 girls to pack lunches for, that's a lot!! Thank you Teresa!

  3. Ouch! Poor him! I have never broken a bone but got my heart broken a couple times!!!

    I used to have a daycare too, lots of chaos but what bothered me the most was the noise. I was constantly insisting on using an "indoor voice". :-) Being surrounded by kids is so lively though, I loved it no matter what. :-)

    1. Oh, the noise!! I think I'm getting deaf to it now though, after 7 years! It is very lively and is good exercise!

  4. oh no! poor thing. i have never broken a bone (or had summers off!) thankfully :)


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