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Friday, July 11, 2014

All good things come to an end

Happy Friday!

What a week it has been. I have made a huge change this week.
After 8 years of having a home daycare, I have decided to close up shop. It's hard to believe it's been that long! I've had lots of kiddos in that time. Lots of good times, few bad times. Excellent parents and crazy parents.
  It's going to be the hardest to let go of my 2 girls. They're both 3, and I've had them since they were just weeks old. I've spent 10 hours a day, 5 days a week with them. And I adore them to pieces. They definitely have a piece of my heart. It makes me sad to think that soon they probably won't even remember me.

 But, that's just life. Nothing stays the same, something is always changing. I am ready for this change, and very excited about it!
 I have no idea what I'm going to do now. No idea. I often wish I had gone to college 15 years ago. I think of who I could be, or what I could be doing. But honestly, I'm one of those people who thought I would have my own children and be a stay at home mom, living the dream. But life rarely goes how we think it will, and that didn't end up happening for me. Instead I've just spent my life raising other people's children.

 I have a couple more weeks with my kiddos before I have to say goodbye. In the meantime, I am on the hunt for a fun, adventurous, exciting, well paying job. (Yes, I'm dreaming) Any suggestions?

 With all this on my mind, I was SO needing this girls night out with Julie, Kari and Laura! These girls are a blast to hang out with, I am so thankful for them!

The BEST veggie sandwich EVAH!!

Havana Rumba is where it's at. And they have the best margarita's around.

 Tomorrow I'm off to Brown County, IN for some hiking, shopping and ice cream eating!
My 13 mile run will have to wait until Sunday.

 On to a new adventure!



  1. Love Brown County!
    Mercy - I wish I would have finished college. Life didn't end up for me as I thought it would either. Life is funny like that.

    1. I've heard so much about Brown Co., I can't wait!
      They always say it's never too late to go to college, or to go back!

  2. aww well congrats to closing up shop and being successful for so long! thats sad about the girls, but as you say thats life. i hope you find the dream job. does life ever go to plan? i have 1 class left in my degree and its basically killing me to complete it.

  3. I wish you the best of luck finding a new job you will love! As I have discovered through the years, finding something you love to do is so important, because we spend so much time working, we might as well love what we do! It may be hard to move on one chapter of your life, but the exciting possibilities will likely make it easier!
    Have fun on your weekend hiking and 13 miler Sunday:)

    1. I agree. I don't want to settle for anything. I want to do something I love! Thanks girl!

  4. I hope you find something you really enjoy.

  5. Hi Katie~ Change is hard but good for the soul. Have you ever considered becoming a Beachbody Coach? You are so inspiring and already motivating your followers to live healthier lives. Please do not take this as a sales pitch, that is the least of my intentions. I just thought it would be a great fit for you and something to explore. Best of luck with your last few weeks with your girls. Take care. :)

    1. Hi Jennifer, I actually was a BB coach a couple years ago- for a short time. I still have some Shakeoloy and lots of Chalene's dvd's. Which I love! But it's not something I want to get back into. If that ever changes, I'll let you know!

  6. I know you will find something new that you love to do soon!! Those children have been blessed to have you care for them!!

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