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Monday, July 14, 2014

Brown County 10 mile hike

This weekends long run was supposed to be a 13 miler. But instead I decided to go on a 10 mile, hilly hike in the Brown County State Park. Well, it was supposed to be a 5 mile hike, but it kind of turned into 10!

 Have you ever talked to someone online a couple times, and felt an instant connection? That's what happened with Kim. We met on my facebook page, talked a couple times, saw each other from a distance at the Indy Women's Half and waved, and that was it. Yet I knew she was someone I would have a blast hanging out with! So, we set a hiking date in Brown County. She's a runner too, and is training for her first full, the Chicago Marathon!

 Their longest trail was a 5.5 mile, out and back. So that's the one we decided on.
It ended up being almost 10 miles because we may have taken a wrong turn or something...
 It was very hilly and we even got rained on a little bit, which felt great.

 After our awesome hike, we drove to town and ate at Big Woods Brewing Co.
Buffalo grilled chicken sandwhich and spicy cole slaw. YUM.
There's a lot of little shops in Brown County, and that's what the county is known for. But both of us would rather hike than shop, so the only shopping we did was in a little candy store. :)

We said our goodbyes and I headed back home. I decided to drive back into the park one more time, just to drive around.
 Kim had told me about a fire tower there, but we decided not to stop because our legs were already pretty sore!
 I wasn't even thinking about it, until I drove right up to it. I thought well, I'm here, I might as well climb it!

 It's 180 steps, and in the old days it was used to look for forest fires, because you can see almost the whole park from up there.
 It was a little windy and shaky up there, so I didn't stay long!
I had a fabulous time with this chick and can't wait to hang out with her again!!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. You just made me want to go to Brown County so bad...
    I want to go shop there though :)

    1. You should go back! Just let me know if you want a shopping buddy. :)

  2. this looks so fun! i love that you met up with someone you didnt really know, but knew you'd click with. awesome! and 10 mile hike? i would have died, lol.

  3. How fun! I love that you did a 10 mile hike, and that lake picture is absolutely gorgeous! Great photo's, you guys look like you had a fabulous time! So fun!!!

  4. Confession - I lived in Indiana for 22 years and never made it to Brown Co.
    I feel like an Indy failure. Maybe some trip there sometime.

    1. Oh Abby, that's awful! ;) Yes, you should definitely go sometime. We could do a girls trip!

  5. Sounds like a great time! :)

  6. Looks gorgeous! Back in April, I was taking what I thought would be a 7-mile hike, which turned into an 11-mile hike. It's easy to take a wrong turn. :)

    My husband and I made a trip to Cincinnati this weekend by way of Louisville and Florence, Ind.! I want to go back!

    1. It is so easy to take a wrong turn. Especially if you're not good at reading a map, like I am! Hope you had a good time in Cincy!

  7. Those pictures are lovely, looks like you gals had such a gorgeous hike!

  8. Gorgeous place to hike! Sounds like so much fun!

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