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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Racing again

I can't even put into words how excited I am about this weekend. I GET TO RACE AGAIN. (Sorry for yelling)

My last 5k was in August, but my last half was in June, and it did not go so well.

This fall I had 3 (yes 3) marathons scheduled. One for Sep, Oct., and Nov. But because of my injury, I've had to cancel all of them. :(

But now that my ankle is all better, I can get back to racing!

I did two runs this week. I honestly don't know what is going on with my body. I started having knee pain, which the brace helped a lot with. But now I'm having pain in BOTH knees and in my hip! This all just came on suddenly. After running 3 miles, my body feels like I ran a marathon. I can barely walk up steps, even days later. It's crazy!

Because of those things, I'm not sure how my races are going to go. But I'm just going to have fun, and be thankful that I can run again!

Friday night is the Black Cat Chase 5k. This will be my 3rd time running it. Charity and I always run it together, and it's so much fun. Not sure if I'll keep the sparkle skirt tradition going though...

2011, 2012
Saturday morning is the Urban Bourbon Half. My half PR is 2:22. Anything under that would be awesome. But again, I'm not going to be so focused on my time, although it's always in the back of my mind.
If my knees and hip keep on hurting, I may do a lot of walking. But no matter what, I WILL finish and I will be so happy. After all, my Dr didn't think I'd be running again until next Spring!!

Anyone else racing this weekend?



  1. I wish I was racing this weekend:) I'll be racing to get one of my biggest events done of the year though, LOL....
    Good luck this weekend, I am so happy for you!!!

  2. I hope both races go well for you - I know I won't be getting a PR but I'll just be happy if I can run the whole thing without my knee breaking. eep!

  3. Sending you good vibes for the races this weekend! Have a great time!

  4. Good luck this weekend! I'll be racing too, my first half! Here's hoping I can get anywhere near 2:22 :)

  5. YAY what a great feeling! Best of luck this weekend - hope you finish strong, healthy, and happy!

  6. hope they go well! and yes, sparkle!! :)

  7. Hope you have a great weekend and a fun time racing.

  8. So glad you are back to racing, but just remember you won't be able to bounce back to where you were. It will take time, and make sure you do it slowly so you don't get injured! Run for a lifetime, not just for today!

    1. I will remember that. I can tell I'm not as fast I was, but I will be smart about it and train the right way!

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