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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Skechers Breast Cancer Awareness Shoes

Recently I was asked to participate with Skechers Performance Division shoes and their Breast Cancer awareness campaign. I was sent a pair of GoRun3 to try.

These are designed for speed with innovative performance technologies to foster a barefoot running experience while offering impact protection. 
When I found out that they were minimalist shoes (4mm heel drop), for a moment I was very excited, because that's all I used to run in! But after my torn tendon, I came to the conclusion that it was probably that type of shoe that caused my injury, so I've decided not to wear minimalist anymore. 
 But wait... they come with custom fit insoles, that are removable, for those of us who need more cushioning! 
I went on a couple 3 mile runs, and they felt perfect! 

Another great thing about Skechers is that they are supporting Breast Cancer research through the American Cancer Association. 
If you are looking for a comfy, cute shoe, that supports a great cause, make sure you check out the Skechers Performance Division line!

Have you tried Skechers before?

Thank you to Skechers for sponsoring this discussion.


  1. The only Sketchers I've ever tried are the Go Walks & I LOVE THEM!
    I love when they make Breast Cancer awareness shoes - I'll always buy them :)

  2. Great shoes for a great cause.

  3. I haven't worn Sketchers since... about middle school. I like that they are supporting breast cancer!

  4. I've never tried Sketchers, but I like that they are supporting breast cancer research!

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  6. I'll try them. They look very beautiful. Marathon is my great passion, and I was still looking for a suitable pair of shoes with this passion. If it's really good, I will introduce you to their friends and family use!

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