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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Urban Bourbon Half and the Singing Girl

Friday night I ran the Black Cat Chase 5k with my girl Charity. It was my slowest 5k ever (37 minutes), but I didn't push myself as hard as I could've, knowing I had a half marathon to run in the morning. Loads of fun!!

Thursday Julie and I went to pick up our packets for the Urban Bourbon half marathon. Free bourbon tasting and bourbon balls, and then the Ultimate Veggie sandwich at BBC. YUM!
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Louisville. It was a little chilly at the start, but ended up being the perfect day for a race. The sun didn't come out at all, which was great.

This would be my first half since June, and since I just came off an injury and had been out for 6 weeks, I didn't really know what to expect. I've also been having weird pains in my knees and hip, so I just wasn't sure how I was going to feel and if I would end up doing a lot of walking.
 I knew I would finish and was just going to have fun. I'm so excited to be racing again, especially since I thought I wouldn't be running again until next Spring!

Here's a little recap of my race.

Mile 1-4 Feeling great. Wondering if my new Skechers GoRun shoes were going to last for 13.1 miles, since I'd only worn them for my short runs.

Mile 5 I'm a little behind the 2:30 pacer. I think this race could be a 2:35. Take a big mouthful of GU and realize it's chunky! That is not right. Gag, and spit it out. (Yes, I made sure no one was next to me)

Mile 6 Bathroom stop. (Don't you hate that!!) Goodbye 2:30, hello 2:45 pacer.

Mile 7 Running along and just enjoying the day, when I come up to a girl singing. She was singing so loud I could hear her over my music! Ok, that's cool, I sing sometimes when I'm running too (as long as no one is around!). Here's the funny thing, she was stuck on repeat! "Don't stop till you get enough, ooh" Over and over. And over. Pass singing girl.

Mile 8 The 2:45's pass me. Sad moment.

Mile 9 Singing girl again. Same song. "Don't stop, don't stop till you get enough". I'm not kidding. Run fast.

Mile 10 Take another GU. And it's chunky too. WTH! I remember I had left these in my car over the summer, maybe they're old? I was so grossed out I don't know if I'll ever have another GU again.

Mile 11 That's right, singing girl! This time she's not singing. So I run up next to her and start chatting. She's having a hard time, she was also out for awhile because of an injury, so she wasn't prepared and she's in pain. I tell her to keep singing, and she's so close. As I run off, I hear her sing again, this time a different song. I chuckled.

Mile 12-13 I'm tired, let's get this over with. Yay, my shoes held up, my ankle doesn't hurt, my knees feel fine- I'm still in one piece!

My official time was 2:46. My slowest half was 2:47, so I was glad I beat that.

 The icing on the cake was having the medal put around my neck by this sweet lady! I've read her blog for a long time, so was very excited to finally meet her. She was just as precious as I knew she would be.
After the race Julie and I stood in the LONG Bourbon line (which wasn't even moving) for about 10 minutes before deciding ok, this isn't worth it. We headed to Mellow Mushroom, my first time eating there. It was amazing.
Portobello and cheese hoagie, and an ice cold Angry Orchard

Love the bling!
I didn't see the singing girl again, but I hope she was signing as she crossed that finish line!

Do you sing while you run?
Ever had a chunky GU? (I wouldn't wish that on anyone!)



  1. After seeing all the puke at the finish line, the word chunky just gags me right now :)
    You are awesome lady!!!

  2. oh my gosh, the singing lady! that would have annoyed me, but you are so sweet to chat with her when you noticed she wasn't singing. hey, whatever works lady! i can't believe we were so close for so long, i started at about the 2:45 and eventually got in front of the 2:30 (didn't last long, lol). i kept looking for your blue pants, so mad i didn't get to see you! next time!! and congrats on your race, that is a huge accomplishment after an injury and being off so long!

  3. Where does this race start and end at?? I would love to do it next year!

  4. 2 races in a row after have just been injured, wow - now that is a comebetter.

  5. congrats on another half in the books! Impressive! Love the medal too :)

    1. loooove those pink outfits at the top of the post ;)

      Katie @

  6. Congrats on getting back to racing! Great job!

  7. Congrats on both of your races!!!! After all you've been through, I wouldn't worry about time at all, you did amazing!
    Singing in a race, not my thing. Singing in my head, likely:)
    But you are much nicer than me, I would have done anything to get away from someone like that. Funny thing is, if she didn't spend all her energy singing the entire race, she more than likely would have had a better race.. Oh well, I try not to judge, so I shouldn't probably of said that, haha:)
    How fun Rebecca was your medal reward gal, she does seem like such an upbeat fun person to meet. So fun!
    Overall great awesome job my friend!!!!!

  8. Impressive job, Katie! I can't believe you just came back from injury and pulled off back-to-back races like that.
    We just had a Mellow Mushroom open up here! Thinking about trying it next week.

  9. I've been known to lipsync and airdrum while running, but I don't actually sing outloud. Great job on the race. Way to get back at it. This sounds like a fun idea for a race amd the medal is different.

    I love Mellow Mushroom. I often joke that I run on Mellow. :)


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