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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three things Thursday

It's been awhile since I've done this, so here are three things from my week!

1. Turkey Pumpkin Chili
Pumpkin in chili? Who knew?! Hey, it's better than peanut butter in chili- yuk!! ;)
Lauren posted this recipe a few days ago, and it sounded so interesting, I had to try it. And she's right, you can't even taste the pumpkin, it just gives it a smoother flavor. Sooo deelish.
2. There is something I've been keeping from you guys. (Well, there's a lot of things- haha) I am back to looking for a job. Again. The patient coordinator job was just not a good fit for me. I was miserable, everyone else there was miserable, it was a horrible atmosphere- and was just not something I wanted to do.
 I didn't tell anyone for a long time (friends or family), that I was no longer working there, because I just felt like an idiot, honestly.
So, I'm back to sending out my resume and going on interviews. Again.
Today I had an interview at a bank and it went really well. Hopefully I'll hear back from them next week! (I have experience in banking, so that's what I really want to get back into.)

3. THIS story! Please just take a few minutes and read it. It's an awesome story about my beautiful sister Charlotte, and her husband.The ending is just incredible.
Have you ever had pumpkin in chili?
What is your occupation?


  1. I've applied for and left so many different jobs since college and I know how discouraging it can be. Right now I'm working part time at Family & Children's Place while I work on making my personal training business profitable. I'm not sure if you're interested but here's a link to the openings we currently have available Good luck on your interview!

  2. Ah so glad you enjoyed the recipe and thanks for the shout out. It definitely gives it such a great texture-it's sure to become a winter staple in my house!

  3. I've heard about pumpkin in chili before... never had it, but heard of it.
    Good for you for having another interview... its hard to even get that so good luck on the job hunt. I'm glad you're not sticking with jobs that are miserable just because. You need to be happy.

  4. What a sweet story about your sister! I'm sorry that your job didn't work out. Hopefully the right fit will come along soon!

  5. Katie, I love the story about your sister and her husband! Don't worry about the job. Sometimes it just takes a little time to figure out the right place to be. At least you are brave enough to walk away when you know something isn't working. I am not, and I wish I had more of your courage.

  6. So sorry about the job, I hope you are able to get back into banking or find something else you love.

  7. Oh no, so sorry to hear about the job. You will find the right one soon, I feel it!! And I'm not a big pumpkin fan, so I guess I would never had put that chili combo together but I'm sure it was great!!

  8. yum! i would never guess to put pumpkin in chili!

    Katie @

  9. You know being happy with what you do, is the most important thing! We spend more time with our co-workers than even our family (it seems at times) so working with great people in a good atmosphere is the most important part. So I actually applaud you and give you a virtual high five! Getting out before you stayed too long and got sucked into something that would make you very miserable is impressive. Not a lot of people have the guts to do that!
    If the bank job is what you want, I hope you get it!!!!!
    I threw my own resume's out to several places last week. I am highly picky on where I want to work. But like you, I want to be happy! I have been my own boss for many, many years and if I am going to go back and work for a company on their rules, I want to enjoy and love what I do too!

  10. Good luck with the job search! I hope you find something that is a better fit for you. Being unhappy at work makes for a miserable life.

  11. That was a great story about your sister.


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