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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How I prepare for a long run

 Saturday's 15 miler ended up only being 13. My body just did not want to take one more step, so I listened.
I think I know what the problem was though, and thankfully my knees didn't hurt at all. The previous week I did not run one time. Not once! And I was supposed to have done a total of 16 over the week.

 If I don't train right during the week, I can't expect my body to do what it's supposed to on long runs.
Lesson learned, I will do every single mile this week, so I can be prepared for 16 next Saturday.
Here's a few things I bring with for my long run:
Gatorade Endurance. I usually drink this on my way to the park. I really feel like it's gives me an extra boost of energy. I also eat a PB&J on wheat bread before every long run.
GU or Honey Stinger gels. I tried the salted caramel GU for the first time, it was SO good. I've heard the peanut butter and the watermelon are good too. I need to find those!
 I take a gel 15 minutes before my run, and then every 5 miles after that.

I carry my hand held water bottle with me, and put my gel's in the zippered pouch. Then of course my Garmin FR10 and my tunes!

For Saturdays long run I wore calf compression sleeves that were sent to me from Run Forever Sports.
I can't tell you how amazing these are. My calves did not get sore once! Even after the run, they weren't sore. I will definitely be wearing these from now on.
 I have several pairs of ProCompression socks, but they are so incredibly hard to put on and take off, that I don't even mess with them anymore. But these were wonderful.

They are for men or women and come in 2 sizes. They relieve shin splints and prevent cramps in your calves. Of course they're not only for running, but for any kind of activity!
 They are under $20, but if you use my code ZQQBNF4V, you can get 40% off! Order them here.

When I get home after my long run, I make a protein shake to replenish everything!
Lately I've been using the Diet & Weight Loss powder from My Protein.

They have a large variety of protein bars, powders, vitamins and supplements. Pre-workout, Post-workout, meal replacement, ect.
The Impact Diet Whey chocolate powder that I use is very good, not chalky at all, and mixes easily.
 I make it with almond milk, a banana and some PB2. It is deelish!!

And  then I usually crash on the couch and take a nap. :)

How do you prepare for a long run?
Do you wear calf compression sleeves? If not, would you like to? (Thinking of a giveaway...)



  1. I'm a big believe in compression sleeves. A couple years ago I moved from my CEP calf compression sleeves over to ProCompression socks. I do long my PC socks with all my heart. And I NEVER have sore calves ever. They make it so that in the Winter time I don't HAVE to wear running tights I pair my socks with my capri's and call it good. When temps warm up a little more I'll continue to pair the socks with shorts on cooler days, with a long sleeve top and I'm golden. I do all my long runs in them and race in them.

  2. wow, you are so much more prepared than me ;) i honestly don't do any of these things, i never take water on a run, or food.. i haven't tried compression socks or anything - i figure if i've never had a problem no need to change anything? lol it's probably gonna bite me in the ass.

  3. That's a lot of prep! I've never gotten into gels...something about the consistency grosses me out. I used to eat Shot Bloks but I ate so many during marathon training, and as I was eating one during my last marathon I was like ok, totally done with these now, never wanna eat them again haha. I really hate ingesting anything while running (something I need to get over I know) so I usually don't bring anything.
    I like compression sleeves but I wear them at the most random times, and never when I'm running. But if I have any lower leg issues I'll wear them around for a couple days.

  4. this is an amazing list of things..all I do is fuel properly before my run, carry water, music and my card for emergency, but them again my runs are never as long as yours :)

  5. I love compression socks for after my run. I have only ever worn Pro Compression so I have nothing else to compare them too. I cannot wear them while running. For some reason my legs feel like they are full of lead and weigh a ton. So I would love to try some others to see if they feel the same or if its just me. But I do love them for the recovery process!

  6. Dang it - I keep forgetting I have a pair of compression sleeves now... Now to figure out where they are at.

  7. I agree, week runs influence the longruns. I really like running in compression socks especially for longruns. It helps with my feet swelling.

  8. You do a great job pre run, run, then post run. I do not do anything pre run and usually on water during. 13 is a great run!! Good job.

  9. I'm surprised you have a problem with the Pro Compression socks, do you think you have the right size? I've never had an issue getting them on and off. I haven't done a long run in so long I can't remember how to prepare ;)

    1. I get the biggest size (L/XL). My calves are pretty muscular, but I don't have a problem pulling them up, it's just getting them on my foot is so hard! Maybe I have big feet? (Sz 10) So, I have no idea what the problem is. But all of my Pro Comp socks are that way. Your long runs are coming up!!

  10. For long runs I am PB on a GF waffle prerun and Nuun and Honey stingers during.

  11. I think I am weird, I have never ran in a compression sleeve or sock, or even used on to recover. Well unless you count compression shorts, but to be honest I just use those to reduce the chaffing, LOL But so many love them, so maybe one day....
    I hear ya though on getting the weekly mileage in. I dumbly tried the run/less training for a while (years ago) and it was the absolute worst thing I could have done, my times suffered and when times suffer I am on a course longer and wasting energy that if I trained better I wouldn't of had to waste it:) However, because of the experience like you I learned from it and it won't happen in the future!
    Great job on the 13 though, thats still pretty awesome!!!

  12. I'm so bad about heading out for long runs and forgetting my water bottle!

    1. Oh, I have done that before! Once I was on a long run with no water and I saw a water fountain, I was ecstatic. Well wouldn't you know, it didn't work. That was a very low moment for me!

  13. Your running outfit is so cute! You look much better running than I ever do!! I use compression socks and sleeves. I think it helps on long runs.

  14. I've never tried the compression sleeves but I love the socks!!
    I don't do much prep mostly because I run on my treadmill:)

    1. They both are awesome, I guess the sleeves are just easier to put on!

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