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Monday, January 12, 2015

PB2 winners and a treadmill run

I hope you guys had a good weekend! It was COLD here.
 I did my run on the treadmill instead of braving those temps. 25-30 degrees outside is about as low as I can go! Thankfully, I love my tm. I have to find something good on Netflix to keep me distracted though.

Twinnie and I got in some retail therapy. In case you didn't know, Bath & Body Works is having ridiculous sales right now. I think I have enough smelly goods to last me for the whole year!

 For the first time ever, I am SO into football. It's kinda strange, because I never have been! Not saying I understand how football works AT ALL, but I still love watching it and cheering on my teams.
I must admit, I became a Packers fan only because I have a sister who lives in WI.
I became a Colts fan only because I used to live in IN.
I became a Broncos fan because of Manning. (Yes, last night I cheered for both teams, it was hard)
Charlie likes watching the games with me
Congrats to the PB2 giveaway winner, Iva and Lacey! If you haven't already, please send me your address.

Would you run outside in 15 degrees?
Fave NFL team?


  1. I'm a recovering rabid sports fanatic so the playoffs are a difficult time for me. I try to keep it together though. I was rooting for GB but only because I like Aaron Rodgers and because I broke up with the Cowboys years ago after a rough relationship. But I have to go with Seattle all the way. Not entirely optimistic but hopeful. Ok...I need to stop.

    Not sure what I would have done for 15 degrees...I don't usually run in that kind of cold but I can't handle 2 hours on a treadmill I don't think!

  2. That sounds like you had a really nice weekend! I used to enjoy NFL football but now that I've been in Utah for a long time I've really kind of switched over to college football and cheer for my Alma Mater. (University of Utah) I could run outside in that temp. I think the lowest I've done this year so far is about 20 degrees. I don't think we've had anything colder than that that fell on a weekend. But I totally love Winter running. I would much rather run outside in the cold temps of Winter than in the 90+ degrees of Summer.

  3. You sound like me... I'm not a football person but I was trying to learn the game yesterday...

  4. My cut off for outside running is 22. Anything under that and I hit the mill. I ran 3 miles on the mill yesterday. I'm a Geeen Bay fan all the way! No other teams for me.

  5. My limit for outside is "feels like" 10*. I started running right in the dead of winter last year so it was kind of my first "normal" as far as outside temps. Plus I don't really have easy access to a treadmill and I live in NJ, so if I didn't run below freezing I would never run! It's definitely not always a good time though ;)

  6. I ran outside Saturday but waited until it was above 20 which is my cut off for running outside. I sold my treadmill so if I don't run outside I don't run. I've been a huge football fan my whole life. Went out for team in College. My favorite teams are Packers, Vikings, Patriots, Saints. I've taken my son and daughter to two Packer games each at Green Bay. Once in a lifetime trips that turned into more than one. :) It is the best place to go to see a NFL game.

  7. Fifteen degrees! I wont run outside if it's below fifty degrees!
    I like your red headbands.

  8. Running outside in fifteen I would do, but not if there was wind, I am kinda a baby with winter winds this year! I only say I'd run in fifteen, because I've been forced to a few times this year:(
    Great job on the treadmill run!
    Today me and treadmills are not in a very favorable place. I spent 3 hours this morning, and another two tonight trying to replace the walking belt on mine. My hands are raw, blistered and my knuckles are all bruised. I went to work in the middle of the day, and someone asked me if I had been in a fight, I look awful. Me and a few hard to reach screws and bolts had some battles.. One of them is still winning, I finally gave up about an hour ago and I am going to have my dad come help me in the morning:) Okay, sorry for that long story, LOL I have been in treadmill battle all day and I need to go do something to take my mind off it, I think haha:)

  9. I would definitely not run in 15 degrees. I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold. Favorite team? Patriots, I'm from Boston :) I love the B&BW sales, I spend so much there in Jan & July during their sale, I stock up on soap and I buy enough to last me 6 months! And as you know, that's a lot of soap especially with boys :)

    1. I'm a wimp in cold weather too!! Yea, that's why I have to buy so much soap, I live with 3 males!

  10. I ran in 9 degree weather, so 15 feel pretty good! :)

  11. Hope your sister is doing all right. I was so sad to hear about her miscarriage. :( Since moving to Vegas, I've become SO wimpy in cold weather. 40s are tough for me. lol.

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