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Friday, February 27, 2015

A Tennessee Friday Five

In case some of you don't know, I've been in Spring Hill, TN for the month of February. 
I needed a break from life in KY for awhile. I needed to get away by myself and reset and recharge. So, I found a house on Airbnb, and made my getaway.
I've had an amazing month here. It was just what I needed. I still can't believe how fast time flew by!

For my 5 things today, I'm going to share what I'll miss here, what I won't miss, and what I look forward to back in KY.

5 Things I'll Miss
1. Going to the gym everyday
  I'm not a member of a gym back home because the only one in my town is way expensive and totally not worth it. I'm going to miss my gym!
2. The church I found in Franklin. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.
3. Having no responsibilities (I could get used to that!!)
4. Living 5 minutes from Target
5. Peace and quiet

5 Things I Will Not Miss

1. Ladybugs and roaches (in the house)
 My roommates might think I'm crazy because I scream everytime I see one. I can't help it.  
2. Dirty floors
I had to vacuum my floor when I got here, it was filthy.
3. Doors that don't lock
 I have a private entrance and the lock on the door doesn't work!! Every night I put my mirror in front of it, obviously not to keep someone out, but so I'd be sure to hear them coming in. If you look closely, you can see I'm holding the big knife my stepson let me bring with me. Better safe than sorry.
4. Sucky Wifi. Seriously, it's so bad.
5. Stepping in cat urine 

Ok, so I just realized everything I won't miss about TN only has to do with the house I'm staying in! I really have sweet roommates, I can say that.  It's just an old farm house.

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To 

1. Seeing my sweet nephew again
 I just can't handle his adorableness!! Look at that tummy! I can't wait to smother him with kisses.
2. Seeing my whole family again
3. Feeling productive
4. Hugging my boys (my stepsons)

...and last, but most important:
5. Fighting for my marriage 
 Fighting all the distractions, the doubts, the troubles and problems that try to get in the way, and not losing myself or my dreams in the process.  
 And now a quote from Sarah Connor, in Terminator II: Judgement Day
"The unknown future rolls towards us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope..." 

Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!!

Linking up with April, Darci, Christina and Natasha.




Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Letting go of the doughnuts

First of all, I want to say congrats to Kerry for winning my Race-Kred giveaway!!! Your 26.2 charm will be sent to you! For those of you who didn't win, if you want to make a purchase, use the code MULTIKRED10 at checkout, and get 10% off your order of 2 or more.

Before coming to TN for the month (which is almost over- sad), I was determined to use this month to lose weight and get back into strength training again. And I am happy to say that I have done that. I have now lost 10 lbs., and have been going to the gym around 5 days a week, doing lots of strength training.
A nice run, and leg day! the end of January, Abby asked me to join her DietBet. I had heard a lot about those, but had never joined one. I knew joining at this time would be even more motivation for me to lose weight this month, so I did.
 Today was the final day of the game, and I am SO happy to say that I lost the exact amount of weight I needed to WIN! The game lasted 1 month and I needed to lose 8 lbs, and I did it.
I don't know yet how much $ I won, but the most important thing is I already feel so much better! Isn't it crazy how just 10 lbs. can make such a difference? I can tell in my clothes and even during my running.

 I want to start another DietBet for the month of March, I need to keep this weight loss going.

A NSV I had this morning was this:
Giving away my precious doughnuts to my roommates! Believe me, this is like giving away ice cream. It doesn't happen. But it did. These were given to me at the conference this weekend, and after looking at the calories in one (190) and fat grams (11), I knew I couldn't do it.

Before someone gets all "oh Katie, please, it's just a doughnut", lemme say, I'm not into depriving yourself at all. I believe all things in moderation. But for where I'm at right now, I had to deprive myself of these.
 And it was worth it to just let go of the doughnuts.

Tell me about your latest Non Scale Victory!

Would anyone be interested in joining a DietBet, if I start one?


Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday thoughts and ponderings

Happy Friday!

Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. This poor kitty. He is always right outside my door meowing. I feel so sorry for him! It's COLD out there.

2. I'm sure this popcorn has been around for awhile, but I'm just discovering it. Get some! It is ridiculous, and super low calorie. (I got it at Target)

3. Ever heard of Insta Follow? It's an app that shows you who unfollows you on Instagram. Yea, just don't even waste your time with it. It can hurt.
4. THIS CAR. I saw this in KY, on my way to TN. Wow, just wow. Not sure the logic behind this??

5. The wifi here is soooo slow. It takes me 3 hours to watch a 2 hour movie because buffering.... #firstworldproblems

6. Spending the weekend with this man at a marriage conference in Atlanta.

What is something you're thinking about or pondering on?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Race-Kred shoelace charm giveaway

I hope those of you who got snowed in are thawing out! I only had to miss one day at the gym this week, so I am very thankful for that.
Since I'm supposedly only in TN for another week and a half, I'm trying to get to the gym as often as I can.

I have an awesome giveaway for you guys today!
Race-Kred's are lightweight shoelace charms that symbolize a personal achievement.
They are engraved with race distances (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2), multi-sport races (TRI, DUA, 140.6, 70.3, Ultra), or a fun pink runner girl image. So reward yourself or someone you know with a little bling to boast their feat!

Race-Kred has offered to send a charm to one of my people!
Enter the Rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Want to win even more prizes? I'm linking up with Erica and SD Mom for a giveaway roundup! #winalltheprizes

Monday, February 16, 2015

Another marathon bites the dust...

Today I'm linking up with Patty, April and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run.
I haven't been to the gym or on a run since last Wednesday, so I was excited to get back to it yesterday. But when I woke up to freezing rain hitting the windows, I knew that probably wouldn't happen.
This was looking out my window. Pure ice baby!
Throughout the day I kept hoping it would stop, so I could drive to the gym. I even thought hey, I'm from KY, I can drive in ice and snow!
But, when I saw this out the window, I decided I should probably just stay inside for the day.
That is the ice covered road (that's not snow, it's ice), and a car being towed by another truck. See the guy sitting on the back of the truck? Not sure what he was doing.
 I was talking to my roommate and telling her how I came to TN to get away from this kind of weather, so it's kinda disappointing. She said it's very rare. Of course it would happen when I'm here!

You better believe one way or another I will get to the gym today. I just might spend all day long there too.

Since I was stuck inside all day today, I had a lot of time to think. And I came to a decision about the Asheville Marathon. I decided I'm not going to run it. It's less than 4 weeks away, and with all the injuries I had to deal with recently, there is no way I could be ready for it.

So, I have set my sights on the Carmel Marathon. It was my very first marathon 2 years ago. Then I ran it again last year. It is still 9 weeks away, I know I can be ready. I'm going to keep training, keep losing weight, and keep praying for NO MORE INJURIES. I have now had to cancel 4 marathons, I will not cancel anymore!

And now for a pretty view outside my window, before the ice came.
 Make sure you come back Thursday for an awesome giveaway!!

Did you get some bad weather yesterday too?
 I'm thankful we didn't get the 9" of snow that KY got!
Have you had to cancel a race before?
Who hasn't, right??

Nothing compares

This month is going way too fast. I just want it to slow down.
Especially now that I hear KY is going to get over a foot of snow today. I am so glad I'm not there. I told Jeremy I won't be back until Spring. :)
Tennessee is plenty cold, but at least we don't have all that snow here.

I went back last week to meet my new nephew! Oh, my heart.

I'm pretty sure he was thinking "Mommy, get crazy Aunt Katie off of me!"

I seriously cannot keep my eyes or lips off of him. You know that sweet baby smell? You know how their skin is soooo soft? Those little baby lips. Those long fingers and cute little toes. The way their face squishes up when they sneeze. The hiccups! Ok, I'll stop.

Someday I'll know. Someday.

Charity came to visit me this weekend. We had a great time, as always.
Since coming to TN I haven't really tried to meet people or make new friends. I feel a little like a hermit. I go to the gym, and I go to church. That's about it. But since my plan is only to stay a month, I like the peace and quiet for a little while.
So it was nice having someone from home to spend time with and talk to.

We went to The Big Bang dueling piano bar.  And this is Nashville, so you know these people can sing!
She always does my nails when we get together. It's just tradition.
 We found a restaurant showing the KY Wildcats game and we watched them win their 25th consecutive game. We did a little shopping and movie going.

I wasn't able to get my long run in, but that's ok because...

What did you do this weekend?
What was the last movie you saw?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My favorite fitness app

Today I'm joining April, from Run the Great Wide Somewhere, Patty, from My No-Guilt Life, and Erika, from MCM Mama Runs for Tuesday's on the Run Linkup! This week's topic is favorite running apps.
I used to keep track of my runs in a notebook. But that got old real quick. I then discovered Daily Mile. For over a year now I've been entering my runs there, and they keep it all calculated and sorted out for me.
 I love seeing how my running compares to a year ago, and even a week ago.
I got to TN last week, and you can see this has been my best mileage week in 6 weeks! I actually looked back even farther, and I haven't ran that many miles in one week, in almost a year!
 I've also lost 6 lbs since being here too! I think I just might stay until I lose the last 30. :)

During my outdoor runs, I use the Runkeeper app. (Wanna be friends? My username is fromicecreamtomarathon) Of course I can't use that inside on the treadmill, which I'm on a lot.
And then I also have a Garmin FR10 that I wear outside as well. I honestly just use that to keep track of my pace.

I know it's only been 10 days, but I can already feel this weight loss, and I think maybe I can even see a tiny baby muscle. Maybe.

What's your favorite fitness app?


Monday, February 9, 2015

Cedars Frostbite Half Recap

Happy Monday!

 Saturday I ran half marathon #10, the Cedars Frostbite Half, in Lebanon, TN. It was held at the Cedars of Lebanon state park. Absolutely gorgeous place.
Here's how it went down.

The race started at 11. I've never done a half that starts that late, but maybe it's so the weather has time to warm up? We had perfect weather, 50's and sunny.

Y'all know I've been having knee pain for months, well, I hadn't even reached mile 2, and it was so painful that I was already hobbling/running. I just knew I was going to have to DNF. I kept telling myself to just turn around, I can't make it to 13 miles, why did I even sign up for this, and so on.
But then I got mad. No way was I going to quit. I completely changed the way I had been thinking. I started thinking positive thoughts, and started doing a lot of praying. I started thinking about my new tattoo that says Perseverance. Persevere, Katie!!
 By mile 3 the pain was GONE. I had no more pain the rest of the race, and haven't had any since then! God is so good to me.

The course was very challenging. Lots of hills, trails, gravel roads with huge potholes, boulders, dirt roads, etc. I would say out of all my half's, this was probably the most difficult.

This was also my slowest half.
For most of the race I didn't even look behind me because I just knew I was last. That was not a good feeling. I decided not to feel bad about it though, at least I was out there doing it. That's all that really matters. I have NO doubt I will get back to where I used to be, and be even better. I ended up not being last, but I was close to it!

One thing I forgot, that I really regretted, was my hand held water bottle. I usually don't bring my own drinks for races, the water stations are always enough. Not this time though. When I read that their were only 3 water stations, I knew I should've brought my own. (I left it back in KY though)
 So my last sip of water was at mile 9, and it was sunny and very warm. I felt dehydrated and was getting woozy.

I was glad to see the end of this race! They did have pizza and cookies afterwards, which I wanted neither of. I can never eat right after a race. I guzzled a whole bottle of water and some diet coke though!
Around mile 11 I started walking next to a girl who looked about 15 years old. I asked her how she was doing. She told me her legs were in terrible pain, and she started crying! I felt so bad for her.
She told me this was her first and LAST half, she was never doing this again. I asked her if she had trained for it. She said no, she'd only done 5k's, which she loved. She said the night before the race her mom told her she was going to do it. (Her mom ran it too, although not with her)
 How crazy insane is that?? What kind of Mother would force her daughter to run 13.1 miles, knowing she had never trained for that?? Oh my gosh, that made me mad.

I did see her again after the race, and she said she was ok. Her mom wasn't with her, which was probably a good thing. I'm not good at keeping my mouth shut at injustice. :)

So, the thought of this got me through the last few miles.

An ice cold Angry Orchard was all I wanted. Since I don't know anyone here (yet), I knew I would have to drink alone, but this 'break' for me is all about stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that scare me. So for the first time, I went to Applebee's, ate some yummy food and drink, and had a fabulous time all by myself. And it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

On the way back to my room, it hit me, "there was no medal!!" Not sure why it took me so long to realize that. That's really disappointing, but I guess it's why the race was only $20. I did get a cute, long sleeve tech shirt though. Of course I'd rather have a medal, but oh well.
I learned a lot about myself in this race. The main thing is that I can change a lot by having a positive attitude. I need to look at the bright side, stay optimistic, expect the best and don't let go of my faith and hope.
 That will give you the strength to not give up when you face obstacles and hardships.
And that is FICTM's words of wisdom for the day. :)

Have you ran a race with no medal?
Would you (or do you) go out to eat alone?


Friday, February 6, 2015

Something new, something cold and something sweet

Happy Friday Friends!
It is a beautiful morning here in Tennessee. Today is going to be 50 and sunny.  Tomorrow will be 60 and sunny, perfect weather for my half marathon!

For some reason every time I go away,  I get a new tattoo. That's what I did yesterday.
This makes 3, and it is the final one. It was also the least painful- yay! (The other 2 are on my ankle and inner arm)
Definition: Perseverance is not giving up. It is persistence and tenacity, the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard.
That is my word!! That applies to my personal life, and even to my running.
Funny story about that. I got it done at Black 13 tattoo parlor, in downtown Nashville. They are supposedly the best in the state! So I gave the guy the picture of what I wanted, he took it to the back and copied it onto paper for me. (Or whatever they use) He brought the paper back out to me, to see if it looked right, and he had spelled it wrong!!
 I've seen the website with tattoo's gone wrong, and my nightmare has always been that I would get a tattoo that is messed up somehow. Gahhh, that almost became a reality!
But thankfully, everything turned out great. They are awesome guys there, I would definitely recommend them.

2. I'm still addicted to my gym. I've gone every single day for a couple hours. I am also very, very sore. But, it's a good thing! Today I'm just going for a spin class, so I'll take a break from the weights.
 My diet has been excellent. I know it's been less than a week, but I can already tell a difference in how my clothes fit. I am SO happy. I feel like I've finally had a breakthrough.
 I did reward myself with some fat free sorbet. Believe me, I wanted the froyo, loaded with the yummy stuff, but I was good.

I know you want to see another pic of my new nephew, right?
Oh my stars, I can't wait to see this precious thing and kiss his cheeks off! I have a quick trip planned to KY on Monday so I can do just that.

After spin class, I'm off to do some exploring and sight seeing!

Do you have a tattoo?
Are you running or racing this weekend?

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