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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Things I'm thankful for

Today I am linking up with my sweet friend Rebecca for Thankful Thursday.
 I have so much to be thankful for!

My knee is feeling much better. Something still doesn't feel quite right with it though, so I won't be running until Saturday. I won't push it too hard, and if it starts hurting again, I'll stop. I'm very thankful to no longer be in constant pain and walking with a limp!

My 2 sisters who were in the hospital with appendicitis and an ulcer, are back home and recovering.

I'm so thankful for my beautiful sister, who got married last weekend. She was a gorgeous bride.

Thankful for true, genuine, loyal friends to share hot chocolate and margarita's with.
I'm thankful that I got to spend lots of time with my precious nephews! They live in WI, so I don't get to see them nearly enough. First time seeing my newest sweet nephew.

I'm thankful that I've been sticking to my calories on My Fitness Pal, and have lost a few pounds. Sunday I was at my lowest weight of the year! Which made it much easier to resist these.

Tell me something you're thankful for today!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Noblesville Mini Marathon and my knee hates me. Again.

Happy Memorial Day! I SO appreciate all those who serve and have served. Thank you!

Saturday I ran half #14, the Noblesville Mini Marathon.

My Friday started off with a delicious breakfast at Wild Eggs with a friend. I had heard about this restaurant for years, and how good it was. It did not disappoint. We split a breakfast burrito and a pitcher of the best mimosa's I've ever had.
Then I drove up to Indiana to stay with some friends for the night. One of the reasons I run so many races there is because it's a good reason to visit them!
I stopped at the expo and while I was waiting in line to get my packet, I heard someone call my name. It was my girl, Kimberly. She was there promoting the Boom Shakalaka Half. (Which is a night run, and sounds like a blast!! I just might have to sign up for it...)
I went to dinner with my friends, and then carb loaded the right way.
Race day was perfect weather, it was actually a little chilly at the start. We got started at 7:30. It was a small race, only 900 runners. I'm not sure how many of them were half-ers, I would guess 350-400. (There was also a 5k and 10k)
The course was beautiful, ran through what seemed like several parks and lots of shaded areas, which was nice once the sun came out.

I never run with pacers, but during the race I decided to stay with the 2:30 pacer. I actually loved running with her. There were times I felt like I could run faster, but I knew that slowing down and keeping an even pace would really help me out.
Well, I'm not sure what happened to her, but around mile 8 (I think?) she slowed WAY down, and started walking a lot. She looked like she was in pain.
I decided to pass her. I tried to stay at the same pace I had been going, and really thought I would make the 2:30 time, but I ended up with 2:35. Somewhere along the way I must've slowed down.

But that's ok, I was super happy with my time anyway! (I didn't see the pacer again, even at the finish line. I hope she was ok.)
As you know, I've been having knee pain off and on for a long time. Well, during the race my knee didn't hurt at all. But shortly afterwards it started hurting pretty bad.
I drove 3 hours back to KY, and spent the rest of the afternoon helping to get everything ready for my sister's wedding. It was beautiful and amazing, I'll have pictures soon. But I was on my feet for at least 7 hours. I was in charge of the food and desserts, so it was pretty crazy, and I only sat down once for a few minutes.
 So there was no resting the knee!

I woke up Sunday morning and couldn't bend or straighten it out, cannot put any pressure on it (so I'm limping around), and I have a nice little knot on the side of my knee. I did ice and elevate it, so it doesn't hurt then. :)
I'm going to wait a few days and hope it all subsides, without going to the dr...again.
I checked with Dr Google, and just can't figure out what I could've done to it. I've been doing a lot of races lately, but I don't feel like I'm pushing myself too hard, and it's not like I'm new to this. But it is my 'bad' knee, so maybe it finally had too much and couldn't take anymore.

I have ONE more half, in 2 weeks. The Niagara Falls women's half. If I can just get through that one, then I have no more until September. I'm begging my knee to just get me through one more race!

Linking up today with my friend Tara, at Running 'N Reading for the weekend update.

Has anyone had something similar to my injury? 

What are your Memorial Day plans?My Wisconsin sister, her hubby and kiddos are coming over. I plan on snuggling with my precious 3 week old nephew all day long.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

What a week!

This week has been a little crazy, and I'll be glad when it's over!

Sunday my sisters, brothers, sister in law, nephew and niece, all took my Mom out for Mothers Day. My Mom is seriously the most amazing woman I know.

Monday and Tuesday I had a 5 mile walk, and a 5 mile run.

Also on Tuesday my oldest sister went to the hospital for appendicitis. During her surgery on Wednesday, I found out that another sister was on her way to the hospital for what they thought was appendicitis!
 She is still in the hospital, with what they now think is an ulcer. Still waiting on more updates from her.

On top of all that, my youngest sister (there are 7 sisters, if you were wondering) is getting married on Saturday! Tonight we all are taking her out to celebrate.

And...Friday I'm going to Indiana for the Noblesville Half Marathon on Saturday! When I signed up for this race, my sister hadn't yet set her wedding date.
She's getting married that evening, so I'll have time to run as fast as I can that morning, and then drive the 3 hours home and do everything I need to do, just in time for the wedding.

This will be a flat course compared to last Saturday's course! Since I'll be in a hurry, maybe, just maybe I'll PR. :)

And that, my friends, is my crazy week.
Not sure when I'll have time to breathe. Probably Saturday night as I watch my youngest and last sister to get married, marry the love of her life.
Through it all, I find joy and happiness. Through it all, I am so thankful.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Horse Capital half marathon recap

Saturday I ran half #13. The Horse Capital half, in Lexington, KY. This was their inaugural race and it was amazing! It was probably the prettiest race I've ran. It was very hilly, but the scenery was so worth it!
This was another rainy race. It wasn't a nonstop rain, like my derby mini, it was just an off and on downpour. As soon as I was drying out, there would come another downpour of rain. But it wasn't bad at all, it felt good, and really kept me cooled off.

On Friday I met my Instagram friend of 2 years, Margie, at the expo. We had a great time chatting and walking around for awhile. It was then that I decided I would run the race with her on Saturday. I wasn't planning on 'racing' anyway, so I thought why not run it with a friend and help her PR!
Friday night I met Charity at Portofino's and we had a delicious dinner, then headed back to the hotel to try to get some sleep.

Not quite carb loading, but this chicken was SO good
I woke up at 5 a.m. Saturday and was out the door by 6. Traffic was really bad. I sat in it for about 20 minutes. Thankfully, I left an hour early just in case that happened. They ended up delaying the race by 30 minutes because of the traffic problems.

I saw my friend Amy for a few minutes before the race. I always love running into her at my races. She was  running her 2nd marathon!
 Margie and I found eachother and we were off!
We had a great time running, walking, talking, laughing, trying to get ahead of the 3:00 pacer, and then making sure we stayed ahead of her!
The course was beautiful. Unfortunately because of the rain, there were very few horses out. But we did see a few.
We crossed the finish line at 2:54, which was over a 10 minute PR for her!! And that was in the rain, on a very hilly course. I am so proud of her!
 I read somewhere "the only thing better than getting a PR is helping a friend get one". That is SO true!

As we were standing at the start line, this girl next to me asked me if I was FICTM. I said yes, and she said she recognized me because of my shoes and the bandaid on my ankle! (Instagram pictures)
I knew Sierra was going to be running this race, so I was so excited to find her, standing right next to me! We all made plans to meet up after the race for pictures, of course. :)
I have almost convinced both of them to run the Indy Monumental marathon in Nov. with me!!
After the race we got some KY Ale, chocolate milk, chick fil a sandwich, goetta sliders, etc. All kinds of food!
This race was so much fun. I loved making new friends and seeing old friends. I LOVE this running community!

Did you race or run this weekend?

Friday, May 15, 2015

5 Things Friday!

Happy Friday!

I'm linking up with Clare today. Here are 5 things from my week...
1. I did something I've never done, I played tennis! I LOVED it. I had so much fun. Who knew?? I did record a little of it because I wanted to see what I looked like, and how I can improve. Main thing I learned, don't lift my leg every time I hit the ball! Here's a little video for your comic relief.
 2. I went to Wine and Canvas with James- Etta. I've always wanted to do one of these, and when I got a Groupon for it, I knew I couldn't pass it up. I am probably the WORST artist in the world. Seriously. So I wasn't sure how my painting would turn out, but it was pretty easy, and I was happy with it! 
It's easier to paint when you have a margarita

3. I had a little shoe drama this week. I've been needing new shoes for awhile, and with my half marathon coming up tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead and get some.
 So, Jeremy got me some Adidas Energy Boost. I took them out for a 3 mile run, and I knew right away that they weren't comfortable. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got back to my car and saw this. (FYI, my socks were taller, I pulled them down for the pic)
Yea, that was disappointing.
I used to run in Brooks Pure Flo's, so I should've just stuck with what I know. The grass isn't always greener.
Back to the store I went, and headed straight for the Brook's. They don't have Pure Flo, but they do have Pure Connect, and after reading some reviews, I see that they are similar to the Pure Flo's, so I came home with them.
4. Yesterday's run was wonderful!! That blister had healed up enough after a couple days, and I put a bandaid over it. My Brooks didn't bother it at all, and they felt sooo good.

This is a comparison between the Adidas and my Skechers. See how tall Adidas is compared to the other one? Somehow, that extra height just rubbed my ankles raw. But I am a happy Brooks girl again!

5. This afternoon I'm headed to Lexington for the night for the Horse Capital Half Marathon tomorrow! I usually have goals for my races, but after seeing this elevation chart, I've decided to just have fun and enjoy the scenery, because it won't be a PR! It's in the rolling hills of Lexington, so I know it'll be beautiful.

Do you like tennis?
What shoes do you run in?


Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Mothers Day

In my last post I told you all about what Jeremy did for me on Saturday for Mothers Day, but I haven't yet told you what my sweet boys did.
 Let me back up a little bit first. Most of you know, but some of you don't; I want a baby more than I want my next breath. So Mothers Day is always hard for me.

 I hadn't been planning on going to church Sunday because it's just a situation I don't want to put myself into. Hearing "Happy Mothers Day" a hundred times, although meant with the kindest of intentions, is still a stab to my heart.
 But, I've been doing really good this year in dealing with it all, so I thought I'm strong enough now, and I need to be there for my stepsons.

Well...I lasted until my pastor had all the mom's and stepmom's stand up. That's when I lost it.
I wasn't quite as strong as I thought I was.

Needless to say, I rushed out of there after his prayer.

I decided to take a little drive to Bernheim Forest and walk some of the trails by myself. It was a gorgeous day, and not too many people out.

Cute little snake I came across ;)
Going there for awhile was just what I needed. It was wonderful.

When I got home that evening my boys had a card for me. Oh, and a gift card from Cold Stone Creamery. They know me well. (They are 15 and 17)

Being a stepmom is the hardest job in the world. Not only do I raise them as my own, but also dealing with another Mother is not fun, although things are much easier now that we have full custody.
But it is soooo rewarding.
I have no doubt that I will have my own baby someday, but for now these boys fill every empty space in my heart.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Surprised again

One time a couple years ago, I almost made my goal of a sub 30 5k.
I was being a big baby because I missed it by 28 seconds. Then out of the blue, I heard my name called, and I had won runner up for my age group!
That whole day changed my mindset on how I respond to missing my goals.
My dream goal is still to get that sub 30, but I no longer think I've failed, if I don't make it.

Saturday I ran a 5k with some kids from my youth group. Again, it was a small race, but I surely wasn't expecting to win anything. My time was 34 minutes, so I didn't even consider it a possibility.
So I was shocked once again when they called my name! I won 3rd place in my age group (30-39).
My buddy Tyler won first place overall, in 18 minutes, and Mikayla also won an age group award. It was so much fun!

After cleaning up after the race Jeremy took me out and spoiled me for Mothers Day.
First we went canoeing. I wanted to redeem my last traumatic canoeing experience from a few years ago, and I did. There was no hyperventilating or freaking out involved this time. It was lovely.
Then he bought me some new running shoes. That's the way to my heart!
We then went to a little restaurant for the most delicious sushi I've ever had, and some ice cream. Another way to my heart. He's a good man.

Did you run or race this weekend?
Have you been canoeing?


Friday, May 8, 2015

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!
I'm linking up with Jill today for Fitness Friday!

 How about a few things from my week...

1. I've had some great runs this week. Monday was a 5 miler with Beth, Tuesday was a slow and easy 3 miler, and then Wednesday was a 3 mile trail run with Charlie. I think I wore him out!
2. I started my 4th racing album/scrapbook today. These are where I keep my bibs, pictures and a little recap of each race. If there was ever a fire in my house, THESE are what I'm grabbing. Let everything else burn, but not my albums!

3.Tried a new to me beer. 99% of the time I don't like beer, but I thought these looked good...I was wrong. No worries, they won't go to waste. I have a sweet friend who will take them off my hands.
A few weeks ago I didn't think I'd ever run another marathon, but I have changed my mind. And I'm so excited! I had been considering signing up for the half, but when my friend Amanda told me she was doing the full and wanted to run with me again, I knew this was my chance. (We ran Chicago together in 2013)

5. I told you guys about giving up my ice cream, since Blue Bell is no longer available. Well, my twinnie and I bet on the KY Derby horse, and I won. Loser buys the winner ice cream. I know, I know.
So, this is what I won.
But...I only took a few bites, and gave the rest to my stepson. (Which is unheard of for me!) And I counted every single calorie in My Fitness Pal, which I have been using religiously all week. So, definitely a NSV for me.

 Tomorrow I have a 5k race with some kiddos from the youth group. I know they'll all beat me, but that's quite alright! :)

 And Sunday is the holiday I dread the most. That will be the day my "choose joy" motto will come into play more than any other.

Is anyone else running the Indy Monumental?
What do you do with your race bibs?
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