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Friday, May 8, 2015

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!
I'm linking up with Jill today for Fitness Friday!

 How about a few things from my week...

1. I've had some great runs this week. Monday was a 5 miler with Beth, Tuesday was a slow and easy 3 miler, and then Wednesday was a 3 mile trail run with Charlie. I think I wore him out!
2. I started my 4th racing album/scrapbook today. These are where I keep my bibs, pictures and a little recap of each race. If there was ever a fire in my house, THESE are what I'm grabbing. Let everything else burn, but not my albums!

3.Tried a new to me beer. 99% of the time I don't like beer, but I thought these looked good...I was wrong. No worries, they won't go to waste. I have a sweet friend who will take them off my hands.
A few weeks ago I didn't think I'd ever run another marathon, but I have changed my mind. And I'm so excited! I had been considering signing up for the half, but when my friend Amanda told me she was doing the full and wanted to run with me again, I knew this was my chance. (We ran Chicago together in 2013)

5. I told you guys about giving up my ice cream, since Blue Bell is no longer available. Well, my twinnie and I bet on the KY Derby horse, and I won. Loser buys the winner ice cream. I know, I know.
So, this is what I won.
But...I only took a few bites, and gave the rest to my stepson. (Which is unheard of for me!) And I counted every single calorie in My Fitness Pal, which I have been using religiously all week. So, definitely a NSV for me.

 Tomorrow I have a 5k race with some kiddos from the youth group. I know they'll all beat me, but that's quite alright! :)

 And Sunday is the holiday I dread the most. That will be the day my "choose joy" motto will come into play more than any other.

Is anyone else running the Indy Monumental?
What do you do with your race bibs?


  1. that is a huge victory about the ice cream! i am not sure i could be that disciplined, so go you! congrats on signing up for the full, and i just love your racing albums!

  2. I bought Ben and Jerry's this past weekend too. I lived in New England for years so if I can't have Blue Bell, I'll go with Ben and Jerry's.

    1. B&J is my 2nd favorite too. It's almost as good as Blue Bell!

  3. I'm not a big ice cream person but that sounds amazing. Perfect to mix in a homemade Frappuccino :)

    I need a new scrapbook - I'm at the end of mine as well :)

  4. I've run the Indy Monumental a few times. I have a drawer full of race bibs and a gigantic frame of bibs on the wall in my home gym. We live kinda close, I'm in OH. Love that you're doing racing albums.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday! It's so nice to meet you.

  5. I love your scrapbooks! So cute and such a great idea. I would definitely salvage those too. :)

  6. You have totally been kicking MFP butt. I am so proud of you.

  7. Yeah! I'm running the Monumental Half this year! Last year was my first time and first half and since it's my hometown, it's also the race I want to run for my first marathon if I can beat my timed goal for the half. The full-course is supposed to be great (runs through Butler Univ. and Broad Ripple). Congrats on that!!

    1. I hope to see you there!! I'm really looking forward to doing the full. Especially since I've heard the course is mostly flat. Sounds great!


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