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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Best Race Ever! TOTR

So...I'm a couple days late, but I'm linking up with Patty, April and Erika for Tuesdays on the run.
 I've ran a lot of races, but when I heard this week's topic, I knew right away which race was my favorite.
It was the Tri States Marathon, that I ran with the lovely Clarinda! This was the 3rd marathon for both of us. I had just come off of my disastrous Chicago marathon, so I had high hopes for this one.

The race started in Nevada, we ran through Arizona, and it ended in Utah. It was unusually cold that day!
I had never been to Vegas before, it was so much fun seeing everything in person, that I'd only seen in pictures! Clarinda was the perfect tour guide. :)

We ran together the whole time, which was so much fun!
The views were incredible.

We crossed the finish line at 5:21, which was a 13 minute PR for me!
So many things make this my best race ever. The company, the stunning views, running through 3 states, my PR, and getting redemption from Chicago!
This was the smallest race I've ever ran, only 100 runners. Running with Clarinda was a blast, and I didn't even notice there being no crowd support along the way.

After showering and relaxing a little, we went out for dinner and I devoured the biggest burger I've ever had.
You can read my full recap here. And Clarinda's here.

What's your best race ever?


  1. This is so cool! I've never been anywhere like that and I love that you get to run through 3 different states. Adding this to my race bucket list, for sure (I see that it's on hiatus for 2015 but hopefully they bring it back?!). Thanks for sharing!

  2. That view is AMAZING.. I can see why its a favorite race!

  3. Nice race... sounds like a great one to do. My favorite was last November's Star City Half Marathon in Roanoke Virginia. It was 22 degrees at the start and it took about 30 minutes before I was warm enough to not think about how cold it was but it was my best race and running around historic downtown Roanoke was nice.

    1. That sounds like a great race, except for the cold! I ran a 6 mile race in 28 degrees once, it was miserably cold. Maybe I'll go to VA someday to run a race. :)

  4. Running with a buddy always makes it better.

  5. running through 3 states that's amazing...and the view I can see why it is your favorite race

  6. That sounds like such a fantastic race! Officially jealous :)

  7. Amazing! I want to do this!

    1. It's on hiatus this year. :( Sounds like there's not enough participation, which is so hard to believe! I'd love to do it again if it comes back in 2016!


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