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Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Mothers Day

In my last post I told you all about what Jeremy did for me on Saturday for Mothers Day, but I haven't yet told you what my sweet boys did.
 Let me back up a little bit first. Most of you know, but some of you don't; I want a baby more than I want my next breath. So Mothers Day is always hard for me.

 I hadn't been planning on going to church Sunday because it's just a situation I don't want to put myself into. Hearing "Happy Mothers Day" a hundred times, although meant with the kindest of intentions, is still a stab to my heart.
 But, I've been doing really good this year in dealing with it all, so I thought I'm strong enough now, and I need to be there for my stepsons.

Well...I lasted until my pastor had all the mom's and stepmom's stand up. That's when I lost it.
I wasn't quite as strong as I thought I was.

Needless to say, I rushed out of there after his prayer.

I decided to take a little drive to Bernheim Forest and walk some of the trails by myself. It was a gorgeous day, and not too many people out.

Cute little snake I came across ;)
Going there for awhile was just what I needed. It was wonderful.

When I got home that evening my boys had a card for me. Oh, and a gift card from Cold Stone Creamery. They know me well. (They are 15 and 17)

Being a stepmom is the hardest job in the world. Not only do I raise them as my own, but also dealing with another Mother is not fun, although things are much easier now that we have full custody.
But it is soooo rewarding.
I have no doubt that I will have my own baby someday, but for now these boys fill every empty space in my heart.


  1. I get pastors need to give mom's credit in church, but that whole "standing up" thing is THE FREAKING WORST!!!!!!!!! I haven't been to church on Mother's Day in YEARS. Its torture....
    you know I get you lady.
    Glad to see your little guys got you something & recognized you on the day.
    Love you went out & did what you needed to do for the hard day.

  2. Amy who is one of my favorite bloggers wrote the following post as an open letter to pastors on how tough Mother's Day can be on some women. It is excellent and something we all should recognize.


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