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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Things I'm thankful for

Today I am linking up with my sweet friend Rebecca for Thankful Thursday.
 I have so much to be thankful for!

My knee is feeling much better. Something still doesn't feel quite right with it though, so I won't be running until Saturday. I won't push it too hard, and if it starts hurting again, I'll stop. I'm very thankful to no longer be in constant pain and walking with a limp!

My 2 sisters who were in the hospital with appendicitis and an ulcer, are back home and recovering.

I'm so thankful for my beautiful sister, who got married last weekend. She was a gorgeous bride.

Thankful for true, genuine, loyal friends to share hot chocolate and margarita's with.
I'm thankful that I got to spend lots of time with my precious nephews! They live in WI, so I don't get to see them nearly enough. First time seeing my newest sweet nephew.

I'm thankful that I've been sticking to my calories on My Fitness Pal, and have lost a few pounds. Sunday I was at my lowest weight of the year! Which made it much easier to resist these.

Tell me something you're thankful for today!


  1. Good for you shedding those pounds!!!! Glad to hear your knee isnt going to give you more headaches!
    Yippee for good sister news!! What a beautiful bride your sister is!!!
    Thanks for linking up with me today.

  2. Hi I'm visiting from Thankful Thursday. Love your list and congrats on losing those pounds. Your' nephews are adorable looking. And you're right, the bride is gorgeous!

  3. Great job with MFP. I would be hard to say no to those donuts, but you did it!

  4. It sounds like you've had a great week with lots to be thankful for :)

  5. Glad your sisters are doing better. I want a doughnut!!!

  6. I ran a brewery 10 miler this weekend and it was warm and hilly. Luckily they didn't run out of beer.
    Holiday Palace


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