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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What a week!

This week has been a little crazy, and I'll be glad when it's over!

Sunday my sisters, brothers, sister in law, nephew and niece, all took my Mom out for Mothers Day. My Mom is seriously the most amazing woman I know.

Monday and Tuesday I had a 5 mile walk, and a 5 mile run.

Also on Tuesday my oldest sister went to the hospital for appendicitis. During her surgery on Wednesday, I found out that another sister was on her way to the hospital for what they thought was appendicitis!
 She is still in the hospital, with what they now think is an ulcer. Still waiting on more updates from her.

On top of all that, my youngest sister (there are 7 sisters, if you were wondering) is getting married on Saturday! Tonight we all are taking her out to celebrate.

And...Friday I'm going to Indiana for the Noblesville Half Marathon on Saturday! When I signed up for this race, my sister hadn't yet set her wedding date.
She's getting married that evening, so I'll have time to run as fast as I can that morning, and then drive the 3 hours home and do everything I need to do, just in time for the wedding.

This will be a flat course compared to last Saturday's course! Since I'll be in a hurry, maybe, just maybe I'll PR. :)

And that, my friends, is my crazy week.
Not sure when I'll have time to breathe. Probably Saturday night as I watch my youngest and last sister to get married, marry the love of her life.
Through it all, I find joy and happiness. Through it all, I am so thankful.



  1. Oh hey, that's my hometown! Maybe someday I can head home for it...

  2. Oh no!! I hope everything goes well for your sisters and good luck at your race this weekend!!! Enjoy the race....and the wedding!!!

  3. I hope your one sister is out of the hospital soon. Who's who in the picture? I hope you have a great week even if it is so busy.

    1. She is home now and they are both doing better. I'll go in and put names with the faces on that pic. Hope you had a great weekend, Mark!

  4. Wow... lots of family stuff!! That's crazy 2 sisters with appendix issues.... watch out for yours :)
    Good luck on the race - that flat land looks like a great race waiting to happen!!!
    Y'all are a TALL gang :)

  5. Great family picture!
    So sorry about the hospital visits and problems with your sisters, hopefully it's not a family trend and it won't pass to you too!
    Good luck and have fun at your race!!!

  6. Holy busy family life! Congrats to your sister getting married and good luck to your poor sick sisters! And congrats on the 5 and 5! Impressive day!

    Katie @

  7. Wow, busy busy. Hope your sisters in the hospital are fine.

  8. Such a big and beautiful family you have! I hope your sister in the hospital is okay. And you PR and your baby sis has an amazing wedding! X

    1. Thank you Jess! Both of my sisters are doing much better. No PR this time, but that's ok. I had a great race!

  9. That's a busy week! Hope your sisters are feeling better soon. Have a great race weekend!


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