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Monday, June 29, 2015

A dry run, beet juice and Fathers Day

Something unusual happened this didn't rain during my run! It was cool and cloudy, and it did start misting when I first started out, which felt wonderful. But it didn't last for long.
It was one of those days I really felt like I could run 20 miles. :)

But, I only did 5. Jeremy wanted to go see Jurassic World (Ok, I'm kidding, I wanted to go see it.) and it did not disappoint!
Before heading out for my run, I remembered that I had some beet performer juice, that I got from a race. It had been in the fridge for awhile, so I wanted to try it out. I took 2 sips of it and almost gagged. It was bad. Not sure how people drink that stuff!

Saturday night I hung out with my friend, Melissa, of 20 years for a few hours. Having been friends for so long, it's so much fun remembering the crazy things we did when we were teenagers. Well, the crazy things she talked me into...heehee.

And then Sunday we all took my Dad out for Fathers Day. He is the best Dad in the world. Seriously, he raised 9 kids, on one income. (Mom was a stay at home mom, of course!) He has always been the kindest, most loving man. From the time I was a little girl I said I wanted to marry someone just like my Dad. God has truly blessed me!
 He has the best sense of humor too!

Back row, L-R
My brother Dustin, and his wife Sydney. Lizzy, Annie (twinnie), youngest brother Brent
Youngest sister Lyla, Daddy, Oldest sister Molly, and me
Xavier (Lizzy's cute baby)
Two sisters were missing, Charlotte (lives in WI), and Lily, who was not feeling well)

I am once again linking up with the lovely Tara for the weekend update!

Today I am starting a new 'diet', although I hate that word. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about it!

What was the last movie you saw?
Ever tried beet juice?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A wet race and a jumping dog

Lately every single one of my runs has been in the rain, so I didn't expect Saturday's Chocolate 5k to be any different...and it wasn't!
 It was raining before the race and throughout the whole thing. There was a flash flood warning, so almost the whole trail was underwater and super muddy! So most of us just ran in the grass (which was also muddy and slippery).
 But it was still so much fun! Thankfully it wasn't cold. :)

I ran this race last year, and there were 3 or 4 chocolate stations set up, and you got some at every station. I guess because of the rain, they didn't do that this time. So we got a few pieces in our race bag, and then a few at the end.

There was also no photographer out because of the rain, so no pics either.
I thought because of the conditions, my time would be really slow, so I was surprised to see I didn't do too bad!

After the race I found a bathroom and tried to dry off and change clothes and then headed to the salon to get my hair done. I was ready for a change!
Ok, so it's a VERY small change, I just got a few highlights. I like to lighten it up in the summer.
 I've heard that when you get old, having lighter hair makes you look younger, and since I'm now old...I'll probably keep it this way. :)

For Father's Day, the boys and I took Jeremy canoeing. I have this weird fear of canoeing, which I'm really trying to conquer. Obviously, because I've been twice now in the past month.
 I started out in a canoe with Matthew, my 17 year old, and had a minor freak out, so we went back to shore and I got in a canoe with Jeremy. I felt much safer with him!
 Charlie (our Yorkie) came along too. At one point he decided to jump out of the canoe, and into the lake. He's never been swimming or even around water, so that was fun. We were trying to grab him, and not tip the boat over at the same time. I'm sure we were quite a sight, it was hilarious!
Exciting stuff. I think I'm done with canoeing for awhile. :)
Right before Charlie jumped in. (You can see the top of his head here)
Thank goodness I was holding onto his leash!
That's it for my awesome weekend! How was yours?

Linking up with the lovely Tara for the Weekend Update!

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!

 Here's a few favorites from my week...

Getting my first box from Rocksbox. They send you 3 pieces of designer jewelry a month. You can wear them as often as you want, and then return them (or purchase them if you want to pay $250 for a pair of earrings ;)), and then they will send you 3 new pieces. Price is $20 a month. If you want to try it, and get your first month free, use my code KATIEBFF683 when you sign up!

Taking my little brother out for his very first froyo, and hanging out with him and his girlfriend.
 He's 17 years old, and never had froyo. I had to change that quick. He was quite impressed too.(Although I think he was most impressed with all the candy and topping options)
 Lunch with my amazing Momma. I see her almost every week, but very rarely do I get her all to myself, so this was nice.
Texts from faraway friends that encourage you and just make your day.
Sunflowers from my sweet hubby for no reason at all.  (I think I need to set them outside in the sun- they're looking a little droopy)

Tomorrow morning I'll be running the Chocolate 5k. Somehow I always get a free entry to this race, so I won't let it go to waste! Who wants my chocolate? (I'm not a huge chocolate fan. Weird, I know.)

Linking up again this week with Clare.

Tell me something from your week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A different kind of race

After my half marathon on the 7th, I decided to take a few days off from running. Well, now I've taken over a week off! Not by choice either. I got sick...again. A few weeks ago I had strep throat and bronchitis, and this time my symptoms seemed very similar.
 So, I got a refill on my antibiotics, and I'm feeling much better already. I'm planning on a run today!

But nothing was going to stop me from going to my first horse race with James-Etta this weekend, that we'd been planning for months. It's night horse races called Downs after Dark, at Churchill Downs. 
It was SO much fun. Something I definitely want to do again.

We met up with some of her friends there. Yes, I was a 5th wheel, but I'm ok with that. :)
It was a White Out night, white was the suggested color of attire.

Believe it or not, I had NOTHING white in my closet. Sometimes I procrastinate, and this was one of those times. I waited until the last day to find an outfit. Saturday morning I did a mad dash of shopping in the few stores in my small town, and found nothing. As a last dish effort, I went to Walmart. Yes, Walmart. There is no store I hate more than that place.
 But, I found this dress there. I was quite surprised!
Of course by the end of the night I could tell it was an el cheapo dress, because the belt broke. But, it worked for what I needed, when I needed it.

They also brought out American Pharaoh, the horse who won the Triple Crown. He was the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years! We all were standing on chairs, trying to get a good picture, which was almost impossible.
By the end of the night I had won $13 (I need to work on my betting skills), made a new friend, and got to see a horse who made history. That was a good night!

 Have you ever been to a horse race?


Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Things Friday Niagara Falls Style

It's time for....

from my recent trip to Niagara Falls! (How has it already been a week since I was there??)
Linking up with Clare today!

Things I did: (besides run a race, which you can read about here)
1. I drove the 8 hours to Canada, and rather than do it all in one day, I split it up into 2. So the first night I stayed in Ohio. Before heading to Michelle's on Friday, I had a few hours to waste, so I decided to do something I've never done before... go to the movies by myself. I loved it, and will definitely do it again. Besides, staring into Bradley Cooper's eyes for a couple hours pretty much makes me forget everything else.
2. The first thing we did is go for a run. Of course!

3. Saturday we went to the Falls. Beyond amazing. I can't wait to go back someday and do all the touristy things and spend hours there. It was mesmerizing.

4. Took my first Aqua Fit class. Yes, we were the youngest in the class. :)

5. Had fun with these ladies! (Trying to fit 4 people in a selfie is harder than it looks)

Things I ate:

1. I wanted to try something different while I was in OH, so I had Chipotle for the VERY FIRST TIME!
The chicken salad was TDF. I have been craving another one ever since.
2. All you can eat sushi restaurant. I didn't even know such a place existed. It was pretty much heaven.

3. Delicious fruit and granola parfait.
4. Another first- lobster bisque. WOW.
 5. Saved the best for last. Michelle's hubby made us his famous pizza, after our race. Like, he doesn't make it for anyone except his family because then we all would want the recipe. It is that good. I felt pretty special.
Can you believe, with all the good (unhealthy) eating I did, I actually lost 1 lb. last week? I don't know how!

Ever been to the movies by yourself?
Who else has taken an Aqua Fit class?


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Niagara Falls Womens Half Marathon Recap

This weekend I ran the Niagara Falls Womens Half Marathon, half #15 for me!
I met Michelle at her home in Canada and we spent a few days together, and ran the race on Sunday. (This will just be my race recap, in another post I'll tell you all about my time there. Otherwise this post will be waaaay long.)

On Saturday Michelle, her Mother in law, Sue, her Sister in law, Emily and myself drove a couple hours from London, to Niagara Falls. Michelle had told me all about the swag bag, and how great it was, she wasn't kidding!
A bottle of wine, full size items, not just samples. It was amazing!!

There was a Mountie at the expo, and everyone said I needed to have my picture taken with him. I'd never even heard that word before, but if they said I should do it, I thought why not?! (Later found out that means he's a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
 An Instagram friend of mine was also running the race, and she had asked me to pick up her packet for her because she was unable to. So we got to talk for awhile, and then Sunday morning she rode to the race with us. I LOVE meeting IG friends in real life!!
We all woke up at 5 a.m., and get to the race at 6:30. We were an hour and a half early, and since it was a little chilly, we just hung out in the Jeep for awhile.
Finally it was race time! I gotta say, as I was standing there waiting for the National Anthem, I was thrown off guard when they started singing "Oh, Canada"! Oh right, I'm not in the US!

The course was just stunning. We ran by the Falls twice. The mist from the Falls felt SO good.

Instead of mile marker signs, they had km signs. That got a little confusing! But I had my Runkeeper to keep me on track.
There was no shade on the course, so it got pretty hot. But the stunning views made up for it.
I felt great the entire race, no knee pain or anything.
I finished in 2:44, which honestly surprised me. Being a flat course, I thought I would do better than that. So, I was a little disappointed.
 At the finish line they were handing out cold washcloths. That was genius, and felt amazing! We also got water, chocolate milk, powerade, and a box of snacks, which included an apple, banana, and two Tony Horton cookies.

I found Sue, and she told me that after finishing, Michelle ran back to find Emily. This was her first half, and Michelle wanted to help her finish.
 Sue and I watched them run in to the finish line, cheering as loud as we could.
We found them after a few minutes, and it was so special too see Sue giving her daughter a hug and with tears streaming down her cheeks, telling her how proud she was of her.

Then I realized THIS is what it's all about. It's not all about time's and PR's (not all the time anyway), it's about the experience. It's doing something you never thought you could do, achieving what seemed impossible, friends who run back for you, who fight for and encourage you, and never give up on you or let you give up on yourself.

So what that my time wasn't what I wanted, I got to see a new friend do what she was unsure she could do, and an old friend prove what being a true friend is all about.

This race was one of the best I've ever ran. Everything about it was perfect, from the organization, the course, to the amazing "voluncheers", to the swag bag, the free wine...everything!

This was my last long race of the season. It all starts again in September.
 I'm going to sleep in on Saturday, take it easy for the next few weeks and just enjoy some shorter runs, and then start marathon training in July!

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