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Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a porcupine, it's a fish

It's Friday, so that means my quiet, peaceful week of house sitting is almost over.
This has been a daily occurrence.
 I am now in week 2 of marathon training, so Wednesday I went for my 4 mile run, and had the best thing ever happen to me.
I passed this little family probably 4-5 times, and each time they would all clap and cheer for me. How cute is that?? They didn't even know me!

My last time around I gave them high fives and decided I was going to the store to bring them back some ice cream. And that's what I did. BEST DAY EVER.

My sister and brother in law have a massive fish tank in their house, which is so beautiful, it should be in an aquarium.

Walking past it, I saw this interesting looking 'thing'.  I thought it was some kind of decoration in the tank, but when I looked later it was gone.
Kinda freaked me out. I then saw it in a different place and realized it must be some kind of fish? Or baby porcupine? :) I'm not sure...
Nemo is pretty cool too.

Happy weekend, my friends!

What is this 'thing'?
Ever had your own cheering squad while out on a run?



  1. I love that they have a Nemo in their fish tank; those are so pretty! Um, that other "creature" looks very interesting; I've seen these before, but never in someone's home tank. They look crazy, right? I always want to touch those and see where their spiky things feel like; pretty sure that wouldn't go over too well. Um, well, we my Saturday morning running group runs downtown we have lots of homeless folks that "cheer" (aka shout mostly inappropriate comments) for us; does that count? HA! Hope you have a great weekend, Katie! You're doing great!

    1. I thought the same, I'd like to touch that thing, just to see what it felt like. Lol! Thank you Tara! :)

  2. I just so love that story... that these people are so kind to do that for you... that you returned the kindness. I love good happy stories of good people in the world.

  3. It looks like a long sping sea urchin. Very cool!

  4. Looks like an urchin for sure. I got urchin spines in my foot once! Ouch! Their house looks amazing! How nice of that family and of you for getting them all ice cream!

    1. I googled long spine sea urchin, and that's what it is! Oh, I can't imagine how bad one of their spikes would hurt!! Thanks girl.

  5. Oh my gosh your own personal cheer squad - that is amazing.

  6. Love your cheering squad, fun!
    Also loving your toe nail polish color, very summer fun!!!


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