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Monday, August 31, 2015

Finally a long run

I finally got a long run in this weekend, and it felt SO good. I've been following my training plan, and it just seems like my 'long' runs are too short. This week was 12 miles, so I was really looking forward to it!

I had been planning on waking up at 6 am so I could beat the humidity that was coming back after some wonderful cool days.
But after a super late night with this girl, I had a hard time getting out of bed early!
We went to the movies and saw Spy. I thought it was more dumb than funny. Which was disappointing, because I love Melissa McCarthy.
I learned it is so much harder to run in the heat than it is to wake up early! Thankfully, Fall is on the way, so soon it won't be an issue at all.

I got to spend some time with my sweet nephew. He is such a joy. Can't believe how big he's getting! #LadiesMan

I recently joined the world of Periscope! I learned everything about it from Abby, from Back at Square Zero. She has some great advice and tips, if you want to know what it's all about!

What was the last movie you saw?
Who else is a Periscoper?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kicking Butt 5k and a costume I won't forget

Saturday I ran the Kicking Butt 5k. I know so many people who hate 5k's, but I love them!
I ran this race the past few years, and it's always been very small (100-200 ppl). This year they changed the name (still for the same cause- colon cancer awareness), and they must've changed the way they advertised it, because there were almost 1000 people there!

 Before I knew that, I thought I might have a chance at an AG award, because there were 3 categories in each age group, and the age groups were only 4 years apart. (Are ya following me on that?)
But, once I got there and saw all the people, I knew that wouldn't happen.

I still had a great race. My time was 35 minutes, which I was happy with, because it's a VERY hilly course.

 My marathon training plan called for 8 miles on Saturday, and I was planning on doing 5 more after the race, but I only did 2 more.

I had to take this lady's picture. I assume she ran this way, because I saw her before and after the race!
I couldn't stop laughing...or staring. Haha!

The rest of my weekend was spent doing not much at all. Which was nice for a change.

Do you like 5k's?
Craziest costume you've ever seen?

Friday, August 21, 2015

5 Things Friday!

This was my first full week working full time, and it has taken a little adjusting. Especially when it comes to dinner time.
 I've never planned ahead of time, I usually just wait until that day to decide what I'll cook.
 But that has all changed. Now I get home around 4 or so, so I have to have it already planned out!

Which brings me to my #1...

1. Freezer crockpot meals. Over the weekend I made 7 of them, and it has made life a breeze! (They will last me 2 weeks)
Next week I'll do a post on which recipes I used, and their links.

2. Meeting a new running buddy. Ok, so my last Instagram meeting of someone who wanted to run with me went disastrously, horribly wrong. When you see red flags, don't ignore them!! Lesson learned.
 So, to say my walls were up this time is an understatement. But I'm not going to let one bad experience keep me from a million good experiences. I loved running with Tammy and can't wait to do some races together!
3. Huma sent me some of their latest gels. I love these things! The last time I tried them, there were only 2 flavors, now there are so much more. The consistency of these are very different from GU's. They're more like pureed fruit, with some chia seeds thrown in. Get some!!

4. I'm still loving Gwynnie Bee, a clothing rental company. There's just something fun about getting a new dress every week, wearing it and sending it back for another one. I've already bought a couple of the dresses, because I can't part with them! If you want to try it, your first month is free. Use my link to sign up!

5. Teaching my girl the Cha-Cha Slide. Hey, ya gotta have a little bit of fun, right?

Tomorrow's long run is 8 miles. (Gahhh...I can't wait for the 15+ milers!) I'll be doing 3.1 of those miles at a race here in town. I'm going to give all I got to win an AG award. I might be too confidant, but I think I'm gonna do it. Gotta think positive!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Running, camping, and a new job

Hey guys! I sure have missed you!

  I hope you all are having a great summer. I sure am. I can't believe it's almost over. Unbelievable!

I've still been doing lots of running and marathon training. The Indy Monumental marathon is in 11 weeks!
I also got a Bowflex Extreme. Love this thing! Although it doesn't make me sore, like free weights do. I hope I'm still building some muscle.

My family (Jeremy, the boys and I) went camping last month at Rock Island, TN. It was SO beautiful. But it was HOT. Not sure what we were thinking going camping in the middle of summer. (Newbies)
 Our last night there, after a day filled with hiking and other fun activities, the boys had just gone into their tent to sleep, and Jeremy said "let's pack up and go home." We couldn't stand the thought of one more hot, sticky, sleepless night in that tent.
We were all  more than happy about that! So we packed everything up, 10:00 at night, and drove 4 hours home.
Just for the record, I will never tent camp again! If I could stay in a cabin or camper, in the Fall, I think that might be fun. But sleeping in a tent, with bugs, spiders, and SUPER creepy noises at three 'O clock in the morning, that is not for me!

I started a new job a couple weeks ago. I am now a nanny for a 4 year old girl and her 3 month old sister. The 4 year old used to be in my home daycare, so I've watched her since she was 3 months old.

It's a weird feeling, because I feel like such a mommy. If that makes any sense at all!
 The baby and I drop off her sister at preschool, and then we'll go run errands, or have a playdate at the park with another mom. I'm doing all these 'mommy' things. Of course I love it.
It's so hard being a 'mommy' for only 10 hours a day, when I want that 24/7. But I'm thankful for now I get to love on these precious girls.

Now I'm off for a run!

Do you like camping?
Who else is training for a fall race?

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