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Monday, September 28, 2015

16 mile run and some cute faces

Saturday I ran my longest run in over a year, 16 miles!
Tammy ran 10 of them with me, which was fabulous!! Having a running buddy makes the time fly by.
I can honestly say I felt great the whole run. There were a couple times when I thought "maybe I should switch to the half". Not because I hurt, but because I was just tired.
 When it was all over and I sat down- then came the pain. I remembered then what marathon training felt like!
 Even though I wanted to cry, I loved it too. It made me feel like I had accomplished something hard. And I love that. It really, truly is worth it.

There was no time to rest my sore legs because my great big family got together for a cookout, and I had lots of cooking to do.
 My sister, her hubby and little fam are visiting from WI, it's always so good to see them again. This sweet baby was a newborn the last time I saw him, and now he's 5 months old!
I guess I'm boring him!

Those eyes though

My amazing sister feeding all her babies
My handsome little big brother
And since my weekend wasn't busy enough, Sunday we had Jeremy's family over to celebrate my stepson's 16th birthday. He just turned 16 and is already begging to get his permit. (My 17 year old got his license a couple months ago) I guess it's best to just get it over with!

Sunday night I finally got to rest my sore legs....but they were no longer sore! Maybe I can do this marathon after all.

Did you run this weekend?


  1. You can TOTALLY do this marathon - I have total faith in you!!!!
    Look at your nephew! Those eyes are just to fall in love with.
    Glad you had a good family weekend! & you got in such a good long run! Showing yourself you CAN do this!

  2. Your nephew is adorable!!!
    You can do this marathon, I know you can! It's been a long time coming and you've battled through a lot, you are going to have a great race, I just know it!! I'll be cheering from you from afar!!!

  3. You got this in the bag Katie! My legs are still sore from Saturday's run.

  4. What a fab weekend! You can definitely do it if you want to!!

  5. Excellent Update!! Thanx For All The Photos!! Stay Strong & Run Free!! Cheers

  6. You can absolutely do the marathon. :) Keeping moving after the long run probably helped with recovery after the 16 miles. Great job!

  7. Great job on the 16 miles. And you have such a cute family.


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