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Monday, September 21, 2015

Indy Women's Half- Cancelled- Recap

After taking the past few months off from racing (other than 5k's), I have been so looking forward to the Indy Women's half. I love running, racing, traveling to races, everything about it!

 My friend Margie was able to buy a bib from a friend of hers, and so it worked out that we were able to go to Indy together.
 Since we both had to work all day, we would've barely made it to packet pickup, so my friend Kim, who was also running, picked up our packets and met us for dinner. Love love love this girl. I just wish she lived closer.

After a yummy dinner and a couple drinks, Margie and I headed to our hotel. We stayed on the 15th floor of the Sheraton, but could hear the concert going on at Monument Square,  just as if we were there.
View from our room

We finally went to bed about 12, who needs sleep!

At 6 am we woke up and I realized I didn't bring anything for breakfast. I don't know how I forgot that important item! I usually bring a banana and some kind of bar or a sandwich or something.
But, Margie was sweet enough to split her EAS bar with me.

 We went down to the lobby for a bit, and I got to meet Tiffany, a reader of my blog, who was just precious. (How did we forget to take a picture?)

We found Kim, took a picture, then headed to our corral's.

I had seen the weather report, and there was a 50% chance of rain/thunderstorms. I've ran races in the pouring rain several times, so I didn't even think twice about that.
 When we got started, it was dry, but the rain started after the first mile. It was so windy, the rain was sideways!
 Then around mile 2, I saw lighting. I may be crazy, but I was thinking "this is so cool!" Ok, that is crazy.
 All of a sudden, I was at mile 2.33, and everyone just stopped and someone was yelling to find shelter. I still wasn't even thinking the race would be cancelled, I thought we would just wait it out.
 After standing with a bunch of other runners under the awning of a building, a volunteer said turn around, the race is cancelled.

 I had never experienced that before, and it was a very strange feeling.
I had been so excited, was doing so good (mile 2 pace was 10:10!!), was so worked up and ready to kill this half, had so much adrenalin going, and suddenly it just stopped.
I was definitely holding back tears. I was so disappointed.

 It was all put into perspective though as I talked to a few girls on our way back. They had come from Salt Lake City and this was their first half marathon. I can't even imagine how crushed they must have been.

We get back to the finish line and stand in the rain for about 15 minutes to receive our medals. I'm glad we still got them, even though it didn't feel like I deserved it!
An Instagram friend said the medal was earned in the training, the race is just icing on the cake. What a great way to look at it.

Even though I was so disappointed, I know the RD made the right call. Better safe than sorry!
Although the race didn't go as planned, I still had so much fun hangin' out with my girls. And...I have another half in 2 weeks to look forward to, the Southern Tennessee Power Classic.

Have you ever had a race cancelled?



  1. Glad you got to spend time with your friends at least! You will be so ready next race!

  2. I would totally be the person thinking the lightning was cool too haha. It really sucks that you made it a few miles and THEN it got canceled but definitely better safe than sorry. I can't imagine being those girls who had come all that way for their first half! That would be devastating. I like the attitude that you earned the medal during training, never thought about it that way but it's so true! Good luck at your next half in a couple weeks!

  3. Oh wow... I never heard of a race being cancelled - but you're right - better to be safe then sorry.
    I'm glad they still gave the medals out - what could they do with them anyways.
    I love that outlook - & its truth - about you earned them in training - AMEN!
    Those poor people who worked so hard for their first HM... dang it! Stupid weather.

  4. I have never heard of this- but SO true that the medal is in the training- I love that!

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  5. What a bummer! That's never happened to me before but they did postpone a Throo the Zoo 5k for an hour due to lightning -- but that was just postponed, not cancelled. Safety first but I'm glad they still handed out the medals. It's neat that it's a women-only race ... I might have to work it into my race calendar next year. I love running through downtown Indpls anyway! :) Good luck on your upcoming race!

    1. I was really hoping it would just be postponed. But I guess with all the street closures and everything, they just weren't able to. Next year it will be Sep 17th. I hope you can work it in, it's always so much fun!

  6. I know they cannot run races with lightning, but oh my gosh that stinks. I am so sorry.

  7. I had a race postponed a couple hours due to lightning and a downpour. They still kept out hope and both races started and finished that morning.

    1. I really wish they could've just postponed this one too. I'm glad they still handed out medals anyway!

  8. Those poor girls who'd traveled so far! I can't even imagine!


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