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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Urban Bourbon Half recap

Saturday I ran the Urban Bourbon half marathon, my 2nd time running this race.
It was weird sleeping in my own bed the night before a race! Seems like lately all of my races have been out of town.

Jeremy wanted to come with me which was a nice surprise. Due to schedules, or me racing out of town, he's rarely at my races, so this was really nice.

The race got started at 8:30, with a chance of rain. Thankfully, it only sprinkled a couple times. I've ran in so many downpours lately, it wouldn't have phased me though.

We ran through Cherokee Park, which is really hilly, but so beautiful this time of year. As I was walking up these huge hills (I tried running, I really did), I looked around and saw only 1 person running. Out of all the runners around me, only one running. Someday I will conquer hills, and I will be that one running!

I saw Jeremy at mile 11, which I wasn't expecting either! Not sure why seeing him made me cry. But it was a good cry. ☺

I finished in the exact same time (within a few seconds) as my half 2 weeks ago.
My time was 2:43. I desperately miss the days when my half's were around 2:25-30. I'll get back there though, and even better!

My first words to Jeremy, when I crossed the finish line were "I'm switching my marathon (on the 7th) to a half."
I'm not going to, but I'm struggling y'all, I'm really struggling.

Half #18 is done, and I loved it!!


Friday, October 23, 2015

5 Things I Love

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia for this week's Friday Link-up.

1. Running in the cool weather. The above picture was taken during my run yesterday. Some days I feel like I could run forever, yesterday was one of those days.

2. Non-running related: Lunch with my sweet Mamma. I am so thankful for her. (Even though she does try to talk me out of running marathons!)
3. My Buddy Pouch. I love this thing! It stays in place, holds everything I need, it's wonderful. The front and back flaps are magnetic, so you just slide it in your waistband, and the magnets lock in place. (I paid for this myself, I just like to tell you when I find something I love.)
4.Wine and a movie with this girl. A great quote from the movie we watched: "When life's not going your way, getting a little crazy with some random friends has a way of helping you sort out your own #*@*". Anyone who can name that movie wins. :)

5. Running half marathon #18 tomorrow, the Urban Bourbon half. This is my last half of the year. I think I should do 2 more though, just to make it an even 20! Oh, and it's supposed to be raining. It wouldn't be a normal race for me, if it wasn't raining.
After the race I'm heading to Columbus, OH to spend the weekend with my friend, Clarinda. She's coming in from Las Vegas for work, and I knew she couldn't be a few hours from me, and I not get to see her.  We haven't seen eachother since we ran the Tri States marathon, almost 2 years ago! Yes, she already found some trails for us to run Sunday morning. That's my kind of friend!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Anyone else racing this weekend? 
What do you carry your things in when you run?


Monday, October 19, 2015

A 20 mile attempt, a hike and some sushi

Saturday was my longest and my final long run before my marathon in less than 3 weeks! (The Indy Monumental)

Saturday morning was cold, 36 degrees. For the first time I had to get out my gloves, warm headband and hand warmers.
I am longing for the Saturdays where I can sleep in, and I don't have to wake up when it's dark and cold outside.
 Of course after a few weeks of that, I'll miss it and will start all over again. It never ends!

This awesome chick ran 8 miles with me. She's not even training for a marathon, yet she wakes up crazy early and runs in the cold with me anyway. #Truefriend

On schedule this week was 20 miles. I was a little nervous because of last weeks crappy 18 miler.
But I was determined to get through this being positive, not doubting that I can do this marathon, and just pushing away any negative thoughts.

 And I did just that...until mile 18.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with marathon training this time around. I mean, this will be #5! It's not like I've never done this before!

Sorry to talk about my weight, but I have no doubt that is a huge factor in this. My last marathon I was 20 lbs thinner. What a difference that makes. I can tell in my endurance, how my body feels, everything.

But, I can't lose 20 lbs in the next 3 weeks (or can I? ;)), so I have to do the best with what I have.

I didn't end up making it to 20 miles, because I had to leave so I could get to a friend's Fathers funeral in time.
 If I had pushed myself a little more and kept a 12-13 min. pace I could've easily got in all 20.
It seems like after mile 15, I just fall apart. It feels like I can't even run anymore, like I need to keep walking from then on.

Someone told me that what matters is my attitude on race day. That I need to believe in myself and be determined to enjoy the experience.
And that I will do. No matter what my finish time is, I know I will have given my all. I'll be so happy that even though I said a hundred times I'm just going to switch to the half, I never did it. I finished what I started. I'm gonna do this dang thing.

Sunday was my birthday, and Jeremy and I hiked a 5.5 mile trail in the Hoosier National Forest, in Indiana. (Yes, that's what I wanted to do for my birthday!) I thought my legs would be dead after running over 18 miles the day before, but they felt great, no soreness at all.

The grounds at French Lick Resort

Then we had the best sushi I've ever eaten in my life.

Is it cold where you are? 
Thankfully it's warmed up a little bit now, but the mornings are still chilly.
Do you like sushi?

Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Things Friday! Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Happy Friday!

Seems like this week has flown by. And I'm not complainin'!

1. Our little town is getting a new gym. I'm really excited. The 2 we already have are way more than I want to pay per month. I am so joining when they open!

2. Zoo playdate with a friend and our kiddos. Am I the only one that feels sorry for these animals? I mean, I know it's wonderful for kids to see animals they would never normally see, but I can't help but feel so sorry for them all caged up.
3. The kids in our youth group had a little birthday party for me (thanks Jeremy!) on Wednesday. (My birthday is on Sunday) The birthday girl/boy gets to wear this fancy hat while everyone sings.We celebrated with ice cream. Of course.
They made a precious card for me. Love these kids.
4. Seeing these girls sweet faces every day makes me love my job! I love it even more because their Mom is a school teacher, which means I'm off all next week for Fall break.

5. 20 miles tomorrow, people. 20 miles. And it's going to be COLD. (30 degrees) I am so not ready for winter. Fall, yes, Winter, no.
I'm going to do this, and I'm going to kill it! I will, I will, I will. (Sorry, I just have to pep myself up)
Does anyone else have a birthday this month?
Who's running tomorrow?

Monday, October 12, 2015

My 18 mile run

Saturday's training schedule called for 18 miles. Eeeek. Actually, I was really looking forward to it. I love my long runs!

I woke up early, got everything ready and headed out the door.
Huma gels, peanut butter and honey sandwich and Pocket Protein,
which I got in my Bulu box and tried for the first time.
It was a very cool morning, which felt amazing. I've been waiting for Fall days like this to run in.

I was feeling great miles 12, 13, 14...feeling very confident, like I got this! When suddenly it all changed. I mean, one minute I was feeling awesome, the next I wanted to die. (Maybe that is 'the wall'?)

 I felt like I had shin splints, which I haven't had in years, then I started feeling like no way in heck can I do another marathon. I just can't do it. I can do half's and LOVE them, but anything more than that is pure torture. Why would I even want to do this to myself?

 I decided to sit down for a couple minutes to recoup. I reached out to my IG friends for some much needed encouragement. That helped more than I can say! At that point I had 2 miles to go.
 At mile 14, I purposely made sure I ran a 4 mile out and back, so that I couldn't quit early. My car was 2 miles away, so I had no choice but to finish.

 So I got up and finished my run. And I didn't die.
 I really have no idea what went wrong. I fueled as I always do, with a gel every 5 miles.
 I think for next week's 20 I will bring some sour patch kids candy with me. I've used them for a couple marathons before, and that sugar really seems to help. 

Saturday evening my legs felt great, hardly even sore. But then my back started hurting! The rest of the day and then all day Sunday I had horrible back pain. It hurts to sit, stand, turn any direction. It's strange! I have never had back pain before, so this is really unusual.

I WILL do this, you guys. I will, I will. I can't expect it to be easy. It's freakin 26.2 miles, after all. It's supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it great. Pushing through the hard times and not giving up makes me stronger, mentally and physically.

Ironman Louisville was happening here Sunday, so I spent a few hours watching the finish line live stream. That always puts things in perspective for me. If these people can do a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and then run a marathon, there is no reason I can't run a marathon!

Anyone else have back pain after a run?
How do you push past 'the wall'?



Monday, October 5, 2015

Southern Tennessee Power Classic Half Marathon Recap

This weekend I ran half #17, the Southern TN Power Classic.

My friend Tammy decided to sign up for it too, so we were able to ride down (5 hour drive) and run together.
Because of work we got a late start on Friday. Thankfully packet pickup was available at 6 am on Saturday!
We get to our room around 11, Tammy sets off the fire alarm, and we couldn't stop laughing. Ok, that wasn't her fault, we had a crappy heater in our room. Thanks Best Western.

 We picked up our packets on Saturday morning, and it was freezing outside. We sat in the warm car and waited for the 7 am start.
You can't tell, but we were shivering!
There was no rain when we started, but after a couple miles, the misty rain started, and didn't end. Occasionally it would stop for a few minutes, and then sometimes it would just be a regular rain, but it was nonstop. It did bring back memories from 2 weeks ago when my race got cancelled. I'm just glad there was no lightning this time. Why can't I run a race when there is no rain??

Ok, about this race. It was in a small town in Southeastern TN, called Winchester. Very small race, less than 200 people. (There was a full marathon as well. 100 halfer's and 100 full runners)
Probably about 6 miles were on the main roads, and the remainder on a country road. There were so many friendly volunteers out helping with traffic. The police, EMS, fire fighters, and the military (Marines?). But despite that, there were still several scary moments with all the traffic. At one point, there were cars going around us on the left, and cars trying to get in the turn lane on the right, and we were right in the middle! Very scary.
 Then once we got on the country road, it was small and curvy and they told us to stay in the right lane. So we were running with traffic, instead of against it. We couldn't hear cars behind us until they were right there, that was pretty scary. Tammy asked me if we should get on the sidewalk, but it was all cracked and broken, not ideal for running on. So we stayed on the road and just tried to watch out for cars.

 That was definitely nerve wracking.

Around mile 10 we were both like ok, I'm done with this! The cold, the rain, the close calls with the cars- we were done.
 But we really had a lot of fun. Tammy is so funny, and I spend a lot of time laughing at with her. It's awesome running with someone who runs your pace, so neither of you feel like you're slowing the other one down.
We finished in 2:43. With all of the hills, that's the time I estimated finishing in. One of these days I WILL get that PR. (2:23)

 They had some good looking stuff at the finish line, but for some reason I can never eat right after a race, so I pass on it all. Give me an hour, and then I'm ravenous!
We did get a great tech sweatshirt! They skimped on the medal, but I'd rather have a nice shirt anyway.

Twinning (yes, it was still raining)
 Unfortunately, this race had no photographer! (WTH??)
Even though the conditions weren't all that great, we still had a wonderful time!

Did anyone else race this weekend?
Can you eat right after a race, or do you have to wait awhile too?

Friday, October 2, 2015

5 Things Friday!

Happy Friday and happy 2nd day of October!
This is my favorite month of the year. Why? I'm glad you asked. Because it's my birthday month!

Here are 5 things from my week:

1. A couple weeks ago Jeremy and I went to see Lady Antebellum. They were fabulous.
Well, a couple days ago Charles Kelly liked my pic on Instagram! I may have freaked out a little bit.
2. This baby. (Who I nanny for) I adore her. Sometimes I wonder if this is what it feels like to have your own.
Giving kisses already!
 3. Once a week a friend and I walk 5 miles. This rainbow was at the start of our walk yesterday.
 Here's the weird thing about walking, it is so hard for me to 'walk' as exercise! I mean, we walk fast, we're bookin' it. This isn't a leisurely stroll. But it's so hard to hold myself back from running! I always feel more tired after a walk, then a run too. Which makes no sense to me. But hey, calories are being burned, and that's what matters.

4. Just because I haven't posted a pic of one of my twinnie's cakes recently, here ya go. Raspberry Almond Cream something...
Thankfully I ran 16 miles just a few hours before consuming some of this amazingness. 

5. Half marathon #17 tomorrow!! Tammy and I are heading to TN this afternoon, and running the Southern Tennessee Power Classic half marathon in the morning. Honestly, I'm a little scared of this elevation though. 
 Seriously, who makes a course like that! ;)
It's not gonna kill me though, which means it'll just make me stronger.

Have a great weekend, my friends! 
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