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Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Things Friday! Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Happy Friday!

Seems like this week has flown by. And I'm not complainin'!

1. Our little town is getting a new gym. I'm really excited. The 2 we already have are way more than I want to pay per month. I am so joining when they open!

2. Zoo playdate with a friend and our kiddos. Am I the only one that feels sorry for these animals? I mean, I know it's wonderful for kids to see animals they would never normally see, but I can't help but feel so sorry for them all caged up.
3. The kids in our youth group had a little birthday party for me (thanks Jeremy!) on Wednesday. (My birthday is on Sunday) The birthday girl/boy gets to wear this fancy hat while everyone sings.We celebrated with ice cream. Of course.
They made a precious card for me. Love these kids.
4. Seeing these girls sweet faces every day makes me love my job! I love it even more because their Mom is a school teacher, which means I'm off all next week for Fall break.

5. 20 miles tomorrow, people. 20 miles. And it's going to be COLD. (30 degrees) I am so not ready for winter. Fall, yes, Winter, no.
I'm going to do this, and I'm going to kill it! I will, I will, I will. (Sorry, I just have to pep myself up)
Does anyone else have a birthday this month?
Who's running tomorrow?


  1. Happy early birthday! I recently cancelled my gym membership because I wasn't using the gym that often any more. Between my complex's fitness room, working out at home and Pure Barre, I was going maybe twice a month to use the weight machines. Then I saw I have everything I need for that at the fitness room.

    1. Thanks Lesley! I have quite a bit of work out equipment at home, but it seems I'm much more motivated to do strength training when I'm at a gym, rather than just being at home. The nice thing is, there is no contract so if it doesn't work out, I can easily cancel!

  2. How precious is that birthday party!!!
    I am the same way at zoos - I get so sad for the animals - especially those in such small quarters :(
    Here's an early Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Yay happy birthday! I love that you have a cheap gym option. There's nothing around me at all, not even a Planet Fitness close enough to be worth my time. Enjoy!
    I am running ten miles tomorrow, fun times. We can do it!

    1. That's too bad there is no gym near you. That's how it was here for years! We're finally catching up with the times! good luck on your 10 tomorrow. You are right, we can do this!

  4. Happy early Birthday! It looks like you just flourish in your career with children and they pay you back with smiles and sweet cards :) The zoo is fun to see exotic animals then I remember they much rather be in their natural habitat. I can't help but falling in love with the rare penguins. We belonged to a fitness place like that called Workout Anytime before rejoining the YMCA. It was a good option for getting a workout in when the weather didn't cooperate. My husband needed a recumbent bike and walking track. Thirty degrees tomorrow! Thanks for the notice. I must have my blinders on. At least we can test our cold weather gear out while pounding out this run. I have all the confidence in you that this run will be great. #ownit

    1. Thanks Nikky! Well, now the weather says 36, so hopefully it'll keep going up. I'll def be pulling out my cold weather gear. Good luck on your 20, we got this!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about zoo's! Those girls you watch are adorable! I bet they love you!

  6. I agree that captivity isn't the best, but on a totally random note-but somewhat related- Isn't it better to see them caged- than have them killed by some bad people! Or not see the ones that are in captivity and have them as dinner every meal :) Sorry! I am saying all this.

    Happy Birthday Katie !

    1. I never even looked at it that way Sheetal, but that's absolutely right. At least they're safe in the zoo! Thank you for the birthday wishes, my sweet friend!

  7. Hope your 20 miles went good!
    You know, I used to wonder about zoo's and stuff. But I talked to someone once that made me realize a different perspective on them. Besides that they are the only places some will ever see certain types of animals. Most the animals in them, would never survive in the wilds, and they never have to go hungry or starve, most don't know any different so they probably don't even realize what it would be like outside one. Plus, they probably at times have just as much amusement people watching as we do animal watching:)
    For reasons like that, I am actually okay with Zoo's, I don't have a problem with them anymore:)
    Looks like I stopped by on the right day. Happy Birthday today!!!


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