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Friday, October 23, 2015

5 Things I Love

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia for this week's Friday Link-up.

1. Running in the cool weather. The above picture was taken during my run yesterday. Some days I feel like I could run forever, yesterday was one of those days.

2. Non-running related: Lunch with my sweet Mamma. I am so thankful for her. (Even though she does try to talk me out of running marathons!)
3. My Buddy Pouch. I love this thing! It stays in place, holds everything I need, it's wonderful. The front and back flaps are magnetic, so you just slide it in your waistband, and the magnets lock in place. (I paid for this myself, I just like to tell you when I find something I love.)
4.Wine and a movie with this girl. A great quote from the movie we watched: "When life's not going your way, getting a little crazy with some random friends has a way of helping you sort out your own #*@*". Anyone who can name that movie wins. :)

5. Running half marathon #18 tomorrow, the Urban Bourbon half. This is my last half of the year. I think I should do 2 more though, just to make it an even 20! Oh, and it's supposed to be raining. It wouldn't be a normal race for me, if it wasn't raining.
After the race I'm heading to Columbus, OH to spend the weekend with my friend, Clarinda. She's coming in from Las Vegas for work, and I knew she couldn't be a few hours from me, and I not get to see her.  We haven't seen eachother since we ran the Tri States marathon, almost 2 years ago! Yes, she already found some trails for us to run Sunday morning. That's my kind of friend!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Anyone else racing this weekend? 
What do you carry your things in when you run?



  1. I cant believe its been so warm & beautiful all week & the race is supposed to be cold & rainy. BOO!!!!! :(
    I hadn't heard of that buddy pouch - I'm so intrigued. I'm always looking for a good thing to carry my stuff.

  2. Your buddy pouch looks similar to what I carry called the RooSport, same concept. I love it! Urban Bourban sounds fun, Thinking of Bourbon I'll be in New Orleans Halloween and surely on Bourbon Street at some point; for a half marathon. :)

  3. Best wishes on your run tomorrow. I run in a 5K night race tonight. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Goodluck at your race Tmrw. I have a similar pouch to that one. It's called the Roo and it is also magnetic and clips on your shorts. I use it all the time on my runs.

  5. I have The RooSport pocket, very similar to your Buddy Pouch. Good luck on your half marathon. I would probably run 2 more this year to get an even 20. I'm weird like that.

    1. I'm pretty weird too, so I'm thinking that's what I need to do!

  6. Running a half on Saturday (#6 for me!) and a 10k on Sunday. Good luck on your race! :)

  7. Good luck tomorrow! I can't believe you will have done 18 this year! Time for some well deserved rest.

    1. I've ran 18 overall, probably around 10 for the year. Thanks Wendy!

  8. Good luck on your race! 20 races is unreal! Such a beautiful photo of you and your mum. Such a pretty family! That movie sounds hilarious!

  9. I really want to get outside now that it's fall. I love seeing leaves changing color and hopefully that'll start happening soon.

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