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Monday, October 19, 2015

A 20 mile attempt, a hike and some sushi

Saturday was my longest and my final long run before my marathon in less than 3 weeks! (The Indy Monumental)

Saturday morning was cold, 36 degrees. For the first time I had to get out my gloves, warm headband and hand warmers.
I am longing for the Saturdays where I can sleep in, and I don't have to wake up when it's dark and cold outside.
 Of course after a few weeks of that, I'll miss it and will start all over again. It never ends!

This awesome chick ran 8 miles with me. She's not even training for a marathon, yet she wakes up crazy early and runs in the cold with me anyway. #Truefriend

On schedule this week was 20 miles. I was a little nervous because of last weeks crappy 18 miler.
But I was determined to get through this being positive, not doubting that I can do this marathon, and just pushing away any negative thoughts.

 And I did just that...until mile 18.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with marathon training this time around. I mean, this will be #5! It's not like I've never done this before!

Sorry to talk about my weight, but I have no doubt that is a huge factor in this. My last marathon I was 20 lbs thinner. What a difference that makes. I can tell in my endurance, how my body feels, everything.

But, I can't lose 20 lbs in the next 3 weeks (or can I? ;)), so I have to do the best with what I have.

I didn't end up making it to 20 miles, because I had to leave so I could get to a friend's Fathers funeral in time.
 If I had pushed myself a little more and kept a 12-13 min. pace I could've easily got in all 20.
It seems like after mile 15, I just fall apart. It feels like I can't even run anymore, like I need to keep walking from then on.

Someone told me that what matters is my attitude on race day. That I need to believe in myself and be determined to enjoy the experience.
And that I will do. No matter what my finish time is, I know I will have given my all. I'll be so happy that even though I said a hundred times I'm just going to switch to the half, I never did it. I finished what I started. I'm gonna do this dang thing.

Sunday was my birthday, and Jeremy and I hiked a 5.5 mile trail in the Hoosier National Forest, in Indiana. (Yes, that's what I wanted to do for my birthday!) I thought my legs would be dead after running over 18 miles the day before, but they felt great, no soreness at all.

The grounds at French Lick Resort

Then we had the best sushi I've ever eaten in my life.

Is it cold where you are? 
Thankfully it's warmed up a little bit now, but the mornings are still chilly.
Do you like sushi?


  1. I don't mind running in the cold, but the wind on Saturday just killed me.

    Sorry your training was rough. I like whomever told you it's about attitude. Sounds like you've got a good mental approach to race day!

  2. Whoever gave you the "believe in yourself" advice is spot on, and someone you should listen to:) I agree with them totally! Training is all about training, and if every run felt great then the chances of the bad run happening during the marathon are far more likely. But when you push through, and get the bad runs out of the way, there is a huge possibility the marathon will be a great race.
    I know this will sound funny, but I like it when I have a couple of really bad or struggling long runs before a marathon, the fact that I do them even through that, tells me I am training correctly and I am likely going to peak at the right time during the race. 18 miles is just as good as a 20 miler in training, so I still think you're 100% on track, even better you've got the "struggling" runs out of the way, I think you should definitely do as your friend said and think positive, the race is going to be GREAT!

  3. Yep... its keeping attitude in check. Don't let your mind get to you at Mile 15 on race day!! ... & even if you DID have to walk the rest of the way - so be it - whatever it takes - right? :)
    I love you wanted to hike for your birthday. So cute!!!

  4. You are amazing Katie !! Always remember where you started from and you'll never forget how far you have come . On race day you will do great , you have the training and stamina, it just comes down to determination and willpower come race day ! I know you will be great whatever the distance you do is :)

  5. I LOVE sushi.
    I am so sorry, I know exactly how you are feeling I am about 20-25 pounds heavier than I was last fall/winter when I raced. It is so frustrating, but all we can do is take it day by day.

  6. I LOVE sushi! Happy Birthday! I hope it was an amazing day! You will do wonderfully in your marathon. I think it will come together for you on race day. Obviously it will be hard but I have no doubts you will conquer it!

  7. Sorry your long run didn't go as planned -- even 18 miles, I can't imagine! Imagine being in the crowd though at the Monumental... the other runners and the spectators will definitely help! I'm clueless about sushi - I thought it was only with raw fish and I can't handle that. A friend had me try California rolls last year (I think that's what they were called and had no meat) and they were really good.

    1. I agree, I think all the adrenalin from the crowd will keep me going!
      I do NOT like the raw fish sushi at all. Unless it's shrimp.
      I like the fattening fried ones, and the California rolls are good too!


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