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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Urban Bourbon Half recap

Saturday I ran the Urban Bourbon half marathon, my 2nd time running this race.
It was weird sleeping in my own bed the night before a race! Seems like lately all of my races have been out of town.

Jeremy wanted to come with me which was a nice surprise. Due to schedules, or me racing out of town, he's rarely at my races, so this was really nice.

The race got started at 8:30, with a chance of rain. Thankfully, it only sprinkled a couple times. I've ran in so many downpours lately, it wouldn't have phased me though.

We ran through Cherokee Park, which is really hilly, but so beautiful this time of year. As I was walking up these huge hills (I tried running, I really did), I looked around and saw only 1 person running. Out of all the runners around me, only one running. Someday I will conquer hills, and I will be that one running!

I saw Jeremy at mile 11, which I wasn't expecting either! Not sure why seeing him made me cry. But it was a good cry. ☺

I finished in the exact same time (within a few seconds) as my half 2 weeks ago.
My time was 2:43. I desperately miss the days when my half's were around 2:25-30. I'll get back there though, and even better!

My first words to Jeremy, when I crossed the finish line were "I'm switching my marathon (on the 7th) to a half."
I'm not going to, but I'm struggling y'all, I'm really struggling.

Half #18 is done, and I loved it!!



  1. I love he came with you...
    & good for you for making the best decision that works for you

  2. Is your marathon supposed to be hilly? I say if you can survive a hilly half you will crush a flat full!

    1. You think so, Meg? Ok, that gives me some confidence, because the marathon is a flat course!

  3. Yeah! I don't know what I'd do if I had a cheering section - even one person. I'm already a sob-fest when I run and see strangers cheering for the runners. I wanted to run this one but #1 - my FIL had an auction that day we were working at and #2 - I thought it'd be a bad idea for me running two halfs within two weeks. Have you done the Monumental full before? I haven't but I know the area and it's really pretty flat. They even changed the course this year to make it even flatter and faster for those BQers. I'll be there for the half so good luck to you next week with whichever you choose to do!

    1. Too bad you didn't do Urban, but I do understand! I've never done the Monumental, but I'm super glad to hear it's even flatter now! That definitely gives me courage to stick with the full. Say hi if you see me, I'd love to meet you!

  4. I LOVE when I can sleep in my own bed before a half. I'm not good with hills. Maybe one day. That is a seriously cute medal! My husband is usually not with me either, but when he is -- it really makes it special. I get very emotional during races too. I'm not sure why that is. Good luck at your race next weekend!

    1. Maybe the emotions have something to do with all the flowing adrenalin, it just brings it all to the surface. Thank you!

  5. Congrats on #18! Just keep running...

    I love local races. Next year I'm doing 2 destination races. That really throws me off!

    1. I love traveling to races, I just love traveling! Thanks Wendy.

  6. Oh wow congrats! I get really emotional racing too for some reason! Sounds like a tough race!! I am excited for your marathon I think you will do well!

    1. I know I'll really be emotional after finishing this marathon! Thank you Jess!

  7. Great job on pushing through it! It's always great to have someone who is there cheering you on.

  8. I agree with Meg - a flat marathon should be much better than all of the hilly, rainy half marathons you've done lately. Great race!

    1. That really gives me more confidence! I'm going to do it, no backing out. Thank you!

  9. Great job on your half:)
    I had a little chuckle about your comment about being the one to run up the hill someday. I am from Utah, you don't get anything but hills, so when I travel to other states and approach a hill, I have never understood why some just look at it and stop to walk before they even try to run up it, because here the bigger the hill, the more fun LOL So ya, if I am in a race especially back east or down south, I am that one running LOL:)
    I know you are struggling, but I think your going to do great. You just need to start believing it, and come the 7th you WILL have an awesome day! Believe, believe my friend:)

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