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Monday, November 9, 2015

Indy Monumental Marathon Recap

Saturday I ran my 5th marathon, the Indy Monumental!

As you guys know, I had been dreading and excited about this race, all at the same time. My 2 longest runs had only been 18 miles, and both of those I fell apart at mile 15.
 So, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

Friday afternoon Tammy and I drove 2.5 hours to Indy to the expo and packet pickup. Tammy had been planning to come along just to cheer me on. But, being the crazy runner that she is, she decided to sign up for the marathon when we got there! This would be her 3rd marathon, but she had done no training, as she hadn't been planning on even running it. (The furthest she had ran recently was 13.1)
 I was secretly hoping she would do it. :)
 We got there in time to hear Bart Yasso. A few times when he was speaking he mentioned how lucky we are to get to do this. That just really stuck with me. I don't ever want to take this for granted. We are the lucky ones.
 As we were walking around, I heard someone calling my name, I turned and it was the lovely Karen. I've been following her blog for quite awhile, and was so excited to finally meet her. She was running the marathon on Saturday, and then running a half in Illinois on Sunday!
After the expo we went back to our hotel and did not feel like leaving again for dinner, so we ordered in some pasta. It was delicious!
Saturday morning we wake up, ready to do this thing!
Holding the awesome sign Tammy made me
My goal for the race was to stay with the 6 hour pacer for the first half, just to make sure I didn't go out too fast. Then at the halfway point, I would speed up and try to stay with the 5:30.

I had already prepaid for parking, which was wonderful. I will always do that from now on! It was so nice not to stress about finding parking, I already had a place reserved.

As we're making our way to the pacer, I see my friend Sierra. I had met her on IG, and then a few weeks later in person at a half marathon. She was considering doing a full, so I convinced her to sign up for Indy, knowing she could do it. We had a lot of the same struggles during training, so it was nice to get encouragement from each other throughout the 16 weeks.

We all 3 started off together. Although we lost Sierra after a mile, she had stopped off in the bathroom, and we never saw her again.
We stayed with the 6 hour pacer until we lost him after a few miles somehow, not sure how.

This guy juggled deflated footballs the whole marathon!

This lady had to be in her late 70's, and ran the marathon! That will be me someday.

Best beer I've ever had, and some twizzlers

And this is the point of no return, around mile 8
 We got to the halfway point around 2:50 and Tammy started getting a migraine, so she told me to go on ahead.
 So I kept doing my run/walk (not any certain schedule) until around mile 20. I ran through mile 15, 16, 17, 18, 19- feeling excellent! Of course I was starting to get tired, but nothing like how I felt during my training runs.
 I think it was around mile 20 when I started doing mostly walking. I maybe ran 30 seconds each mile. Terrible, I know. I just couldn't run anymore. I felt ok, mentally I was good, I just couldn't run anymore!
 During this time the 6 hour pacer passed me. Until then I was still hoping to get a sub 6.

One thing I did that I've never done is download some motivational speeches to my iPod. It was 4 different 5 minute speeches. It's basically a drill sergeant YELLING at you, telling you how strong you are, the only thing holding you back is yourself, no excuses, you can do this. In order to join the 1%, you have to do things the 99% wouldn't do. Are you willing to go the extra mile to grab your dreams, to reach your goal? YOU are in charge, push yourself. Push hard now, relax later. If you believe it's possible, you can achieve the impossible . Make it happen!!
IT WAS AMAZING, you guys. I highly recommend that!! I can't tell you how much oomph that gave me. Can't even tell you.

The next 6 miles went slow, but great. Finally I get to mile 25 and give my ALL the last 1.2 miles. Which wasn't much to give.
My official time was 6:09. Which is my slowest marathon. I was disappointed with that. I wasn't expecting a PR, but since it's a flat course, I was really hoping for 5:40ish.
 But, it is what it is. This was definitely my toughest training and race ever. I feel like I fought for every single minute, every single mile- and I did it. That makes me incredibly happy.
 I wanted to switch to the half so many times, I can't tell you how GLAD I am that I didn't. Switching to the half would've been easy, I didn't know if I could do hard anymore. Now I know I can. Victory is sweet!

Tammy came in a few minutes after me, she had found something for her migraine at a medical tent, and was all better. This girl ran a marathon totally unprepared and she rocked it!
Of course being back of the pack, there was no food left. There was chocolate milk, water and some crackers. I did see someone walking off with 5 or 6 boxes off pizza, telling someone "they gave them to me". Nice.
But honestly, I didn't even have an appetite for a few hours.

This race was amazing. Nice, flat course, weather in the 50's- absolutely perfect. Wonderful volunteers, lots of water/gatorade stops, candy, oranges, beer along the course (from the spectators). This was one of the best races I've ever ran.

You know how usually while running a marathon, you say "never again!!" I actually didn't say that once.
I knew I had already signed up for the Carmel Marathon in April, so I decided I'm going to do that and do better!! I'm going to get off this 25 lbs. I put on, and I'm going to push myself harder than ever, and I'm going to kill my next marathon!

As for Sierra, she ran a great marathon, coming in 10 minutes before me. My friend Nikky, who I did a training run with, ran her first marathon too and got a sub 5. These girls inspire me so much. Knowing the blood, sweat and tears that got them there, and they did it. They are so strong!

I cannot express how thankful I am for all of you. The texts, the messages, all of the encouragement, pushed me on. Thank you, my friends, with all of my heart.

I am the lucky one!




  1. You are amazing...never forget that. It isn't about finish times, it's about finish lines. You set out to finish this marathon, and you did. 26.2 miles...maybe not the best...but, girl, you did it. Bask in the glory. You're amazing!! Congratulations!

    The Celiathlete

  2. You did it - all that matters! Time - who cares. You crossed the finish line - & smiling even still! YOU ROCK!!!!
    The whole food thing for back of the packers drives me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So rude.
    I love the Senior lady - those people like that are just so inspiring!
    I love you had so many familiar faces around you up there. Always good for the soul
    & brilliant idea on uploading some motivational speeches... I need to remember that!

  3. Congrats on finishing. Sure, maybe not your fastest race, but you didn't fall apart at mile 18 like in your training runs, and you kept running and are awesome. GO YOU!
    I absolutely HATE when there's nothing left for the back of the pack. I'm sorry about that.

  4. Very cool. So happy for you, I knew you would finish:) Sometimes we have to have a hard race to fight through, heck sometimes many:) But if uour anything like me the ones I had to fight the hardest for are the ones that teach me the most and are the ones I remember quite easily (I think that is part due to the pain lol)
    Way to go and congratulations! Who knows if things as I would like maybe I will see you at a marathon one of these days next year:)

  5. Way to go! It may have been slow, but it's great that you were feeling grood beyond 15 miles.

  6. Awesome awesome awesome!! Congratulations on persevering and finishing the marathon! Wasn't the weather just amazing too? Food-wise, I don't think you missed much though. Unless they offer different things for the full than they did for the half, the only things I found were a banana, pack of cheese/PB crackers, and a cookie. There was someone there handing out Jimmy Johns but the thought of processed lunch meat at that point made my stomach do flips. :) Anyhoo - I hope you've recovered and I loved reading your recap!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Oh, couldn't have asked for better weather. How did you do? I hope you'll post a recap too!

    2. I set a PR for me in the half! and I really need to post something! I'll do a recap and probably ought to go back and catch up on other races. :) Congrats again!

  7. Congratulations on another successful marathon, Katie! And thank you for honestly sharing your journey of ups and downs. Reading your posts has been helping me through my own journey to 26.2. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Jen. Your encouragement meant so much to me. I can't wait for your marathon!! I know you're going to do great. ☺

  8. Congrats! Great job and so positive through out it! :)

  9. I hope you realise you are in the one percent. I know you surround yourself with runners but very few people ever come close to running a marathon let alone 5. You are lucky but also awesome! Lucky to be healthy enough to run and finish but awesome to actually do it!

  10. So fantastic! I'm glad you stuck it out and proved to yourself that you could do hard things. You definitely inspire the rest of us!

  11. So proud of you for pushing through a tough race and tough training.

  12. Great going Katie... proud that you were able to do another marathon!!


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