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Monday, November 23, 2015

My first GOTR experience

It's Thanksgiving week! Which I love, because I love Thanksgiving. I love cooking, eating, hanging out with my fam from far and near for hours, having a few days off work, etc....

I have been running again after taking about a week off after my marathon. Not much though, last week I only ran 10 miles, and this week only a 5k race!
This week I plan on getting more miles in though.

A few weeks ago my friend's 12 year old daughter asked me to be her running buddy for her first 5k race ever, with Girls on the Run. Of course I said yes!
 On the morning of the race I found out that being her running buddy means we're supposed to stay together...and she runs an 8:30 pace, and I run 11:00. That was a problem!

I talked to her coach about it and she told her to stay with me the first mile, and then go on ahead, as long as she can see one of the coaches. I thought it would be great too, because I would push myself to run faster.

Walking to the start line

Well...I did not need to worry about keeping up with her.
About 5 minutes in, she starts complaining. About anything and everything! I was so surprised!! Of course I've never ran with her before, so I don't know if that's normal for her or not.
 She stopped to a very slow walk many times. Her feet hurt, her head hurt, her stomach hurt, her bunny was home hungry (yes, really), she wanted to quit, kept asking me how much longer, and on an on. And on.

For the first 2 miles I was nice and sweet and encouraging. But then it just started pissing me off. And out came my inner Jillian Michaels.
I told her to suck it up, she's ran this distance before, she's trained for this, she can freakin do it, so stop complaining and let's go!! I had enough!

We finally got to the finish line around 40 minutes, and I'd never been more happy to see a finish line! That was the most miserable race ever. I guess because I knew it was all excuses. She wasn't really sick, or any of those other things she said.
A few seconds into the race, when she was still smiling.
Not sure what I'm saying...

I'm not really sure what happened. From what I understood, it sounds like she joined GOTR just to be with her friends. Who knows!

Of course after she got her water and sat down she said she wants to do another race. Her mom had to pull me off of her cause I was gonna hurt her! ;)
I am proud of her though for pushing through all the crap, and finishing the race.

In totally random news, seeing this in my inbox on Friday made my day weekend.
I have had this cd on repeat. I can't even put into words how good it is.

Have you ever ran with GOTR?
What are your Thanksgiving day plans?




  1. Congrats on your 5K. I've never done GOTR, but I've done two 5Ks with my son when he was about 8. My experience running with him was the same as yours, happy for the first little bit, then complaining about everything, asking how much farther, etc. Miserable indeed! He wants to run full speed instead of at a reasonable pace. He has run a couple more 5Ks since then, but my husband did those with him.

  2. That is hilarious. Sounds like a normal runner to me. ;)
    I bought the cd on Friday and have been listening to it non-stop as well. Fave song?

  3. I'm sorry... I laughed through this whole thing.
    Kids... I bet no matter what you think happened, I bet in her mind, it was amazing & you will always be a person in her memory - that's cool.
    For the record, you probably never want to run with me - I'm probably just like this girl complaining the whole time - haha!!!

  4. Good on you! I laughed so hard at your inner Jillian coming out!

  5. Laughing my head off here .... To be honest, I'd be the same though. My patience when running isn't great.. Maybe she was just having an off day. She may use this experience to improve her running, make it to the Olympic team and then thank you at her first press conference..

    1. Ha! I like the way you think, James. Hopefully that's how this all ends up!

  6. We all have those thoughts in our heads when we run some days (well, minus the bunny) - I guess she didn't know we were supposed to keep those as inside thoughts and complaints. :) Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Absolutely, I have those thoughts as well at times! I do keep them to myself though. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. That's cool - we don't have GOTR on Indiana side (that I know of) but I think it's a neat way to get girls interested in running. What you described though is EXACTLY why I can't run with anyone. If they're faster than me or if they agree that we each just do our own pace? Sure! But if they try to slow me down or make me feel guilty about leaving them behind (I'm also a 11-minute-ish pacer) - well, I think Jillian lives in me too. :)

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