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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Packing for my Marathon

Today's topic with Erika, Patty and Marcia is Packing for a Destination Race.
That's pretty fitting since Friday I'll be traveling to Indianapolis for my marathon. This isn't exactly a 'destination' race, since Indy is only 2.5 hours from me. But there is still a lot that goes into it since I won't be home the night before.

 I guess since I've ran so many half's, packing for a half is no big deal, I know exactly what I need, and I pack without thinking too much about it.
 Not so for a marathon! There seems to be so much more to think about it.

For example, I always run with my phone and use it for my music and Runkeeper. Well, for a marathon, it won't last for over 5 hours, so I have to use something different. Same with my Garmin, it dies after about 5 hours.

I've decided to use my Ipod for music, I know that will last for many hours. (I need some new music though!)
I will wear my Garmin, and at least will be able to keep track of my time for most of the race. I've decided not to use Runkeeper because it would use up too much of my phone battery.

I can't have a dead phone, because I'll need it to read some encouraging texts when I'm about to die around mile 20.(Hint, hint ;))

Here's a few of my essentials:

Prevent chaffing!!

The shirt I will be wearing. Anything is possible!

Love my compression socks during long runs
My extras: Lululemon water bottle, Rock Tape, iPod,
Buddy Pouch, Garmin, Earphones,
GU's (salted watermelon and salted caramel- yumm),
and my Persevere bracelet, which I've worn during every marathon)
Packing it all in my awesome, new Gecko Active backpack!
Obviously, this isn't everything, but it is the majority of it. I don't make a list when packing for my half's, but I've already made a list for the marathon. I cant' take a chance on leaving anything at home!

Do you make a list when packing for your racecations?

Tonight I'll be downloading some new music, tell me some songs that help you get through!


  1. Oh my gosh - this made me excited FOR you seeing your stuff.
    LOVE your shirt - perfect for the race!
    One of my favorite songs - Awake & Alive by Skillet :)

  2. This is exciting! I love that shirt- good luck and have an awesome race!

  3. I'm so excited for you! All the best in Indy and I can't wait to hear ALL about it. My friends and I decided that one will be our fall race next year. Love that shirt!

  4. Oh definitely, when I used to travel for races often I had a board with a list of everything and I would just check things off as I packed. I used the exact same list for over 30 trips, LOL
    In fact I realized I started getting so comfortable in certain clothes for travel/hiking etc.. I realized that when I went back and looked at my pictures I was in the same outfit so many times, LOL I did change my race shirt out to a different color each race so those were different, but all my other pics on those race trips you'd think I owned only 1 pair of jeans, shirt and jacket, LOL

  5. Love that term racecation! Haha. I would be so nervous packing for half so it is cool that you are so relaxed about it now. It is amazing how much you need for raceay, although it makes sense considering how long they are! I am so excited for your race I hope you enjoy it (as mucb as much as that is possible).

    1. It really is amazing how much you need! Seems like I always forget something too! That's where my list comes in handy. 😀 Thanks so much Jess!


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