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Sunday, December 6, 2015

A little stalking and a lot of ice cream

There was no running for me this weekend, and I was ok with that. (Shocking, I know)
November's mileage was super low (57 miles, compared to 100 in October!). I am determined to make December another 100 mile month.

If you've been reading for awhile, you know I love Franklin, TN. I try to go there as often as I can. In February I even spent the whole month there. If I ever come up missing, check there first, that's where I'll be.

I needed to go back, so I invited my twinnie to come with me. I wanted to show her my home away from home.

 We drove down Saturday afternoon, ate dinner, where I introduced her to the wonderful world of the peach wallaby darned.
Then we decided to do some celebrity house stalking. I mean, why not? I had no idea how many celebrities live in Franklin!
We found Steven Curtis Chapman's home and Michael W. Smith's driveway. We were hoping to see them out at their mailbox or something. ;)
That was all we had time for, since we ran out of daylight.
Great picture, right?
 After our exciting night we went back to our room and chowed down on some ice cream. Well, gelato actually. Have you guys had this stuff? It is ridiculous.

Sunday morning we went to Grace Center, which is one of the reasons I love Franklin. That place is life to me. When my world seems grey and I'm gasping for air, I just walk in the doors and it feels like God puts breath back into my lungs. was time for more ice cream. I promise I eat more than ice cream. Usually. And this is why I run.
I used Annie's curling iron this weekend. It was the first time I've used one in probably 20 years! I'm in love. I am going to get one ASAP. Beachy waves all the time? Yes please.

This week IT IS ON. No ice cream, no junk, and lots and lots of running. I'm also getting back into my strength training again, 3 days a week.

Do you like gelato or ice cream?
Have you ever seen a celebrity?



  1. I flipping love ICE CREAM but not as much as the Boy Dog. He would be chewing on his bone in the backseat and BAM he stands at attention when we turn onto the street of Graph Diary. And as for celebrities, I have meet THOUSANDS throughout the decade of the 90's. I worked as a bellman at a high end hotel next to Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. I can share TONS of stories about all walks of celebrities interactions. My personal favorites would be THE GREAT Danny Elfman!! And others like Elton John w/Billy Joel, Walter Payton, & One Amazing Tale with ZZ Top. The list goes on as I fall into a reminiscing afternoon. Big Hugs & Dig All Of Your Photos!!

    1. Wow, the boy dog knows when you turn onto the street for ice cream? I like him! I'm sure you'd never speak to me again if I asked who is Danny Elfman?? Sounds like you have some pretty rad stories!

    2. Danny Elfman was the front man of a band Oingo Boingo ( Deadman's Party ), had wrote the score to ALL of Tim Burton's ( Night Before Christmas ) films, & The Simpsons. And Yes, The Boy Dog new the street!! Graph Diary hands out "pup" cups if you pull in the drive-thru. Hope you are enjoying the Holidays and A Very Merry Merry!! Cheers

  2. I so love you & your sister did that.
    I didnt know you stalked MWSmith too - HOW FUN!!!! ...
    I gotta check out that Grace Center for when we're down that way... sounds like a great place.
    Your hair ... girl... you are so beautiful!

  3. Oh yeah - I'm very familiar with ice cream ... too familiar. I try to stay away but it's a weakness. Maybe that's why I run too! I've had a couple run-ins with celebrities but I try to keep the fangirl quiet. It's never been when they're out "being" a celebrity so I figure if they are trying to lead a normal life, I'll not draw attention to them. Good luck with December's mileage! Finish the year strong! :)

    1. It's def my weakness too! Yea, I think if I saw a celebrity out I would pretend I didn't know them. Of course I'd have to snake a pic though! Thanks Elizabeth!

  4. I love that kind of gelato! They have a salted caramel that is DELISH! Totally worth it :)

  5. Oh what a fun trip! I have been to TN once in the Knoxville and Smokey Mountain areas and oh I loved it, it's such a pretty state. I've been to Memphis like a dozen times, but since I have never left the airport I don't really count that, LOL
    Fun about the Celebrities, you just never know huh!
    Most people don't think of Utah as a place to see celebrities, but what people don't know is we have more than Hollywood at times, they buy all these fancy homes, summer homes or ski homes and it's quite often easy to run into them. I know exactly where to be if I want to waive to Tom Hanks on a morning run as he gets his morning coffee, or a few others who spend a lot of time here. But in January all of Hollywood practically visits and the streets are just lined with them shopping or filling up the clubs in Park City. I don't get into it much but when friends visit or want to go check them out, we go out and get our "dorky stalking" on as we call it and go see who we can chat it up with LOL LOL

  6. Good luck with no ice cream eating!!! I'm sure you will get through the week ok :) I've met quite a few celebs as I worked in clubs and stuff for years, but they're mainly all UK "celebs".. Colin Farrell made me a bit star struck though cause he was in one of my favourite films.. I probably made a right fool of myself that night lol

    1. Hey, I've made it so far! ;)
      I'm sure you have seen a lot working in that industry. Awww I'm sure Colin is used to that! I'd like to see him too.

  7. I hope my twins are friends like you two when they are bigger! I have never seen a celeb!!

    1. I'm sure they will be. I don't know a whole lot of adult twins, but those I do are great friends!

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