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Friday, January 8, 2016

That time I almost ate an octopus

Monday was my first day back to work after being off for 2 weeks. I was greeted by this cute face. When she saw me for the first time, her eyes lit up, she started smiling and kicking her little legs. I thought she may have forgotten about me, but she obviously didn't. Oh, my heart!
Ok, in my last post I told you how I was going to a personal trainer for the first time. Here's how that went down.
It was a group of 4 of us, meeting in her garage which is turned into an office/gym. She has an old style stairmaster, and an exercise bike. Then a contraption that looks similar to a Bowflex, as well as free weights.
 I have not done any kind of strength training since last February. I always said I was going to start again, but never did.
 Anyway, we worked out for an hour, a little bit of cardio, lunges, ab work, something on the Bowflex, and then overhead press with weights.
 For the overhead press she gave me 10 lb. weights and had me do 2 sets of 30. After 15, I could barely lift my arms. I'm weak, I know. So she switched them to 7.5 lbs. By the time I reached 60, she was literally standing over me, lifting my arms for me.

  Then she had me do push ups. Which was hilarious. I've never been able to do push ups, for some reason. Even the 'girly' ones. I'd rather do burpees than push ups.
I could barely do 5. I was so embarrassed.  She asked me why couldn't I go all the way down with my arms, why couldn't I bend them, what was I scared of. Again, she held me around the chest and told me to go all the way down and she would help me come back up. I fell flat. I'm sure the others in the group were trying not to laugh!

But I KILLED the leg workouts! I could do 60 lunges, no problem. Tons of leg extensions and crunches.

The day after my workout, I felt fine. But by day 2 my arms were dead. It has now been 4 days, and I still can hardly move my arms. I can't lift them to fix my hair, it's torture trying to pick up my kiddos, it's crazy. I've been sore many times, but never like this.

 I ended up calling the personal trainer later and setting up a time to work out with her one on one- which will be tomorrow. I'll feel much more comfortable that way.
 I have no doubt that I will get stronger, and someday I'll even do some one armed push ups! :)

On another note, Weight Watchers is going great so far! I'll weigh in next week.

Have you ever eaten something really crazy before? My stepson went squirrel hunting with his
uncle, and brought a poor squirrel home. Then he cooked it. In my house. In my kitchen. In my pan.
Then he made me take a bite.

I'll try anything once. A couple weeks ago I even tried Octopus. (Gag)
I did put a tiny bite in my mouth, but just as with the Octopus, I spit it out as fast as I could. I can't put into words how gross they.
 I'm sure a lot of it is the thought of it. I've always had a hard time eating animals. But a squirrel? An octopus? That's just too much.

What's the craziest thing you've eaten?

Burpees or push ups?



  1. I can't do pushups either. Never been able to master them. But I can kill burpees, and don't even hate them. I'm strange, I know.

    I am a celiac and a vegetarian so I don't eat much that is strange, but before going plantbased...I think eating venison was the strangest thing I've tried.

    1. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I don't hate burpees either. I did try deer meat once, that was enough for me!

  2. I can't do pushups either or anything that I puts pressure on my wrists--no idea why! I feel like my wrists are going to snap! I would hate to be in a small group training session..eek!

    I've had horse which I loved--until I found out it was horse!! I didn't eat it again although frankly, it was delicious!

    1. Maybe that's why I couldn't do them either. That makes perfect sense! Wow, horse! I know that's a delicacy in other countries, so I can believe it would taste good.

  3. Oh gosh... you know me. I'm saying a prayer for that squirrel & octopus :)

    I have no upper body strength. & with a bum shoulder, I do good to do 5 girlie push ups. I'll never be able to do them on my feet. Or my goal in life is to do ONE :)

  4. Keep up the good work Katie

  5. Squirrel definitely not my thing even though I remember my family occasionally cooking it when I was a kid in the country. Yuck!

    1. Ewww...I'm pretty sure it was the grossest thing I've ever tasted!!

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