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Monday, February 8, 2016

Batman and some running

My weekend was filled with birthdays!
We celebrated my sweet nephew's 1st birthday. I can't believe he's already 1.

My twinnie made his smash cake and some amazing cupcakes.

My beautiful Mamma with Xavi.
Saturday my stepson had a Batman 18th birthday party. I met him when he was 7! Hard to believe.

Matthew and I with Batman

Jeremy and Batman
 I had 7 miles on the schedule for this weekend. My Saturday was pretty busy getting ready for the party, and it was COLD outside. So I decided to do my run Sunday afternoon instead.
 I ran 5 by myself, and then Nikky met me for a few more.
It was a perfectly gorgeous day, the last nice day we're going to have for awhile.

What about that Superbowl? Man, Lady Gaga killed it. She seriously gave me chills.
Good game, great Halftime show, and my team won! :)

Tonight and tomorrow night I'm going to a "ladies only" gun class, to get my concealed carry permit. I haven't shot a gun in a few years, so I'm hoping I can at least hit the target and pass the class!

What was your fave part of the Superbowl?
Did you run this weekend?


  1. I love he's 18 & wanted a Batman party - boys will always be boys :)
    I cant believe your nephew is 1 yr old... I remember him being born!
    I so loved Saturday's weather. I'm supposed to do 5 miles this Saturday & I saw its supposed to be in the 20's... oh yikes!

  2. Lot's of Birthday party fun! Ya, I agree with Rebecca above, love that the 18 year old wanted a Batman party, awesome!!!
    Your nephew is so cute, I bet he just loved that little cake to himself!
    Good luck in your concealed class! I didn't know some of them made you take a shooting test, but that is cool. I am sure you'll do great!!! I'm actually going to be hitting the range myself this week, I am applying for a job at a police station, (not exactly sure if I want it, but might as well interview and see) but since I will be handling their weapons and evidence if I take it, I need to practice taking a few different assault weapons apart and learning to put them back together again, just so I can not look like a total girl in the interview, LOL

  3. Your nephew is such a cutie and I can't believe he is 1!!! Your mom is so pretty just like you! I went to a shooting range once and was terrible! Have fun with it I am sure you will pass!

    1. Thank you Jess! Thankfully, I passed! I am a terrible shot though, I need lots of practice.

  4. How fun! I love kid-birthday parties - no matter how old the 'kid'! :) I've gotten off my training program (again - I feel like a failure!) but we did get out for a run along the riverfront on Sunday. Only 4.5 miles instead of the 6-7 I was supposed to have done. The wind made it difficult but I'm missing those temperatures now!

  5. You're looking so hot in that foto! Your nephew and stepson look so sweet! God bless :)


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