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Monday, March 28, 2016

Running Wild trail run recap

I hope you guys had a great Easter!

 We went to dinner with Jeremy's dad on Friday night to a new restaurant in Louisville called River House. I was not impressed at all. I got the Granny Smith salad. It was really small, really expensive  and not much flavor.

 Then Sunday night we went to Cracker Barrel with his mom. CB is probably my least favorite restaurant.
 But hey, it made it easy to stick to my diet!

Saturday I ran a 4 mile trail run at a Wildlife Education Center. It was SO much fun! I do like running on pavement better, but it's nice to do something different every once in awhile..
 A couple months ago I did an 8 mile trail race, and that was a breeze compared to this one. This was probably 90% uphills. And not nearly as many downhills! I do love a challenge though.

We had a lot of rain a couple days before, so the trail was pretty muddy in some places.
Around mile 2, probably about 20 fast runners were coming back in my direction. I thought wow, is this really an out and back race? That's crazy, because you can see it's a small single trail!
 I stood over to the side and let them all pass, and I overheard one of them saying they took a wrong turn.
Before the race, the RD told us, if you don't see a yellow arrow or a person directing you, don't turn!
I thought the trail was marked very well.
It's funny how people just follow everyone else. Not judging them, cause I do the same thing! 
It was a great race, I'll definitely do it again!

This morning a friend of mine is having a baby, so I'll be going to the hospital this evening to see her. Yes, I'm scared. She of course knows my situation, so she knows I'll be a mess! But I'm going to hold it together. Friday night she wanted me to feel the baby move, so I put my hand on her stomach and she kicked my hand a couple times. I had to walk away. I just couldn't take it.
 Someday. Someday this will no longer be who I am. Someday I will have my own baby and everything will be right with the world. I believe that with all my heart.

And since I don't want to end on that note, here's my latest Gwynnie Bee dress. It was definitely one of my favorites. I love this company! Renting clothes, returning them, never wearing the same thing twice- it's awesome. :)

How was your Easter?
What's your favorite restaurant?


Friday, March 25, 2016

More races and a weight loss update

Happy Friday!

This week went by fast, and today will be a short work day, which makes it even better.

I am still doing Medifast, but last week only lost 1/2 lb! It was really discouraging. I'm sure it had something to do with my race. And the pizza. And the beer.
 But I was still on plan the rest of the week! Ugh.
Good news- this morning I was down 2 more pounds, for a total of 8.5!

I'm loving these warm days! I took the girls that I nanny to a wildlife reserve. I love experiencing 'firsts' with my 4 year old. Watching her see things for the very first time is so much fun.

It's a little cramped in this eggshell!
I just signed up for another half marathon for April. Which makes 3 for the month! I'm so excited about all of these.
I didn't run this week, but I did a 5 mile walk with a friend, and then I took a spin class last night. As I mentioned before, my last spin class instructor was horrid! So I wasn't sure what to expect this time, knowing it was the same instructor.
 Well, I was pleasantly surprised, he was much better! Thankfully he stayed on his bike this time, so he wasn't walking around being annoying the whole time.
Tomorrow I'm doing a 4 mile trail race. This will be my 2nd trail race, I can't wait! I love running on trails.
What are your plans this weekend?

Do you like trails or pavement better?
I like pavement, but love to switch it up sometime!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sam Costa Half Recap

Saturday I ran half #19, the Sam Costa half marathon.
This race was not on my schedule, but I hadn't done any half's this year, and I really, really needed (wanted) to! I found this one in Carmel, IN, where I have friends that live, so I got to stay with them Friday night.

 Packet pick up wasn't until Saturday morning. I decided to wait and register that morning, rather than online, so I wouldn't have to pay extra fees. I got to the church where the race started, about 45 minutes before the start and got registered and all ready to go.
 My friend Kim told me she would be running it too (yay!!), so we met up and hung out until the start.

I had been worried about the weather, up until the last minute it showed rain and snow! Thankfully, we didn't get either. The weather started out in the upper 30's, then warmed up to around 45. It was perfect!
 I felt great the whole race. Although around mile 11 I was starting to feel like ok, does this ever end!

I told you guys how I was a little worried about the 3 hour cutoff time, just because my running hasn't been that great lately. My average half time lately is 2:45, so I was hoping to be at that, or preferably quicker!
My finish time was 2:44.

I found Kim and we headed out to Pizzaology for lunch.

Best pizza and beer ever!!
This was a great race, the volunteers were super friendly and it was organized very well.

This is probably my most boring race report ever, since it was a pretty boring race. (Mostly ran through neighborhoods.)
 But hanging out with my sweet Kim, and the friends I stayed with was wonderful.
And of course I love to run, even the boring runs!

Who else ran or raced this weekend?

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!

Here's a few things from my week...

1. I finally got some wireless earbuds! Oh my gosh, you guys, they're amazing. I've always wanted some, but assumed they were all over $100, so didn't think that would ever happen.
But I found these on Amazon for under $20! I cannot tell you how nice it is not to have those long cords hanging down, wrapping around my hand as I'm running! They fit great, stay in, and don't hurt.

2. This happened! I am now armed and dangerous. Well, not armed yet, but dangerous. ;)
3. Deep talks with a friend over (the best ever) coffee. This makes my soul happy.
4. This just made me laugh. So true, so true.

5. And now, the best thing about my week.
I haven't ran a race since my marathon in November, and I am DYIN', y'all, dyin'.
So, I found a fairly cheap half marathon in Indiana for tomorrow, and I signed up! It's the Sam Costa half. I have no idea who that even is, but I don't care.

I'll be leaving this afternoon when I get off work, and will get to stay with my friends in Indy for the weekend. Of course the weather will be terrible (after a week of beautiful weather!), 30's and snow.
I am a tiny bit worried about something though. As I've mentioned, my running has not been good this year, I've had very low mileage. Well, there is a 3 hour time limit for this race.
 I'm telling myself I can easily do that, my average half is around 2:40. But I am worried that I've slowed down some. I think I'm faster than a 13:44 pace, so I am going to give it my best. No matter what, I will finish, even if I don't have a finish line to cross!
 #19, here I come!

 What race do you have coming up next?

Do you wear wireless earbuds?


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Medifast...Week 1

I made it through my first week on Medifast.
For those who don't know what that is, it's a diet meal plan where you order food from the company. You can have 5 of their meals a day (shakes, bars, puddings, a huge variety of items), and then one of your own, which is a Lean and Green (protein and a veggie). It comes out to around 1000 calories a day. Low, I know.

They don't encourage much exercise, especially in the beginning, while you're in the fat burning stage. But there is no way I'm giving that up, I live for my exercise! So I've been working with my coach on how to balance it.
 I read another runner's story where she had a great weight loss, while still training for and running races. She would just add in an extra meal, extra protein, whatever she needed. And she had great success.

So, that's what it is. The first 5 days were hell. It was so hard!
I took the girl I nanny for, to Chic Fil A, my favorite place ever. It was SO hard throwing away her leftovers, and just sipping on my diet lemonade!
But I did it! Then through out the week other temptations would come up, especially my craving for ice cream. But I resisted each time.

Every time I want to 'cheat', I just imagine what I'll look like thin, and without this extra weight. Seeing that picture in my mind keeps me going!

And... it was all worth it! This morning I weighed and I lost 6 lbs this week!
I can say, it has gotten so much easier the past couple days too.

I know 'diets' aren't for everyone. In fact, I used to be the one who would say diets are crap, you'll just gain back the weight, just exercise and eat healthy! So, I tried that. see where it got me. For now, I'm just using this as a boost, something to get me going.

Now a funny story. This cookie dough is in the fridge of the 4 year old girl I nanny. I asked her how her cookies were.
She said "oh, that's not cookies."
I said "really? What is it then?"
She said "that's a tub of spinach. My mom said it was spinach, so I believe her."

I seriously had to leave the room so she wouldn't see me laughing. That's one way to keep your kid out of your food!

 On to week 2. I'm feeling good and feeling strong! I'm going to do this!


Monday, March 14, 2016

March into Spring Running Belt Giveaway!

I hope you guys survived losing an hour of sleep this weekend. (Those of you on DST) I took a nice long nap yesterday afternoon, so that definitely helped. Rainy day naps are the best!

I haven't done a giveaway in forever and a day, so when I found out my friend Kristy, from Runaway Bridal Planner, was doing a Giveaway Hop, I knew I wanted in.

This is a great time to review a new running belt I received, and the company even offered to give one away to one of my readers!

This is a dual pocket running belt from SLS3.
I have used it for my last couple of runs, and I love it.
It has 2 pockets, with an adjustable buckle. When I first saw it, I thought there's no way my phone, keys, etc., can all fit in there! But, I was wrong.
 I put my IPhone, a GU, and my key fob in it. Everything fit great, I could've even put more in if needed.
It doesn't bounce around, it's very comfortable, I hardly even know it's there.
I cannot tell you how nice it is to be hands free!
I have an arm band for my phone that I would wear sometimes, and I would also stick my gel's in there, making everything big, bulky, and not fitting right. After getting tired of that, I would just carry my phone as I ran. Now I don't have to do that anymore.
It's waterproof, I can run in the rain and not worry about a thing.
I also love that I can just throw it in the washing machine too, I don't have to take time out to hand wash it.

I love this running belt, and will be using this for all my runs from now on!

If you want one now, you can get it at an introductory price of $12.90 (normally $29) on their Amazon store.
You can also receive a 40% discount on their entire site at SLS3, using code BLOG40.

Or, just enter my giveaway, and hopefully you're the lucky winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Each of these blogs are participating in the Giveway Hop. Check them out and hopefully win some cool prizes!


Friday, March 4, 2016

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!

Here are five things from my week...

1. I've been meeting with a personal trainer once every few weeks, and in the meantime I do strength training on my own, with a schedule that she has written for me.
Well, I should say I'm supposed to do it on my own. I had been slacking bad, but I am going to stick with it from now on! The gym is my happy place.

Please excuse the silly face

2. Jeremy just recently joined Planet Fitness, and I get to go with him free, as his guest. I loved it! I'd like to go back when it's not completely packed. We went during 'rush hour' (6 pm), so it was a little crazy! The hydro massage bed was amazing. I could've stayed in it a lot longer than 7 minutes.

3. My sweet baby bug is getting some teeth in, and ALL she wants is for Miss Katie to hold her. I gladly oblige.

4. Receiving this note, along with some product to try.
The day after finding out I can't even become pregnant. Mistakes happen, but...ouch.

5. I am starting a new diet plan on Monday. I did Take Shape for Life a few years ago and lost 30 lbs. As I've mentioned, I gained it all back over the past couple years. I decided to do it again, because I know it works for me. Yes, I gained the weight back, and I know exactly why. (Stress)
 I've learned a lot over the past couple years, and I have no doubt I can do this again, and KEEP IT OFF this time. I have an awesome coach who I'll be working with, and I know I will be successful.
I am so ready!

11 miles on schedule tomorrow.
It's going to be cold and rainy, so I might be going back to Planet Fitness for them.

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!

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