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Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!

Here's a few things from my week...

1. I finally got some wireless earbuds! Oh my gosh, you guys, they're amazing. I've always wanted some, but assumed they were all over $100, so didn't think that would ever happen.
But I found these on Amazon for under $20! I cannot tell you how nice it is not to have those long cords hanging down, wrapping around my hand as I'm running! They fit great, stay in, and don't hurt.

2. This happened! I am now armed and dangerous. Well, not armed yet, but dangerous. ;)
3. Deep talks with a friend over (the best ever) coffee. This makes my soul happy.
4. This just made me laugh. So true, so true.

5. And now, the best thing about my week.
I haven't ran a race since my marathon in November, and I am DYIN', y'all, dyin'.
So, I found a fairly cheap half marathon in Indiana for tomorrow, and I signed up! It's the Sam Costa half. I have no idea who that even is, but I don't care.

I'll be leaving this afternoon when I get off work, and will get to stay with my friends in Indy for the weekend. Of course the weather will be terrible (after a week of beautiful weather!), 30's and snow.
I am a tiny bit worried about something though. As I've mentioned, my running has not been good this year, I've had very low mileage. Well, there is a 3 hour time limit for this race.
 I'm telling myself I can easily do that, my average half is around 2:40. But I am worried that I've slowed down some. I think I'm faster than a 13:44 pace, so I am going to give it my best. No matter what, I will finish, even if I don't have a finish line to cross!
 #19, here I come!

 What race do you have coming up next?

Do you wear wireless earbuds?



  1. My next race is in two weeks. I'm pacing a half marathon. I've done many halfs, but never paced one. Good luck this weekend!

    1. I'm always so impressed by the pacers, I don't think I could do that! Have a great time!

  2. I have had friends run the Sam Costa Half. You'll love it. And you'll do fine.

    I am (hopefully) doing the NYC Half Marathon on snow and cold. BLECH!! Not looking forward to that. This is my first distance race in a VERY long time. So...I know how you feel.


    The Celiathlete

  3. Congrats on your concealed weapon license! That's something I've thought a lot about doing. I'm sure that's a good feeling.

    I love wireless earbuds. They're a lot different and better than the traditional ones. The only complaint I have is that mine don't seem to last very long, only a few months. Of course, I don't buy the super expensive ones, and that may be why.

    I'm excited for you about your race! But, man, I can't imagine running in that sort of weather. Here in the south, humidity is our biggest enemy come race day. But I'm sure you'll do great, as always!!! :-)

    April in Georgia

    1. You should get your ccdw license. I feel so much safer with it!
      My earbuds were only $20, I hope they last! Thanks girl!!

  4. OK... I'm heading to buy those headphones RIGHT NOW! Ricky needs a pair too - he has the HARDEST time keeping earbuds in. The 10K? He used mine & he literally couldnt take 2 steps without them popping out.

    I so love you are that kind of person that is like, yeah, I'll run a half marathon tomorrow! That's Bad A** to me!

  5. My husband got me wireless earbuds for my birthday last year. I adore them!! I had the same problem, getting my hand caught in the cord, ripping the buds out of my ear, ugh.

    I am running a half marathon on Sunday. sorry you have crappy weather. It's supposed to be cloudy and in the 40's for me which sounds great. I am usually happy if there's no rain and it's not blisteringly hot!

  6. I am glad to hear the ear buds don't hurt because ear buds always annoy/ hurt my ears!!

    Good luck for your race! Love your spontaneity!! Although that weather sounds soooo cold!

    1. I think I just had to get used to wearing earbuds. But once I did, I love them. The weather for my race ended up being perfect! Thanks Jess!

  7. That's awesome! Great time on your race! My next race is this week and I'm totally not ready for it. Just want to beat my time from last year ... but we'll see how that goes. I don't run with music. Or rather, I run on the treadmill with the free earbuds that came with my phone -- I use them to watch TV or listen to music when running, but outside I don't. I might try out those wireless earbuds though - maybe tuning out the world will help me focus on putting one foot in front of the other! I also haven't figured out how to listen to music on my phone ... so it's probably just best that I listen to nature. :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I am so used to listening to music while I run, that it kills me not to! Good luck on your race, I know you'll do great!!


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