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Friday, March 25, 2016

More races and a weight loss update

Happy Friday!

This week went by fast, and today will be a short work day, which makes it even better.

I am still doing Medifast, but last week only lost 1/2 lb! It was really discouraging. I'm sure it had something to do with my race. And the pizza. And the beer.
 But I was still on plan the rest of the week! Ugh.
Good news- this morning I was down 2 more pounds, for a total of 8.5!

I'm loving these warm days! I took the girls that I nanny to a wildlife reserve. I love experiencing 'firsts' with my 4 year old. Watching her see things for the very first time is so much fun.

It's a little cramped in this eggshell!
I just signed up for another half marathon for April. Which makes 3 for the month! I'm so excited about all of these.
I didn't run this week, but I did a 5 mile walk with a friend, and then I took a spin class last night. As I mentioned before, my last spin class instructor was horrid! So I wasn't sure what to expect this time, knowing it was the same instructor.
 Well, I was pleasantly surprised, he was much better! Thankfully he stayed on his bike this time, so he wasn't walking around being annoying the whole time.
Tomorrow I'm doing a 4 mile trail race. This will be my 2nd trail race, I can't wait! I love running on trails.
What are your plans this weekend?

Do you like trails or pavement better?
I like pavement, but love to switch it up sometime!


  1. I've never tried trail running because I know how clumsy I am... a root in the ground? It will be screaming for me to fall over it.

  2. I did a trail run once, and I wasn't a fan. But afterwards I heard some people talking about how they wear a particular running shoe for trail runs, and I just wore my regular running shoes. So maybe that was the problem.

    This week hasn't been a great one for me for running either. I did my long run of 12 miles on Monday and I didn't run at all on Wednesday. I was still so sore and tired from Monday. But I will do a 5k race tomorrow and try to do about six miles on Monday. I'm also doing a half on April 2nd, and I definitely don't feel prepared...

    1. Oh, I can't imagine wearing my running shoes out on the trails. So many times today I was so thankful I had my trail shoes on. I'm sure I would've fallen more than the one time! I know you'll do fine at your half, I just know it!!

  3. As I mentioned on FB...not a trail runner...AT ALL!! LOL!! I just can't handle it. That being said, I'm running (not racing) the Papa John's 10 Miler this weekend. This is my favorite race done in I'm excited.

    1. I would like to do the 10 miler sometime. I've heard it's a great race!

  4. Have A Blast, Dig The Bear Photo, & Seek The Best Possible Outcome!!

    Big Hugs

  5. My trail run goals are always:
    1. Have fun
    2. Take it slow
    3. Don't trip/fall (see above)
    4. Don't get lost
    If you do all that you're a trail running success

  6. I've never tried trail running -- I love to hike though so I think I would enjoy it. I'd be worried about tripping over tree roots and rocks though. What type of shoes do you use for those races, or do you wear regular running shoes? Way to go with the continued weight loss! I'm already nervous about marathon training -- all I can find are articles about people gaining weight while training for a marathon. It may be muscle but still ... not looking forward to that! :)

  7. That wildlife reserve looks awesome! You do such cool things with the kiddos you watch!

    1. It really is a great place! They don't have nearly as many animals as the zoo of course, but it's still a neat place. I like getting out and doing fun things with them. Staying home all day gets boring!

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